September 1, 2014

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Did you know that two movie stars were born in Delphos? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, May 17, 2014 8:00 PM

Sandra Mae Trentman was born in Delphos, Oct. 17, 1943, to Arthur and Antoinette Trentman. She had a brother, Arthur Jr. and sister Shirley.

Her stage name was Sabrina Scharf.

Sabrina was a former Playboy Bunny, and an actress.

Her first acting break came in 1965 as Penelope Peterson on Gidget. She was an actress who appeared on Star Trek. She is best known for her role as Sarah in the film Easy Rider, in which she co-starred with guest stars, Robert Walker Jr. and Michael Pataki.

In addition to Star Trek, she guest-starred on over twenty other television series.

In 1966 she appeared on both The Man From Uncle and The Girl From Uncle. She then worked on an episode of Daniel Boone, Star Trek, Hogan’s Heroes and the Streets of San Francisco and others. In 1968 Scharf portrayed China Hazard in an episode of The Wild Wild West entitled, “The Night of the Underground Terror.”

She also appeared in three episodes of Hawaii Five-O, directed by Michael O’Herlihy who later directed her in an 1973 episode of The New Perry Mason with Byron Morrow and Kenneth Toby.

Scharf appeared in at least one made-for TV movie, the 1973 CBS thriller, Hunter. This is just some of her guest appearances.

She retired from acting in 1976 to enter politics. She ran successfully for state Senate in California. As of 2007 she was developing real estate projects in Los Angeles.

She has been married to Emmy Award-winning writer, Bob Schiller (All in the Family) since 1969. They have two children together.


Another Delphos Native,

Movie Star

Cornelius Limbach was born Sept. 16, 1883, in Delphos and took the stage name of Neely Edwards, a silent movie star. He died July 10, 1965.

He was a vaudeville performer and film actor. He appeared in 174 films between 1915 and 1959.

The first was an unbilled player in a Harold Lloyd short. In the early 1920s, he and his vaudeville partner, Ed Flanagan, appeared as the “Hall Room Boys” in some of the earliest short films produced by Cohn-Brandt-Cohn Film Sales that would develop into Columbia Pictures.

He played Mac Leod in the 1921 film, Brewster’s Millions. He also played in the (1915) film, The Hungry Actors, Showboat in (1929), Patrick the Great in (1945), and The Texan, starring Rory Calhoun and Regis Parton (1958-1960).

This is a list of just a few of the movies he was in. His later career is marked by bit parts and character works.

Edwards was married to actress Marguerite Snow. He died in Woodland Hills, California, on July 10, 1965, at age 86.

(Information was taken from Internet).


Trentman, Family of

Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Bernard Trentman was born in Hanover, Germany, in July 1816 and died at Ft. Wayne, Ind., Mar. 27, 1874.

Bernard arrived in Cincinnati in 1838 and married Anna Reinhardt at Cincinnati in 1838.

He was a bricklayer in his beginning career and achieved great success in later life. He was a Catholic and one of the founders of St. Mary’s Church of Ft. Wayne. He left a large estate and what is more desirable, a clear record.

He named his eldest son John Trentman as a clerk in his store, which was a leading wholesale grocery in Ft. Wayne, Ind. In 1862, Bernard spent a year in Germany, and left his 19 year old son, August, in charge of the firm while he was away.

Bernard owned a mansion on the northwest corner of Wayne and Webster streets in Ft. Wayne.

He died at Ft. Wayne on Mar. 27, 1874.

Information from Internet.


To Establish Office

at the Phelan Hotel

The Phelan Hotel has been named as ticket office and waiting station for the Colonial Stages which are being operated through Delphos between Chicago and Columbus.

The buses stop here daily, eastbound at 8:15 a.m. and westbound at 10:30 a.m.

R.M. Burns is division passenger agent.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 14, 1928


Members of Presbyterian

Congregation Celebrate

60th Anniversary

of Building

One of the most pleasing events in the history of the Delphos Presbyterian church was the historical service which was held Sunday in observance of the 60th anniversary of the erection of the first Presbyterian church in Delphos and the 20th anniversary of the erection of the present church.

At the morning service, Rev. J. Clemens Berry, pastor of the church, delivered a historical sermon in which he pointed out that we are debtors to all men. Applying this to the history of the local church, he called attention to the contributions which have been received from people outside of the congregation.

A solo was sung by Mrs. John Krieft of Toledo, a former member of the local church and former choir director.

A quartet composed of Miss Doris McTarland, Mrs. Maude Judkins, Dr. G.L. McKenzie and Paul Harter sang. A solo by Paul Harter and an anthem by the choir completed this service.

A delicious picnic dinner was served at 1:00 o’clock.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 10, 1928



Tonight 8 to 9

Perfect Circle Symphony Hour

Featuring Cincinnati

Symphony Orchestra

WLW 700 Kilocycles

Adolph Mox

432 N. Main St.

Also Dealer in

Crosley Radios

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 11, 1928


The Undertakers Mainstay

An exchange describes a cigarette as a roll paper, tobacco and drugs, with a small fire at one end and a large fool at the other. Some of its chief enjoyments are condensed nightmares, fits, cancer of the lip and stomach, spinal meningitis, softening of the brain, funeral processions and families shrouded in gloom. There are plenty of people left, however, who are perfectly willing to undergo trials of such trivial nature for the sake of putting on a certain amount of style.

(I was amazed that this article appeared in the Delphos Herald in 1895. R.H.)


Famous Italian Caves

Italy claims to have the two deepest subterranean caverns in the world.

The deepest is the famous ??? Preta, near Verona and the second deepest is cave of Verea near the river Isolizee. Hitherto both have remained practically unexplored, but the Alpine society recently led an expedition to the bottom of the cave of Verea. The mouth of the cave is 1900 feet above sea level and the depth from the mouth to the lowest pit is about 1700 feet. The cave contains several lakes and streams.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 6, 1928


No Flying Switching

To Be Allowed

Chief of Police R.T. Edwards served notice on a Pennsylvania switching crew Wednesday morning that no more “flying switches” are to be made at their siding here.

He states that this was done Wednesday at the Delphos Manufacturing Company siding near St. John’s school and after the time allowed for switching there, which is between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 12, 1928


(Continued in next

Saturday’s paper)



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