August 21, 2014

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Elida faced with 20-percent water rate increase PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 9:35 PM


Herald Correspondent

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ELIDA — Mayor Kim Hardy brought a discussion on a village water rate increase to the floor at the village council meeting Tuesday.

“Last year, Janet Bonifas, the village fiscal officer, reported the water rates may get higher. For whatever reason, the city of Lima Public Utilities has been notorious for not letting us know of water rates. As of January 1, 2014, there is a 20-percent increase and that is something we cannot absorb,” Hardy said. “I spoke with the utilities department and the reason for the increase is due to charcoal filtration, the cost to run it, filters and the cost of the new reservoir. The cost to run the filters is approximately $10,000 per month and a total of $800,000 for the year. We will be discussing this further in another meeting.”

In other business, Hardy said he would like to see a newsletter out for the month of May.

“If anyone has anything they want to submit for the newsletter, please give the information to myself or Allison, our secretary, by the end of March,” he added.

Village Administrator Scott Fessler explained there were two ordinances in effect concerning snow removal.

“One is for sidewalks and in that ordinance, residents need to make sure the sidewalks are free of snow and ice. No amount of time frame was stated,” Fessler said. “I talked to Mark Miller, the safety director for Elida Schools, to see if there were any complaints about the sidewalks and he was not aware of any complaints.”

“Since there is no apparent need about students walking to school and if we pursue it, this may place an undue hardship for the elderly to get their sidewalks cleaned,” Hardy said.

The second ordinance was the snow removal on the streets and it states that within four hours of two or more inches of snow, no driver shall park on the paved street. The police could have the car impounded if it has not been moved within that time frame. Whoever violates this ordinance will be guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

Fessler reported the village website has been fixed and is up and running.

“I received a note today from one of our residents who lives on Main Street and wants to know the status of when the trees are going to get replaced,” he added.

Hardy said the tree commission will meet and address that issue.

The Police Chief Dale Metzger reported the monthly activity for February was 353 calls for police service.

“I also met with the school administrators so that we can set up a system to further communicate with the school,” Metzger said. “If they have any issues and to take care of any problems that may arise.”

The next scheduled meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. March 11.


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