September 2, 2014

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He'll call your bluff! Kaverman 2nd in poker world championship PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, May 07, 2014 8:18 PM

By Anne Coburn-Griffis

Sentinel Editor

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FORT JENNINGS — It was the summer of Byron Kaverman’s senior year at Fort Jennings High School that he learned to play poker while visiting a friend’s lakeside home. After that, he honed his game in friends’ basements around town as well as in many hands of Texas Hold ‘em in the Kaverman basement.

Kaverman was also an All-American soccer player. After his 2005 graduation from high school, he went to Tiffin University on scholarship, playing soccer for the college and majoring in psychology. He continued with poker online. According to his younger brother, Nolan Kaverman, that was Byron’s way of earning money during college.

In his fourth year of college, cards and chips became the tools of his trade as he began a career as a professional poker player.

Perhaps Kaverman’s major helped him hone his particular style, poker face, if you will.

“He said it’s all mathematics and psychology,” reported his grandmother, Helen Kaverman.

Most recently, Kaverman was one of 328 players to compete April 21-26 in the World Poker Tour World Championship in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Nolan, a couple of friends and his parents, Bill and Jeri Kaverman, were on hand to watch Kaverman play for the win. They made the trip from Fort Jennings after Byron called home Friday evening at supper time to tell them he was going to the final table on Saturday afternoon.

That tournament wrapped up with Kaverman coming in second to Kevin Stammen.

Small world that it is, even in the realm of poker, Stammen hails from Coldwater, just 45 minutes away from Fort Jennings. Helen said the two have known each other for a long time and have gone to tournaments together.

“Between the two boys, they shared two million,” noted Helen.

Even with second place, Kaverman cashed seven times during Season XII of the World Poker Tour, setting a new single-season tour record and earning nearly $800,000 total. According to his World Poker Tour career stats, he has earned 3,750 points and winnings of $1,361,895 and is ranked in the top players at 215.

Following his second-place finish in New Jersey, Byron then went on to Monaco where he placed fifth in another live tournament. That competition was part of the European Poker Tour. In essence, he is an independent businessman who can ply his trade all over the world.

Kaverman was traveling on business this week but filled in the blanks for this article via text messaging with Nolan.

Kaverman has financial backing from a Florida businessman who enjoys poker as a hobby. In turn, through his poker winnings, he was able to provide Nolan with the financial support he needed to launch his own Fort-Jennings-based excavation business.

“His backer invests in him like my brother invests in me,” said Nolan.




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