August 20, 2014

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Ottoville voters to see renewal levy Nov. 4 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 8:00 PM


DHI MEDIA Staff Writer

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OTTOVILLE — Fiscal Officer Jeanne Wannemacher began her report by submitting a resolution declaring it necessary to place a renewal levy on the November ballot for the purpose of meeting current expenses during Monday’s council meeting.

The levy, if passed, raises 13 cents for each $100 of valuation for the duplicate years 2015-19. The levy will be placed on the ballot for the General Election held on Nov. 4 and raises approximately $24,000 a year.

Wannemacher also asked council’s approval to appropriate $23,000 from the General Fund to the Sewer Fund for loan payments.

“Once the sewer bills come in next month, the money will be advanced back into the General Fund,” she said.

Council agreed to the terms of the appropriations.

In addition, Wannemacher asked for and received council’s approval to have professional carpet cleaning performed in the municipal building for $482.

Council also approved the liquor permits for businesses in the village and reviewed the line-by-line budget information prior to approving the 2015 budget of $1,360,973.

Police Chief Jay Herrick spoke with council about the purchase of audio/video equipment for one of the cruisers.

“We would like to be current with technology,” he explained.

Councilman Randy Altenburger asked if Herrick has gotten any quotes or cost estimates yet.

“I will look into that for the next meeting,” Herrick said.

Street Supervisor Barry Koester reported to council that he has the estimate for the manhole work — leveling the asphalt surrounding them — which includes four storm sewers and one sanitary sewer.

“Brenneman Excavating in Lima offered real cut-and-dried bidding,” Koester said. “They came out and physically looked at and measured the areas of work.”

Council approved the Brenneman bid at $4,775.

Also, councilman Darren Leis submitted a $1,500 estimate he received from Wannemacher Tree Service in Cloverdale to cut down six trees, prune two and remove the stumps. Council members agreed to contract Adam Wannemacher, owner of the tree service, to perform the job.

Councilman Tony Langhals asked if any residents have been begging for new trees. Discussion led to utilizing the $10,000 Langhals recalled being appropriated in the budget for trees for the village’s portion of the cost to put in new sidewalks.

“Is there any way we can use that money for the sidewalks?” Langhals asked.

Wannemacher reported she would have to check what was budgeted for trees for 2014.

“We are wasting money on planting trees between the sidewalk and street,” Miller said. “They don’t survive in those locations. If residents want them in their yards, we can do that instead.”

At last month’s meeting, Langhals wanted to reach out to Dollar General’s Corporate Headquarters to inquire exactly what is going on with the tentative proposed building site across from the high school.

Langhals said after speaking with the representative, the conversation culminated with the discussion that the Ottoville demographic is low on their priority list.

“I was told that if anything changed, I would be notified,” Langhals explained.

Councilman Carl Byrne said that he believed if they wanted to be here, they would have been here by now.

“It’s not off the stove but on a back burner,” Langhals said.

Board of Public Affairs Officers Phil Hilvers and Dan Honigford reported that the meter on the sewer project had a couple of high readings — extra flow or spikes varying from normal sanitary flow — according the Environmental Protection Agency.

“We are going to move the meter from Otto Street to Auglaize Street to see if it helps,” Hilvers said.

In addition, members of council met for a special session at the fire station on May 27 to discuss the renovations to the exterior of the station. Miller Contracting Group presented a proposal for the metal, concrete and masonry work at a cost of $49,584. Council members voted and accepted the proposal.

The next council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the council chambers on July 28.

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