August 29, 2014

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Window to the Past — Improvements made along canal PDF Print E-mail
Friday, March 28, 2014 8:05 PM

W.J. Alexander and Lon Rice are nearing the end of a double task which they are performing for the state department of public works at and near Defiance.

They have been engaged for several weeks in making improvements at the Fort Defiance grounds at the point where the Auglaize river flows into the Maumee in Defiance.

They are refinishing the retaining wall, and otherwise improving the fort site.

They are also working at the Independence dam near Defiance, making repairs on the walls and other improvements at that place.

Mr. Alexander is expecting to complete the work at Fort Defiance some time next week. The work at Independence dam will likely be completed the following week.

He is expected to put in a concrete apron at the stone lock at the north edge of Delphos before work is halted this fall.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 3, 1928


Many More People

Waiting to Get

Dab at the N.O.

Attorneys H.A. Reeve, of Delphos and Leland Roby of Lima, are representing the property holders on the east side of Washington street in this city, in condemnation proceedings against the Northern Ohio railroad for appropriating the east side of Washington street for their track.

Two have been disposed of and damages given in sums of $650 and $400, and two others have been filed. As soon as they have been disposed of there are others to follow, sixteen in number and they will be filed in order presented.

From the standpoint of a man up a tree, it would seem that the railroad officials put on a very tight fitting shoe when the track was laid on that street without the permission of the property owners. Matters have rested quietly for a number of years, and now those whose property was made less desirable for rent or sale are intent on recovering damages. The merry war, so long deferred, is now on in earnest.

Delphos Herald,

Jan. 14, 1897


New Name For

Traction Line

Beginning Friday, the traction line through Delphos, known in the past as the Ft. Wayne, Van Wert and Lima Traction Line Co., will be operated under the name of the Ft. Wayne-Lima Railroad company.

Now rubber stamps to be used in the local office, bearing the new name, were received here Thursday.

Mar. 31, 1927

Delphos Herald


Lack of Water Shuts

Down Paper Mill

The Hinde & Dauch paper mill will probably resume operations within the next 24 hours after a short shut down due to the lack of water.

Breaks at St. Marys due to storm and high waters made it impossible to keep water flowing through a mill race at St. Marys and into the canal.

The paper mill is dependent upon the canal for its water supply and was forced to close down. Repairs are being made wherever needed while the mill is down and these are being rushed to completion so that the mill may be able to resume operations as soon as the water is again available.

The St. Marys Leader says:

“Water was turned on at the bulk-head, Lake St. Marys, at 8 o’clock this morning and this afternoon was flowing in the mill race through St. Marys. There had been no water in the race since a week ago last Saturday when the dam below the culvert broke.

Delphos Herald,

Mar. 31, 1927


Dog Proves To

Be Real Hero

Oakland, Cal. — A placid little spaniel trotting lazily along with his mistress turned into a tornado of an enraged dog when kidnappers threatened Helen Moss, 15.

The girl was walking along a highway near the edge of the city when an automobile stopped and a man asked her for directions. Pretending to be deaf, the motorist motioned the girl closer to the car and when she responded, seized her and started dragging her into the machine. The man, however, failed to reckon with the spaniel.

In an instant the dog was at the man’s throat and continued to battle until the grip on Helen was loosened and the girl was able to run away from the car.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 26, 1928



See PAST, page 10

Former St. John’s

Player To Play

Against St. John’s

Don Imber, former member of St. John’s High basketball team, is playing with the Lima Business College which opened its season with a game against Beaverdam High, at Beaverdam Friday night.

The girls team of the college played in a preliminary and lost to the Beaverdam girls 32 to 21.

The Business College boys won however with a score of 23 to 15. Imber played at left forward for the winning team.

The Business College team is scheduled to play in Delphos next Friday night against the St. John’s varsity. This game is substituted for the game which had been arranged with Ottoville, the latter team having cancelled.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 1928


Given Good Promotion

With Goodrich Company

Word has just been received by John Judkins from his son, Marian, stating that the latter has been given a substantial promotion with the B.F. Goodrich Rubber Company.

Mr. Judkins has been associated with the Goodrich Company as traveling auditor for the past twelve years. He has now been made operating manager of the new Goodrich factory at Los Angeles, Calif.

The new factory was opened in March of this year. In size and capacity, it is nearly equal to their Akron plant.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 1928


Injured in Accident

On Lincoln Way

Mrs. H.T. Beckman, Van Wert, was injured when an auto which she was driving, skidded and over turned on the Lincoln Highway while she was on her way to Delphos Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Beckman was driving a Packard 8 sedan and approached the Middle Point road. The car skidded and turned over twice.

Mrs. Beckman sustained a scalp wound. She was alone at the time. Her husband, manager of the Rapid Bottle Washer Company and the Delphos Mop Company in Delphos, was called and took her home in Van Wert.

Following an examination, it was believed she had not sustained any serious injuries other than the scalp would.

The extent of the damage to the car was not known.

Delphos Herald,

Nov. 21, 1928



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