August 27, 2014

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This and That — Vintage Bridal Show in Landeck PDF Print E-mail
Friday, May 09, 2014 8:00 PM

Everyone enjoys a bridal show, especially a vintage show. Members of the Landeck C L of C’s were entertained with a vintage bridal show put on by the members of the social committee at the April meeting.

Eight gowns were modeled by four high school girls and a little flower girl. Laura Ladd was the narrator for the show. As Laura introduced the models, she gave a description of the gowns and told what was happening in the state and the world during that time period.

The first gown on the program was worn by Mary Matilda Miller, when she married John Eickholt in 1912. Due to the fragile nature of the fabric, this gown was gently shown to the guests instead of being modeled. Mary and John Eickholt were parents of Calista Eickholt, who married Arnie Miller.

The year of 1912 was a busy time. The Chinese Republic was formed. New Mexico became the 47th state of the Union and Arizona became the 48th state. The South Pole was discovered. Dixie cups were invented. The Titanic sank. The world’s first cannery opened in England. Bull Moose Teddy Roosevelt was shot while campaigning in Milwaukee and the first street car was introduced to San Francisco, California. That was before the First World War. Then 30 years later we were in another war, World War II from 1941 to 1945. In Germany, the Jews suffered greatly…..many, many Jews were sent to the concentration camps, never to return. On the home front…..we had rationing of gas, tires, sugar, meat, cheese, butter, shoes, cars, etc. We also had prayer hours in the churches and an occasional black-out. That was all mild, compared to what our young men went through fighting the Nazi regime in Germany and in the Pacific with Japan.


The next gown was modeled by Sydney Fischbach. She was wearing the gown of Rita Elwer, when she married Omer Pothast in 1946.

The war was over. In the USA and in the world, the first US rocket left the earth and went up 50 miles. The first bikini bathing suit was displayed in Paris. The first mobile long-distance car-to-car telephone conversation took place. The first electric blanket was manufactured and sold for $39.50. Sixty-eight years later you can still get an electric blanket for $39.99. Nazi leaders were found guilty of war crimes and Harry Truman was the first US President to travel in a submerged sub.


The next gown was Calista Eickholt’s, when she married Arnie Miller in 1949. It was modeled by Rachel Kroeger.

Very few people had TVs in 1949. NBC and CBS began broadcasting, 45 RPM records were made and Dragnet was first broadcast on radio.


Marie Diemer wed Tom Kahle on 14 June 1952. Her gown was modeled by Lexi Hoersten.

In national news of 1952, the “Today Show” premiered. Mr. Potato Head was the first toy advertised on TV. “Guiding Light” soap opera moved from radio to TV and Birdseye sold the first frozen peas.


Catherine Ruen married Melvin Heitz on 1 August 1964. Her dress was modeled by Lauren Ladd.

In the nation …..John Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and Lyndon B. Johnson became president. In 1964 LBJ declared “War on Poverty.” The Beatles recorded “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. GI Joe debuts as a popular American boy’s toy and the first Ford Mustang came off the assembly line and sold for $2,368.


On 18 April 1970, Jolene Klima was wed to Ralph Bockey and Laura Warnecke Ladd was the miniature bride for her aunt.

Also in 1970 — “All My Children” premiered on TV. The US voting age was changed from 21 to 18. President Nixon signed a bill limiting cigarette advertisement. Elton John made his first U. S. appearance. The “Mary Tyler Moore Show“ premiers and Monday Night Football premiers. We had our first Earth Day in 1970.


On 27 May 1972, Dot Klaus married Doug Geise. Lexi Hoersten modeled her gown. On the national scene, “Sanford and Son” premiered on NBC – TV. The first hand-held calculator (HP 35) sold for $395. Richard Nixon became the first US President to visit China. Gold hit a record high of $60 per ounce. A record low temperature for June was 31 degrees, in Cleveland. MASH premiered on TV and women began training as FBI agents.


Tess Rahrig, left, stands with Sydney Fischbach who is modeling a wedding gown worn by Rahrig and her mother, Rita (Elwer) Pothast.On 18 October 1975, Theresa “Tess” Pothast married Keith Rahrig. She wore her mother; Rita Elwer Pothast’s wedding dress. It was just as beautiful as it was in 1946. Fischbach modeled the mother – daughter wedding dress.

Also in 1975 “Wheel of Fortune” debuts and is still going strong. President Ford declared an end to the Vietnam War. (Just a note: We also had the forgotten war, The Korean Conflict, back in the 1950s.) Cher divorced Sonny Bono. “Saturday Night Live” premiered. President Ford requires states to provide free education for the handicapped.


Lauren Ladd brings to life a gown worn by Judy (Miller) Eickholt in August 1983.On 11 June 1983, Judy Miller was married to Frank Eickholt. Her gown was modeled by Lauren Ladd. Also in 1983 The “A-Team” with Mr. T premiered on NBC. The oldest human skeleton, with an age of 80,000 years was discovered in Egypt. The final show of Laverne & Shirley aired on TV. A bottle, containing a note from 9 June 1910, was found in Queensland. Sorry! We don’t have the message.


Sue Warnecke married Mark Wehri on 17 September 1988. Lexi Hoersten modeled her wedding gown.

Also in 1988, Televangelist Jimmy Swaggert confessed his sins to his congregation on TV. “48 Hours” premiered on TV. “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” cartoon made its debut and the last Playboy Club closed.

The Vintage Bridal Show was very interesting and the wedding gowns were all beautiful. Laura thanked all who participated in the show. A delicious lunch of “wedding cake” and Jell-O was served following the business meeting. Other member of the social committee were Tess Rahrig and Ruth Hammond.

Just a word about Esther Bielwaski. Esther could have been in Women in History. She made history as one of the first (or the first) woman editor of a newspaper in the area and she worked for the Delphos Herald for 25 years. I have Esther to thank for hiring me to write a column in the Delphos Herald. Thanks, Esther.


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