September 2, 2014

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Sunday, March 16, 2014 8:11 PM


DHI Correspondent

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PAULDING — Local aerial photographer Andy Gordon was first captivated by the breath-taking views of the local area from aloft when his father allowed him to ride in a helicopter at the Paulding County Fair when he was a child.

From that moment on, he had various dreams incorporating flying above Paulding County and Van Wert County farmland and photographing the vast fields through the eyes of a drone or through flyovers from a Rotorway helicopter he purchased as a kit when he was 19 years old.

These days, Gordon’s work is depicted on YouTube on a production of local agriculture photographed from the air during harvest season and other local aerial scenes captured for Pond Seeds of Scott.

In addition to farm scenes, there are breathtaking scenes of Paulding, the Paulding courthouse, football field, water tower and other sights of Paulding from the air. Drones, more formally known as, “Unmanned Aerial System,” captured Gordon’s heart; his affiliation with the process of taking agriculture pictures as well as farm pictures from the air has continued to captivate his heart.

Although Gordon initially started operating from an aircraft, he immediately learned that operating with drones can save thousands of dollars.

These days, Gordon has come to learn that operating with a drone can be featured for dollars while manned aircraft costs hundreds of dollars.

Gordon said that government officials are studying the need for various regulations for safety in flying or using a drone for photography.

“There needs to be some regulations,” said Gordon. “It’s possible for someone with zero experience to buy a drone and fly it in a place where it would be a threat to manned aircraft. Until an individual goes through flight training and solos an aircraft, they don’t really have a clue of the threat they pose to a manned aircraft. Do they know what airspace they’re in right now? It will be interesting to see how the FAA implements UAVs into the national airspace system by 2015.

“My dad installs farm drainage tile and it’s rare to have a job where we don’t use the drone for a picture of the system.”

Gordon said that points are marked in fields for pictures that could determine what treatment is needed for certain aspects of fieldwork and preventive treatment.

“Flying the drones is fun but it can’t beat flying the real deal,” said Gordon, who hopes to someday do professional flying for medical services. Gordon noted that aerial views and flying is his life. He loves Paulding County from the air, an appearance that almost takes on that of the Great Plains.

“We live in as beautiful area,” said Gordon. “I love the views.”



0 #1 2014-03-17 11:41
We moved from the Delphos area about 2 yrs. ago & we moved to The Villages, Florida, Disneyland for people that are over 55 yrs. old. We have drones flying all over the place, not the ones that are as big as the one in the picture above but the ones that are about the size of a remote controlled helicopter. They watch to see what's going on around our downtown area. They really do watch to see that there's no cars being broken into or there's no trouble. I know what some of you are thinking, you must have a lot of problems, nope!

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