August 27, 2014

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ODOT spent over $3.3M on snow removal in tri-counties PDF Print E-mail
Friday, April 04, 2014 8:32 PM

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VAN WERT — The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) spent well over $3.3 million so far this winter keeping the Tri-County highways free of snow and ice.

Allen County has the most number of miles to maintain at 455, with Putnan at 422 and Van Wert at 370.

Statistics from ODOT’s District 1 show the state agency spent $1,185,229 in labor, equipment and materials in Allen County, $1,059,332 in Putnam and $1,055,580 in Van Wert.

Throughout the eight counties in thedistrict, more than $8.7 million went into labor, equipment and materials for snow and ice removal over the 3,277 miles of highway.

Operations this winter for ODOT in this part of the state were understandably higher than last winter. At this point in the season last year, 43,431 tons of salt had been used. That is compared to this winter’s 62,342 tons, nearly 23,400 of those tons in the tri-counties. The district’s total cost dwarfs the total of the worst winter in recent memory in terms of cost: 2010-11 when ODOT spent $5.58 million for snow and ice control costs. Over the past 10 years, the average cost per winter to fight snow and ice is $4.1 million.

Van Wert County has the sixth-highest number of miles maintained by ODOT in the district, the least of the tri-counties; however, the fourth-highest amount of salt in the district was used in the county and the highest amount of salt brine (115,185.5 gallons).

ODOT trucks drove the least amount of miles plowing and treating roads in Van Wert County at 160,605.5. Crews drove 165,156 miles in Allen and 177,275.9 in Putnam.

Just in case, ODOT still has nearly 5,800 tons of salt still available for District 1 roadways. ODOT Public Information Officer noted that the latest recorded snowfall in Cleveland occurred on May 10 in both 1902 and 1907, so the winter road season is not officially over.

The state agency has also spent nearly $14,000 to patch potholes in the county using 805 labor hours thus far this winter. Overall in the district, ODOT has used 196 tons of material for a total of $166,611. That figure is higher than the average for the past five years ($108,734) but the 5,396 labor hours is less than the average of 6,035 over the same period.


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