September 1, 2014

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Friday, February 21, 2014 9:21 PM


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DELPHOS — Anna Talei Fisher is an artist, a teacher and a member of the Delphos Area Art Guild, an organization she has been involved in for many years.

“At first, I entered their annual art show and then I taught children’s classes during summer camp,” she explained. “I have participated in various workshops offered there over the years.”

She is very excited to be teaching classes again at DAAG and seeing the Home School begin to grow as well as Art for Everyone.

Fisher said she has found a perfect niche which allows her to work in her studio and teach classes at art centers, nursing homes and facilities with groups of challenged individuals.

Fisher was born in Suva, the capital of Fiji, and her love of art began with the incredible colors of the flowering plants, sun and sea. Her family then moved to England and she grew up in East Anglia with artistic parents within a community of artists. She said everyday she watched artists working and played in their art studios and developed a love for creating art.

“I think being born in Fiji and living in East Anglia UK among many artists opened my eyes and soul to the creative path,” Fisher explained.

She began her college experience at Colchester College in England and later moved to the United States with her husband, where she attended The Ohio State University in Lima. She then went on to graduate from Bluffton University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts.

Over time, Fisher’s art has developed into an extension of herself.

“I feel art is always a central part of who I have become,” she detailed. “I am creating new works that reveal pieces of my life; images that I remember, pieces from my history that tell a story to the viewer.”

Fisher remembers a time during her childhood being in the studio of Richard Constable — the great grandson of the famous British artist John Constable — and watching him paint. She said at that point, she knew what she wanted to do.

“I also remember the wonderful smell of oil paint in my father’s studio and being able to watch and be a part of a portrait,” Fisher reminisced. “My art is inspired by my father who was a writer and painter and by my mother who inspired my love of nature.”

As a child, she watched in reverence as an older artist, who was losing his sight, created incredibly detailed etchings all his life — his labor with love — to complete his work. She said he could have become angry at life but he continued following his passion.

“Passion is an essential ingredient for my art, as well as love and commitment,” Fisher explained.

She said her favorite places to visit are woods, beside the sea and out west in the wide-open spaces. She most enjoys creating images from clay in sculpture or with mixed media, water color, prisma pencil and oil pastel.

“I am often my happiest alone with my brushes painting or working with clay on a new sculpture,” she said.

She has had some memorable responses to the colors she uses in her art and to the images and the story intertwined with the creation.

Fisher has been greatly influenced by art from the Impressionist Movement and her favorite artist is Georgia O’Keeffe.

“I love her enlarged images of flowers and her western scenes,” Fisher said. “I admire the artist herself as much as her work.”

With regard to her art, the best advice she has received was from a professor at OSU who encouraged her to be totally committed to her art and never stop creating.



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Anna Fisher is an amazing artist, but is an even more amazing person. Lovely is the word to describe her personality. She is always teaching, helping, promoting or creating art. She has been a part of several local art organizations and strives every day to make someone's life better with the enrichment of art.

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