August 30, 2014

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OEPA approves Spencerville's new WWTP design PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 08, 2014 8:10 PM


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SPENCERVILLE — Mayor P. J. Johnson read Village Administrator Sean Chapman’s report which contained some very good news for the village when he announced that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) has approved the new Water Treatment Plant (WTP) design on Monday night.

“Sean had a meeting with Richard Kirk of Kirk Bros. (KBC) and Todd Jenkins (Peterman Associates) recently to discuss updates on the status of the WTP project,” Johnson said.

The new WTP building has been constructed and KBC plans to be back onsite and begin footer/foundation work on the 17 of April.

Johnson said a Purchase Order has been issued to Buschur Electric by KBC for all of the electrical components and all state permits have been submitted and approval is expected within two weeks. In addition, Industrial Fluid Management (IFM) will deliver treatment process equipment in May.

“Change Order 2G should be completed soon and officially presented to council for review and approval,” the mayor reported. “Change Order 3G will be coming and involves a deduct of the remaining Buschur contract and an adder (of the same amount as Buschur’s deduct) to Kirk Bros. contract.”

Johnson addressed a minor issue regarding the possibility of the electrical service upgrade expiring and costing the village an additional $10,000.

“Sean worked with AEP on the required upgrade in service for the WTP and they were going to provide this upgrade at no cost due to the condition of the existing electrical components,” Johnson said.

Chapman was not aware of the fact that it would expire; however, the person he had been dealing with was in the process of changing territories and had to “close out” and finalize all projects under her jurisdiction. Johnson was able to make a telephone call and resolve the issue and the village will receive the necessary electrical upgrade, which will cost close to $300.

The village received official notification that the State of Ohio’s Controlling Board has approved the Clean Ohio Trails Fund project for the village.

Johnson explained the project consists of a trail continuation from the south corporation limit to the north corporation limit, with the exception of the two-block area between Second and Fourth streets. This project will be in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Parks and will cost the village very little, if any, out of pocket after all reimbursement requests have been submitted and paid.

In his report, Chapman noted one of the major issues that may cause problems for the project is the existing power pole locations. He has contacted American Electric Power (AEP) about the possibility of relocating some poles and/or guy wires. He would also like to get ODNR involved in this process as they may have more leverage being a state agency as compared to a small village.

“There is a chance he will need to apply for additional permits since the proposed project disturbs at least one acre,” Johnson detailed.

Chapman is working to reduce the scope of the project so the village does not fall into the category that requires the Construction General Permit and if the permit is required, the village will need to create a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. This could prove to prolong the project.

Johnson reminded council that fire hydrant flushing will begin on April 20 and last through May 2.

“Customers are urged to use caution, especially when doing laundry.” he said. “It will be common for customers to experience discolored water, fluctuating pressures and even water outages during this period.”

On May 7, local high school students will be participating in a Volunteer/Service Day, with a rain date of May 14. Anyone in the community who is in need of having odd jobs performed around their homes can contact Angel Wagner at the high school at 419-647-4111.

Chapman reported he received the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Formula application for funding and plans to request monies to replace existing deficient water lines on North Main Street from Sixth to North Street, Elm Street and South Broadway from Second Street to Wurster Drive. In order to be considered for these funds, the administration needs to prove that the project area is greater than 51 percent LMI (low- to moderate-income). Income surveys have already been sent out to residents and will be collected next week.

“The application is due May 12 and this will be for project year 2015,” Johnson said.

Chapman has completed the preliminary street work to be considered for the 2014 County Permissive Road Program.

“The village has close to $28,000 in permissive dollars that can be spent on eligible streets in town and $25,000 appropriated for paving projects in the budget,” Johnson said. “The final Road Program schedule will need to be reviewed by council and a resolution passed and sent to the Allen County Engineer’s office.”

Council members passed on its second reading an ordinance authorizing Johnson to enter into agreement for professional services for the 2014 Street Program. Also, members suspended the rules and passed on emergency the hiring of Mike Bailey as Property Maintenance Code (PMC) Administrator.

“Mr. Bailey has expressed interest in the planning commission on a few occasions,” Johnson said. “He has plans in place already and in order to pay him, we need to hire him first.”

Mayor Johnson announced that the Lima/Allen County Mobile Produce Market will be in town this coming Friday and on April 25 from 10 a.m.- noon at the corner of Broadway and Fourth streets. The program is sponsored by The West Ohio Food Bank in conjunction with Activate Allen County.

“They will take cash, credit and EDT,” Johnson said. “They will have a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and sell them at a nominal price.”

Johnson said there has been talk of having a farmer’s market in that same local, behind Huntington Bank or at part of the downtown square. He said whether it happens or not depends on the amount of interest.

As reported during the Feb. 3 council meeting, the two house demolitions, to be financed through the Moving Ohio Forward Grant Program (MOFD), were postponed due the processing not being complete. The total estimated cost of demolition for the properties was $12,700.

“The village is not going to be able to demolish the two properties one at 210 S. College and the other at 205 S. Elizabeth,” Johnson said. “Time constraints did not allow us to get any properties approved for demolition.”

Police Chief Darin Cook reported one cruiser had been in the shop for a radiator leak, which was under warranty. He also wants to remind drivers to be cautious as the weather warms up and kids are out on bikes.

“We are planning a bike rodeo sometime in June or July to teach kids bike safety,” Cook explained.

Cook also commented on Allen and Van Wert State Patrol officers pulling drivers over.

“With two state routes running through town, they have jurisdiction,” Cook said. “I’m not a big ticket-writer but they are.”

The next village council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on April 21.


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