August 29, 2014

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Elida council discusses water rate increases PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 08, 2014 8:07 PM


Herald Correspondent

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ELIDA — A future water rate increase dominated talk at the Elida Village Council meeting Tuesday.

An ordinance to establish a water rate increase, commencing May 12, and a second rate increase, commencing Nov. 13, was introduced.

Councilman Claude Paxton raised some concerns about the two increases.

“I would like to see a rate bracket of the amount of increase in the gallons of water. The raising of different rates for the residents inside the village, versus the out-of-village users, has been a concern for the residents outside of the village,” Paxton said. “I would like for us to do our due diligence in what is the cost benefit ratio, cost to the village and the benefit to us. I would also like to have time to consider the rate for the second increase that would be in November.”

Mayor Kim Hardy addressed Paxton’s concerns.

“The reason we put the second rate increase in effect is the fact we are not sure where we are going to be and we wanted to be pro-active to offset any increases from Lima that come along,” Hardy said. “We are, in essence, building a little cushion for January if there may be an increase.”

Village Clerk/Treasurer Janet Bonifas said charging residents outside the village a higher rate is typical practice.

“I checked with five communities that are our size, and we generally charge 30 percent more. Out of the five communities, four have doubled their rate,” she said.

Chris McNamara said he’d like to see the village stay on top of the water rate.

“We could be blind-sided and then it may be a possibility that we would be mandated to make increases,” McNamara said.

The ordinance to establish rates and charges for water services rendered by the village to users within and without the corporate limits of Elida calls for a $30-per-month service fee on all non-metered users inside the village and $45 per month on all non-metered users outside the village for the May billing cycle. In November, the service charge will increase to $32 per month on non-metered users inside the village and $48 for non-metered users outside of the village.

Mayor Ken Wright of Columbus Grove was in attendance at the meeting to hear about the water rates.

Mayor Hardy reminded councilman and departments heads about information for a village newsletter.

“Over a month ago we discussed getting a newsletter together and turned in by the end of March. Police Chief Metzger turned in his items for the newsletter but we will have to put on hold until the end of April, as we needed more content for the newsletter,” Hardy said.

The next council meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. April 22.


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