September 1, 2014

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Board finishing upgrades at park PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 8:05 PM


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FORT JENNINGS — Park Board Vice President Kari Amstutz reported to council the remodeling work inside the Recreation Center at the park is close to being complete. She said the flooring is finished and there are a few odds and ends to take care of.

She added the backstop at the ball diamond is complete and the remaining work — pouring concrete walkways — will be finished when the weather permits.

“We want to thank the Lions Club for everything they have made possible,” Amstutz said.

In addition, she reported all the Park Giveaway tickets have been sold and currently the committee is working on the Fort Fest time line.

Chief Ethyl Vaughn announced that an Easter egg hunt is scheduled 11:30 a.m. Saturday in the old high school gymnasium.

Mayor Jim Smith addressed the village’s Farm Rental Contract, which is due for a renewal. The contract has been in place for five years and the land is farmed by Ron Saum.

“It’s 38-40 acres and we doubled our take when we contracted the acreage as cash-rent,” Smith explained. “It makes sense to extend the contract and I’ll look into the paperwork.”

Smith asked for a motion to extend the contract, which was approved by council members. Council’s plan is to re-bid in the fall.

Smith also notified Maintenance Supervisor Ted Wrasman that there is an area on the property that Saum said needed some work.

“Ron mentioned along the side some work needs to be done where a tile washed out,” Smith said. “It might require a little backhoe work.”

Council members discussed personnel issues in executive session. After going back into regular session, Smith announced the hiring of Tim Landwehr on a part-time, as-needed basis.

“He will give Ted an extra set of hands,” Smith added. “He will be paid monthly.”

Wrasman reported the village truck has been having starting issues, especially when it’s cold. He said a mechanic should look at it.

“It was 39 degrees and I couldn’t get it started,” Wrasman detailed. “I think the glow plugs have burned out.”

Smith and council members agreed and requested Wrasman take the truck in for repairs.

In addition, Wrasman described a hydraulic leak the Kubota utility vehicle is experiencing.

“I can’t get it to stop and it’s a steady drip,” he said.

Council members and Smith agreed Wrasman should have the vehicle repaired.

Wrasman added he is prepared to install mower decks soon.

Smith also spoke on helping with the maintenance of Fort Haven diamonds. He asked Wrasman to spray for weeds and roll the outfield, which is very unlevel.

In previous seasons, both Smith and Wrasman have helped get the maintenance started in the spring by helping with weed control.



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