September 2, 2014

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Good points and bad for instant replay PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, April 26, 2014 8:00 PM

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Sports Editor

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What do you think about the new instant replay system that Major League Baseball has cooked up?

Probably about the same as that the National Football League has: good and bad.

We all know that the technology the networks have has forced the two leagues — the National Basketball Association has a system that is not nearly as extensive and generally much more narrowly focused — into this move.

I will say this: it has taken out the good old rhubarb between umpires and managers — outside of John McEnroe once arguing with the Cyclops machine used for calling the service line in professional tennis, you really can’t argue with technology.

McEnroe would argue with a ham sandwich!

Imagine the late Earl “of Baltimore” Weaver or Lou “I’ll throw bases just to make my point and pout” Piniella managing in today’s game, let alone some of the old, old-timers of yesteryear. Of course, Lou may turn into The Incredible Hulk — he is a big man and extremely intense! — and yell “Hulk will smash!” as he pummels the machine into oblivion but that is beside the point.

It just isn’t the same.

Any way, I think it has probably gone the way MLB thought it would: there would be bugs to iron out and fine-tune the process. Eventually — perhaps at the All-Star break — there will be a time to step back and assess where they need to go from here, if any major changes need to happen and anything that comes up.

Just like the NFL — they are still working out the “bugs.”

Besides, perhaps the powers-that-be should focus on improving their arbiters! Sometimes I wonder about those guys!


Speaking of the NFL, the National Holiday — otherwise known as the NFL Draft — is coming up.

I am not revealing any trade secrets here — any trades I make in my fantasy leagues turn to mush, by the way, which is why I don’t trade — but watching shows like “NFL Live” and such, the biggest question about this year’s edition is which team will draft Johnny Football.

Most everyone that I have heard comment on him believes he is the most exciting thing since the invention of the wheel — until Monday, when I heard one Merrill Hoge assess the soon-to-be NFL quarterback.

His view: he is a project that an NFL team will have to work with and work with — did I write work with? — before he can be the great pro many think he will be.

There is no doubt he is exciting but does that make him a great professional quarterback? We football fans know of many a solid college guy — with all the tools to be a great pro — that flunked out because of one thing or another.

He is fast — but so is everyone else in the NFL, including defensive ends and even some defensive tackles. We see what happened to RG III last year — he was never the same with rehabbing his knee injury and he will have to make some adjustments in his third season.

Even Colin Kaepernick had to grow as a passer and not rely as much on his legs.

We will see what happens the first time Johnny gets steam-rolled by a 275-pound defensive end hell-bent on destruction.

Everyone thinks that he will go to the Cleveland Browns. As an objective human being, I suggest they go after Sammy Watkins for their first pick; give their QB — perhaps Hoyer, who was on his way to a solid season last fall before his injury? — a target outside. Build your team around and then go for the franchise QB.

Let that draft wizard, Jerry Jones, have him!



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