August 28, 2014

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Friday, April 18, 2014 9:11 PM

Management of the Capitol Theater in Delphos will be changed at the beginning of the year 1929 as a result of a deal which has been underway for sometime.

F.H. Staup, owner of the theater, will retire from the business at that time and his sons, Ellsworth and Paul, will take charge.

Ellsworth has been associated with his father for four years past and is well-equipped to conduct the business. Paul Staup has been employed with the Gramm Motor Works and will leave that concern to be associated with his brother in the motion picture business.

F.H. Staup is a veteran in the theater business in Delphos. He started the first “movie” theater in this city, 25 years ago and has operated theaters here continuously since that time. For seven years before entering the motion picture business, he was manager of the old Sheeter’s Opera House, now the K. of P. block.

Seven years ago (1921) he erected the Capitol, giving Delphos one of the finest motion picture theaters in this section.

His retirement at this time is due to ill health.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 3, 1928



Mrs. Fred Longmeyer

Hostess to Club

Mrs. Fred Longmeyer had as her guests, the members of the Fortnite Pals Club at her home west of Delphos, Tuesday evening. Misses Ethel and Mildred Lindeman, Mrs. Henry Ebbescotte and Mrs. Clarence Heisterman were also present to participate in the pleasures afforded.

The ladies devoted their attention to playing five-hundred. First honors were to Mrs. Rose Fast, and Mrs. George Laudick consolation of the club members. Miss Mildred Lindemann was high of the guests while Miss Ethel Lindemann was low.

Mrs. Longmeyer served a dainty luncheon at the card table.

The next meeting will take place December 13 at the home of Mrs. Dick Baer, East Second street. The annual Christmas exchange will take place then.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 28, 1928



C.D. of A. Party

at K. of C. Rooms

The K. of C. lodge rooms on North Main street were a scene of a happy gathering Tuesday evening when the single ladies of the Catholic Daughters of America entertained the married ladies of the Court. The affair was held as a result of an attendance contest which was conducted and the single ladies losing to the married members.

Cards were played during the first portion of the evening: Mrs. Flora Beckman was high in the bridge game and Mrs. Edward King, second and Mrs. Fred Minzing Jr., was most successful in the five hundred games while Mrs. Fred Reinemeyer was second high.

Miss Frances Rose Jauman was in charge of a pleasing entertainment. All numbers were greatly appreciated.

Delicious refreshments were served by the committee in charge.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 28, 1928



Two Delphos Skaters

On Armory Team

Two Delphos skaters will appear Thursday night at the Spencerville armory rink in a basketball game to be played there. The game will be played with a team from Sidney and will be one of the first of the kind ever played in this section of the country.

All members of the teams will be on skates. Rex Mericle will play a guard position on the team and Merle Barnett will be on the reserve bench. Other members of the team are: Reed, Mark, Penner, Bigelow and Davenport.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 3, 1928



Members of Patterson-

Fletcher Cage team

6 Feet or Taller

The Delphos City team will be up against an aggregation of tall players at St. John’s auditorium this evening. Five of the players on the Patterson-Fletcher team, Ft. Wayne, which is to play here are six feet tall or taller and the others are nearly six feet tall.

The team is said to be exceptionally speedy.

They will probably arrive here rather later and the game will likely start at about 8:45.

The preliminary game, in which the second city team will play the Middle Point team will start about 7:30.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 3, 1928



Large Barn Destroyed

By Fire

A large barn on the A.J. Rahrig farm, five miles south of Delphos, was destroyed by fire Friday afternoon. The flames were discovered by a passerby at about 2:00 o’clock and the family was notified. The fire was well advanced at that time and it was impossible to save the barn.

A call was placed for the Delphos department but the local fire fighters could not respond because they have no pumper. The Elida department was then called and aided in fighting the flames, saving a machine shed near the barn.

Many of the neighbors formed a bucket brigade which aided in preventing the flames from spreading.

The direction of the wind saved the house.

A tractor and a number of pieces of farm machinery, together with some straw, hay and lot of grain stored in the barn, were destroyed. The cause of the blaze has not been determined.

The barn was practically new, having been built about 5 years ago, after the old barn was destroyed by fire.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 1, 1928



1924 Ford Badly


A 1924 Ford touring car was badly wrecked Friday evening at the intersection of Second and State street. The car was driven by Alphonse Utrup, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Utrup of near Ft. Jennings and was going south of State street.

The brakes failed on the machine and it ran into the side of an interurban car. The car was westbound number 119 and due in Delphos at 6:37 p.m. Motorman was Wilber Bowers and conductor Russel Denig, both of Van Wert.

The auto hit the main switch box on the interurban and it was damaged to such an extent that it was unable to proceed to Van Wert. It was towed back to the local station and later was taken to Ft. Wayne for repairs. Passengers were forced to wait until 8:47 to proceed on their way.

A local wrecking car towed the damaged Ford to a garage. The front of the auto was badly damaged. A broken spindle arm, a broken fender and a smashed radiator were the extent of the damages. Mr. Utrup escaped unharmed.

Delphos Herald,

Dec. 1, 1928



Page Organ Formerly

Used in Capitol


A Bring-Along Sing-Along brown bag lunch will begin at 11:30 a.m. today at the Allen County Museum. Organist Karen Joseph will play the Page theater organ in the Folsom auditorium there for the lunch hour.

The organ, complete with pipes, bellows, sirens, drums, bells and cymbals, was built in 1921 for the Capitol in Delphos, and used during the days of silent movies. It eventually sold to a church in Sidney, which used it until 1957 and then donated it to the Allen County Historical Society.

The program is free and open to the public.



Found a stone Sword

J.W. Carter of Middlesborough, Ky. showed a news reporter a curious sword about 3 1/2 feet long, made of the same material as Indian pots, which was plowed up on the farm of J.D. Vaughn at Reliance, near an Indian mound, which Mr. Carter is going to have opened up in August. He has had his eye on the relic for several months, and in the meantime he has been in correspondence with authorities of the Smithsonian institution and others who are collectors, and has been led to make the purchase on the recommendations received. A stone sword of the kind which Mr. Carter now has, has never been found among Indian relics. It is perfectly carved, with thin edge, but thick back. The blade curves slightly back at the tip. On the hilt is the figure of a rattlesnake, well cut, with several rattles on the tail. The carving is perfect. Col. Bennett Young of Louisville made Mr. Carter an offer of $50 for his sword, but he refused to part with it.

Middlesborough News



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