August 30, 2014

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Friday, June 27, 2014 8:00 PM

A Good Idea

It would be a good thing if farmers having wind pumps near the highway would place a watering trough on the outside for the convenience of the public. This arrangement would entail some little expense, and occasion some annoyance no doubt, but the convenience to the public would be very great, and would doubtless be appreciated. Put a watering trough on the road and your name on your barn and house and your place will be well and favorably known all over the county.

Delphos Herald,

July 30, 1901


Fell From Engine

Tank While

Crossing Bridge

This morning about 10 o’clock, as the Clover Leaf north bound local was nearing Dupont, and just as the train was crossing the bridge over the Auglaize river, Joseph Wurstner, of this town, the fireman on engine No. 68, with David Anderson, engineer, left his seat in the cab and crawled over the coal to the rear of the tank, to get ready to fill the tank full of water at the plug just north of the river. The top of the tank was wet and his foot slipped.

Wurstner fell from the tank headlong and his body struck one of the iron rods on the bridge, so that when he struck the ground about 25 feet below, near the edge of the water, he did not alight on his head, which would probably have killed him. The trainman picked him up and he was taken to Continental, where the company’s surgeon gave his injuries attention. He was unconscious for some time. One stitch was required to draw the wound together in his right leg and three in the cut in his scalp. The left side of Wurstner’s face was considerably bruised and his left breast caused him considerable pain.

He was brought to Delphos this afternoon on train No. 1 and removed to the home of his mother on east Third street.

Delphos Herald,

Aug. 6, 1901


Deal Closed

There was closed this morning, a deal in a change of ownership of the Moening Block, occupied by the Delphos National Bank, corner of Main and Second streets. Alex Shenk purchased the property from G.H. Moening. Mr. Shenk had no sooner become owner, when another deal was made, Thos. A. Weger taking in the property.

Delphos Herald,

Aug. 24, 1901


Railroads Operated

Differently in

Earlier Days

A passenger states, “In the seat ahead of me was a farmer, so jubilant over buying a new buggy he was taking home with him that he had to turn around and tell me all about it, when the conductor came through and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Say Darius,” he said, “‘he’s slowing down for your jumping off place”

“What town are we coming to?” I asked Darius.

“Oh, no town he answered. Just my farm. I know the conductor and engineer pretty well and they always let me off here. Saves me from walking six miles from town.”

Just then the train stopped and Darius made leisurely for the door and scrambled off the platform. Several minutes passed and we didn’t move. “Guess they’re helping Darius off with his buggy,” I said to myself and went on reading the paper. “Maybe I had read for 5 or 10 minutes more and we didn’t move on. “Hello,” I said, “still standing here. Wonder if Darius got his buggy off yet”? With that I stuck my head out the window to see, and bless me, if there wasn’t the engineer, the fireman and the conductor helping Darius put his buggy together. And the brakeman was uncrating the shafts.

“Did anyone object to the delay?” Not a soul. They acted as if it was an everyday occurrence. The crew went deliberately at it, not giving railroad schedules a thought, until the buggy was all put together and the son of Darius came across the field leading a horse. Then Darius thanked them and guessed he and his boy could hitch up the horse all right, and the trainmen all crawled back on the train and we got underway again.

“That happened on the trip up. On the down trip we made a stop in the open country and, as I’d seen no one get off, I got out to investigate. When I walked up to the engine, I saw the engineer on his knees on the track, pounding away like all possessed.

“What’s up, I asked?”

“Oh, nothing much,” he said. “On the way up I noticed this rail was a little loose, so when I was in town I threw a spike and a hammer into the engine, and now I’m respiking it. That’s all.”

(Looks like times were a lot slower then. R.H.)

Delphos Herald


Looked For a

Place to Dance

A dance was advertised to take place at Ft. Jennings, Wednesday evening, but was given up on account of a church festival that was in progress. A big event of people from Delphos and Ottoville and the country surrounding Ft. Jennings, went to that town to attend the dance and were very much disappointed. Not to be outdone, the crowd went to Ottoville, but were disappointed in getting a hall there. However, some of the people indulged their inclination to dance, a room at one of the hotels being pressed into service.

Delphos Herald,

Apr. 1, 1901


Delphos Hardware

Company Contract

The Beckman Hotel is to be improved with a system of hot water heating before cold weather. The same company has the contract to equip the City Building with a plant of this kind. This will keep them pretty busy between now and the cold weather.

Delphos Herald,

July 31, 1901


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