September 1, 2014

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Monday, May 26, 2014 8:00 PM


dhi MEDIA Sports Editor

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SPENCERVILLE — A boatload of Tri-County track and field athletes did what they intended to do in the Spencerville Districts last weekend: finish in the top four of their respective events and move on to the Troy Regionals.

Now, those athletes are getting ready to see if they can make one more step toward their goal starting 4 p.m. Wednesday — with a total of seven finals that night and the rest running preliminaries — earn their way to the Division III State Track and Field Championships at venerable Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in Columbus next weekend.

Several will go into Troy as champions from Districts — Spencerville senior Anthony Schuh, who won both the boys 110- and 300-meter hurdles, and junior Katie Merriman in the girls pole vault; Ottoville senior Taylor Mangas in the 100-meter girls hurdles; Lincolnview junior Bayley Tow in the boys 1,600-meter run; and Crestview junior Mycah Grandstaff (3,200-meter run).

Schuh was a State qualifier in the 110s last spring.

“That has been my goal all season; get back to State in the 110s. I’m grateful for another week to compete in the hurdles and try to achieve my goal,” Schuh said. “Coming back later in the 300s, I didn’t feel any pressure. I had already clinched in my best event, so I just went out and raced in the 300s.”

In second was St. John’s junior Tyler Conley, who broke the stadium record in the 400-meter dash, and senior teammates Megan Joseph (1,600) and Maddie Burgei (100); the Jefferson 4x2 relay of sophomores Taylor Stroh and Brooke Gallmeier and seniors Rileigh Stockwell and Brooke Teman; Ottoville freshman Alicia Honigford in the 100 hurdles and teaming with Mangas, Brooke Mangas and Karin Wendeberg (4x1); Spencerville sophomore Evan Pugh in the discus; Lincolnview junior Hunter Blankemeyer in the 110s; and several Crestview athletes — senior Grace Callow (400-meter girls dash), sophomore Isaiah Kline (400-meter boys dash) and the boys relays of Malcolm Oliver, Zack Jellison, Kline and Sage Schaffner (4x100) and Jellison, Kline, Michael Hansard and Alex Cunningham (4x400).

“It kind of helped that Tow had withdrawn in the 800. He looked pretty tired after the 1,600 earlier,” Conley explained. “We were in the first lane and without him, I could start on the inside. In the last race — the 4x4 — we ended up fourth. At this point, it doesn’t matter except you advance.”

That was the sentiment for Joseph.

“I didn’t want this to be my last race and my goal was top four. Everyone was chasing the New Knoxville girl (Cassie Boyle) but she set such a fast pace,” Joseph explained. “I know she’s faster than me but the goal is to keep an eye on her jersey; she pushes me. Once I hit that third lap, then I stepped it up and pulled away from the Minster girl (Niekamp).”

Burgei later got a wish to go to Regionals as part of the Lady Jay 4x1 that finished fourth.

“The 100s are a good warmup for me for the relay. I felt tight before the 100 but with the almost-perfect weather, it’s easier to warm up and stay warm,” she observed. “It’s always nice to go as an individual but it’s better when you go as a relay.”

The Lady Jeffcats also got that wish.

“We knew it would be really close in the 4x2. We felt really fast and really fresh today,” Stockwell began. “Minster is such a good team that you know they are going to be tough to beat but they push you to get better, too.”

“Rileigh and I came in fresher today and that helped a lot,” Teman chimed in. “We just ran as hard as we could and everything clicked well, from the handoffs to everything.”

Honigford eventually made it in three events as part of an acclaimed Ottoville freshmen class.

“We have that goal of getting all of us to State as a team sometime in high school,” Honigford explained. “We made it to State in junior high and it just motivated us — it does in every sport but now it’s track. We push each other in a friendly yet competitive way.”

Pugh didn’t have his best day but it was enough.

“The winner from Minster (Wes Hegemann) threw a 154-11 and he definitely set the pace,” Pugh said. “I knew today it was going to be tough to beat him but I’ve been chasing him all year. I’ve generally been closer than today (133-6) but I know I can get better because I’ve done it. I just haven’t gotten there yet.”

Clinching third last weekend were Ottoville’s Honigford (long jump), the Lady Green’s 4x4 of T. Mangas, B. Mangas, Wendeberg and freshman Madison Knodell and Colin Bendele (discus); Blankemeyer (300s) and as part of the 4x1 with senior Michael Garay, Logan Jewel and Damon Norton; Fort Jennings senior Emily Grone in the 100 hurdles; Spencerville senior Trevor McMichael in the high jump and junior Schylar Miller (pole vault) - the latter teamed with Jenna Kahle, Emilee Meyer and Karri Purdy in the 4x1.

“I just tried to relax today. I was warming up in the 140s, so I felt strong,” Bendele said. “It’s kind of interesting; we’re all competitive but we’ve become friends. We cheer for each other and yet we want to do well.”

“I just wanted to be focused today and run my best,” Grone noted. “I needed to have my 3-step approach down pat to advance because I had the worst time coming into the finals. I wanted to get to Regionals this year to honor the girls we lost last year to graduation.”

Miller didn’t get her PR of 10-4 but her 10-footer was enough.

“Last year, I was eighth at State in the pole vault,” she observed. “With the way it’s looking throughout the state, I might need to clear 10-6 to get to State this year; I made it last year at 10-0, so I know I’ve got to get work on a bigger pole this week. That’s all about a comfort level and confidence.”

In fourth were the Lady Blue Jay 4x1 of Burgei, Madelyn Buettner, Halie Benavidez and Samantha Bonifas, with Bonifas also in the 300s; the Blue Jay boys 4x4 of Conley, Brian Pohlman, Tyler Ledyard and Curtis Pohlman and its 4x1 of B. Pohlman, Nick Martz, Quinn Wise and Luke MacLennan; the Lady Jeffcat 4x4 of Stockwell, Gallmeier, Teman and Kenidi Ulm; Garay in the 100 dash; Tow in the 3,200; Fort Jennings senior Garrett Berelsman in the high jump; three Bearcats — Logan Vandemark in the discus, Tori Hardesty (1,600) and Cierra Adams (3,200); and Crestview’s Callow in both the 100 and 200, Jellison in the boys 200 and its 4x2 of Hansard, Kline, Oliver and Jellison.

“I also felt a little tight today. I usually have the 100s to warm up but not today,” Bonifas added. “We were really nervous. All we could do was push hard and finish well.”

That’s all their boys counterparts were shooting for.

“We didn’t run our best today but all we were looking for was getting to Regionals,” MacLennan explained. “We’ve got some things to finetune and we know we haven’t peaked yet. That may be the best thing about this spring; you had no chance to peak early.”

“We really did well as a team today for the boys. We had the ones do well that we thought would: Bayley in the 1,600 and 3,200, Hunter in the hurdles and the 4x8 the other night,” Lincolnview coach Matt Langdon noted. “I was pleasantly surprised by Michael in the 100 in qualifying, as well as the 4x1. Logan Jewel and Damon Norton haven’t had the chance to get to Regionals before, so that was good for them.

“Hannah McCleery jumped 5-1 in the girls high jump Thursday and made it. We expected that. Our track record in the past is that we do well at this time of year; we work the kids hard and they trust their training. They are confident going into Regionals and I think we have a good chance to get a few down to State.”

Full Results:


At Spencerville

Final Results: Points 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 - Top 4 in each event advance to Troy Regionals

Girls Team Rankings: Minster 162, Marion Local 96.5, Ottoville 63, Spencerville 61, St. Henry 48, New Knoxville 43, New Bremen 42, St. John’s 41, Crestview 26, Jefferson 18, Perry 14, Fort Jennings 14, Lima Central Catholic 13, Lincolnview 9, Parkway 6.5, Temple Christian 6.

4x800 Meter Relay: 1. Minster 9:48.54; 2. Marion Local 9:57.69; 3. St. Henry 10:01.41; 4. Jefferson (Kenidi Ulm, Brooke Teman, Heather Pohlman, Rileigh Stockwell) 10:04.63; … 5. Ottoville (Taylor Mangas, Madison Knodell, Karin Wendeberg, Brooke Mangas) 10:07.8; 6. Spencerville (Cierra Adams, Tori Hardesty, Kennedy Sharp, Karri Purdy) 10:40.83; 7. St. John’s (Brooke Zuber, Breece Rohr, Maya Gerker, Megan Joseph) 10:44.27.

Discus: 1. Chrisman (ML) 108-2; 2. Shania Johnson (SV) 105-1; 3. Will (MI) 103-3; 4. Alexis Thorbahn (OV) 103-0; … 5. Bekka Tracey (CV) 100-3; 6. Madison Kreeger (SJ) 97-4; 7. Beth Griffin (SV) 95-3.

High Jump: 1. Brooke Mangas (OV) 5-4; 2. G. Kramer (ML) 5-3; 3. Davis (PE) 5-2; 4. Hannah McCleery (LV) 5-1.

100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Horstman (NK) 15.93; 2. Alicia Honigford (OV) 16.35; 3. Emily Grone (FJ) 16.51; 4. Hellwarth (PA) 16.68; … 5. Jenna Kahle (SV) 16.91; 8. Schylar Miller (SV) 17.76.

100 Meter Dash: 1. H. Barga (MI) 12.74; 2. Maddie Burgei (SJ) 13.04; 3. Luttmer (SH) 13.05; 4. Grace Callow (CV) 13.2; … 5. Emily Grone (FJ) 13.3.

4x200 Meter Relay: 1. Minster 1:47.2; 2. Jefferson (Taylor Stroh, Brooke Gallmeier, Rileigh Stockwell, Brooke Teman) 1:49.42; 3. New Bremen 1:50.64; 4. Marion Local 1:50.79; … 7. Spencerville (Caitlin Wurst, Emilee Meyer, Amelia Wood, Kennedy Sharp) 1:55.39.

1,600 Meter Run: 1. Boyle (NK) 5:13.35; 2. Megan Joseph (SJ) 5:27.4; 3. Niekamp (MI) 5:30; 4. Tori Hardesty (SV) 5:39.54; … 6. Anna Gorman (LV) 5:52.46; … 12. Rebekah Geise (DJ) 6:07.60.

4x100 Meter Relay: 1. Minster 51.69; 2. Ottoville (Alicia Honigford, Brooke Mangas, Karin Wendeberg, Taylor Mangas) 52.48; 3. Spencerville (Schylar Miller, Jenna Kahle, Emilee Meyer, Karri Purdy) 52.98; 4. St. John’s (Madelyn Buettner, Maddie Burgei, Halie Benavidez, Samantha Bonifas) 53.18.

400 Meter Dash: 1. Jutte (MI) 1:01.84; 2. Grace Callow (CV) 1:01.86; 3. G. Barga (MI) 1:02.95; 4. J. Kramer (ML) 1:03.16; … 5. Maya Gerker (SJ) 1:03.68; 6. Madison Knodell (OV) 1:04.73.

300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Taylor Mangas (OV) 46.92; 2. Enneking (MI) 47.06; 3. Meiring (MI) 48.11; 4. Samantha Bonifas (SJ) 48.79; … 8. Erin Williams (SJ) 53.25.

800 Meter Run: 1. Cassie Boyle (NK) 2:17.74D; 2. J. Slonkosky (MI) 2:19.78; 3. Brackman (NB) 2:22.6; 4. Borgerding (MI) 2:24.37; … 7. Breece Rohr (SJ) 2:32.48; 8. Brooke Zuber (SJ) 2:32.49; … 9. Karri Purdy (SV) 2:33.34; 12. Heather Pohlman (DJ) 2:37.85; 14. Rebekah Geise (DJ) 2:43.29.

200 Meter Dash: 1. Thobe (ML) 26.13; 2. H. Barga (MI) 26.41; 3. Brandt (NB) 27.16; 4. Grace Callow (CV) 27.35; … 5. Emily Grone (FJ) 27.73; 8. Erin Williams (SJ) 28.97.

3,200 Meter Run: 1. Kunk (SH) 11:44.41; 2. Pohl (MI) 11:57.74; 3. Privette (NK) 12:32.06; 4. Cierra Adams (SV) 12:42.72; … 7. Tori Hardesty (SV) 13:01.17; … 9. Alyssa Schimmoeller (FJ) 13:57.35; 11. Anna Mueller (SJ) 14:41.34; 12. Hali Finfrock (CV) 14:52.87; 16. Lexi Pohlman (SJ) 16:12.05.

4x400 Meter Relay: 1. Minster (Gabrielle Barga, Cassie Jutte, Julia Slonkosky, Olivia Enneking) 4:03.51D; 2. Marion Local 4:05.37; 3. Ottoville (Taylor Mangas, Brooke Mangas, Karin Wendeberg, Madison Knodell) 4:12.76; 4. Jefferson (Rileigh Stockwell, Brooke Gallmeier, Kenidi Ulm, Brooke Teman) 4:13.91; … 7. Spencerville (Kennedy Sharp, Jenna Kahle, Caitlin Wurst, Karri Purdy) 4:18.33.

Long Jump: 1. Thobe (ML) 16-11.25; 2. Brandt (NB) 15-10.5; 3. Alicia Honigford (OV) 15-10; 4. M. Francis (MI) 15-8.75; … 6. Karin Wendeberg (OV) 15-4.25.

Shot Put: 1. Katie Merriman (SV) 36-7; 2. Mescher (ML) 35-4.25; 3. Luthman (MI) 35-0.75; 4. Moeller (NB) 34-0; … 5. Bekka Tracey (CV) 32-7.25; 6. Allison Adams (SV) 31-7.25; 8. Alyssa Matthews (LV) 30-6.5; … 9. Makayla Binkley (DJ) 30-2.

Pole Vault: 1. (tie) Heckman (MI) and Hemmelgarn (ML) 11-0; 3. Schylar Miller (SV) 10-0; 4. T. Homan (NB); … 6. (tie) Patricia Riley (SV) and Ally Gerberick (SJ) 7-6.

Boys Team Rankings: Minster 130, Lima Central Catholic 96, St. Henry 84,Spencerville 70, Lincolnview 62, Crestview 55, New Bremen 43, Perry 25, St. John’s/New Knoxville 23, Marion Local 13, Parkway 10, Fort Jennings 9, Ottoville 8, Temple Christian 7.

4x800 Meter Relay: 1. Minster 8:16.96; 2. Lincolnview (Ben Bilimek, Trevor Neate, Alex Rodriguez, Bayley Tow) 8:25.34; 3. Lima C.C. 8:29.27; 4. St. Henry 8:35.88; … 7. Crestview (Mycah Grandstaff, Dylan Grandstaff, Charles Thornburg, Justin Gibson) 8:52.01; 8. Ft. Jennings (Garrett Berelsman, Tyler Blankemeyer, Dylan Wiechart, Alex Berelsman) 9:20.

Long Jump: 1. Coleman (LC) 21-5.75; 2. Rogers (LC) 21-0.75; 3. Trevor McMichael (SV) 20-1.5; 4. Thobe (MI) 19-11; … 5. Malcolm Oliver (CV) 19-8.5; … 9. Elliott Courtney (SJ) 17-9.25.

Shot Put: 1. Logan Vandemark (SV) 52-0.25; 2. Hegemann (MI) 51-9; 3. Heuker (MI) 48-9.75; 4. Rindler (SH) 45-8.75; … 5. Scott Miller (CV) 43-10.5; 7. Colin Bendele (OV) 41-5.5.

Pole Vault: 1. Mestemaker (SH) 13-6; 2. Homan (ML) 12-4; 3. Huelsman (MI) 12-4; 4. Monnin (MI) 12-4; … 5. Calvin Wilson (SV) 11-6; 7. Colton Miller (SV) 11-6; … 9. Eric Gerbrick (SJ) 10-6.

110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Anthony Schuh (SV) 14.83; 2. Hunter Blankemeyer (LV) 15.03; 3. Stoner (MI) 16.1; 4. Niekamp (NB) 16.16.

100 Meter Dash: 1. Coleman (LC) 10.98; 2. Rogers (LC) 11.12; 3. Wolf (MI) 11.4; 4. Michael Garay (LV) 11.78.

4x200 Meter Relay: 1. Lima C.C. 1:30.07; 2. Minster 1:31.85; 3. St. Henry 1:33.22; 4. Crestview (Michael Hansard, Isaiah Kline, Malcolm Oliver, Zack Jellison) 1:33.69; … 7. Spencerville (Calvin Wilson, Zach Goecke, Grant Goecke, Mason Nourse) 1:37.81.

1,600 Meter Run: 1. Bayley Tow (LV) 4:24.98 S; 2. Kuntz (NK) 4:29.15; 3. Godfrey (PE) 4:30.78; 4. D. Slonkosky (MI) 4:37.51; … 6. Ben Bilimek (LV) 4:42.66; … 9. Tyler Blankemeyer (FJ) 4:53.92; 10. Charles Thornburg (CV) 4:54.71; 13. Aaron Hellman (SJ) 5:11.37; 15. Matthew Hurles (SV) 5:24.57.

4x100 Meter Relay: 1. Minster 44.21; 2. Crestview (Malcolm Oliver, Zack Jellison, Isaiah Kline, Sage Schaffner) 44.83; 3. Lincolnview (Logan Jewel, Damon Norton, Michael Garay, Hunter Blankemeyer) 45.03; 4. St. John’s (Nick Martz, Brian Pohlman, Quinn Wise, Luke MacLennan) 45.41; … 5. Spencerville (Colton Miller, Calvin Wilson, Zach Goecke, Anthony Schuh) 46.61.

400 Meter Dash: 1. Kremer (NB) 51.06; 2. Isaiah Kline (CV) 52.08; 3. Gangwer (PA) 52.76; 4. Mescher (SH) 52.81; … 8. Michael Hansard (CV) 57.03.

300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Anthony Schuh (SV) 41.0; 2. Reichert (SH) 41.4; 3. Hunter Blankemeyer (LV) 41.8; 4. Westerbeck (NB) 42.05.

800 Meter Run: 1. Scott Willeke (LC) 1:56.38D; 2. Tyler Conley (SJ) 1:57.68D; 3. Godfrey (PE) 1:59.15; 4. Albers (MI) 1:59.31; … 5. Curtis Pohlman (SJ) 1:59.8; … 9. Trevor Neate (LV) 2:09.44; 13. Grant Goecke (SV) 2:16.38; 14. Trevor McMichael (SV) 2:17.68.

200 Meter Dash: 1. Rogers (LC) 22.47; 2. Coleman (LC) 22.84; 3. Wolf (MI) 22.91; 4. Zack Jellison (CV) 22.99;… 5. Michael Garay (LV) 23.89.

3,200 Meter Run: 1. Mycah Grandstaff (CV) 9:55.71; 2. Rigg (LC) 10:01.96; 3. Schulze (SH) 10:05.77; 4. Bayley Tow (LV) 10:13.51; … 7. Alex Rodriguez (LV) 10:35.03; … 13. Dylan Wiechart (FJ) 11:06.88; 15. Charles Thornburg (CV) 11:07.33.

4x400 Meter Relay: 1. Minster 3:30.84; 2. Crestview (Michael Hansard, Alex Cunningham, Zack Jellison, Isaiah Kline) 3:33.88; 3. St. Henry 3:34.16; 4. St. John’s (Brian Pohlman, Tyler Conley, Tyler Ledyard, Curtis Pohlman) 3:41.14 3:35.87; … 5. Ft. Jennings (Tyler Blankemeyer, Seth Ricker, Drew Grone, Garrett Berelsman) 3:39.2; 6. Spencerville (Trevor McMichael, Grant Goecke, Mason Nourse, Anthony Schuh) 3:39.29; 8. Lincolnview (Brayden Farmer, Travis Lippi, Colton Snyder, Trevor Neate) 3:57.34.

High Jump: 1. Niekamp (SH) 6-1; 2. (tie) Trevor McMichael (SV) and Kuntz (NK) 6-0; 4. (tie) *Willeke (LC) … 4. Garrett Berelsman (FJ) 5-8; 6. (tie) Hunter Blankemeyer (LV) and Austin Sealscott (LV) 5-8.

Discus: 1. Hegemann (MI) 154-11; 2. Evan Pugh (SV) 133-6; 3. Colin Bendele (OV) 133-3; 4. Logan Vandemark (SV) 130-0; … 8. Derek Anthony (SJ) 112-10; … 9. Scott Miller (CV) 112-6.

S - New Stadium Record

D - New District Record

* - Advanced to Regionals due to jumps


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