September 2, 2014

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Elida receives EPA approval on sewer plant upgrades PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 8:00 PM


DHI Media Correspondent

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ELIDA — Elida Village Council’s regular meeting began with a good report from Village Administrator Scott Fessler. He said the village has received a stamp of approval on plans from the EPA.

“Usually, it is quite a lengthy process. However, with the village being on top of the process and the EPA knowing we have an issue, it went through sooner than expected,” he said.

The process now for the sewer plant is to come up with the options to do as much as possible for the money they are borrowing.

The next step is the project goes out for bid and council will need to approve the bid.

Fessler said he would be able to go over the plans and designs of the wastewater plant with interested councilmen.

Councilman Claude Paxton spoke about the August newsletter and thought it may be a good idea to include the fact the village is in the stages of looking into a new town hall.

“The building we are in now is over 100 years old. With structure and the age of the present town hall, it would be more feasible to build a new one. We are looking into it but nothing is solid,” Mayor Kim Hardy said.

Rhonda McCoy reported about the pipeline safety meeting she went to in May in Findlay. There were some interesting topics and they really honed in on the importance of calling 811 before anyone digs. The 811 number is nationwide. Also, they talked about how the ground is shifting and now in some instances when farmers are disking their fields, it is possible to hit sewer lines due to the shift.

The village gets many calls from the 45807 zip code area when they call 811. The village is charged for every call, which amounts to approximately $900-$1,100 a year, according to Janet Bonifas.

The next scheduled Elida village council meeting is on June 24.


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