September 1, 2014

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Lee says first semester 'amazing' PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 9:00 PM


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DELPHOS — With the first semester under his belt, Principal Adam Lee said it has been fantastic working with the staff, students, parents and community members and is looking forward to developing St. John’s into an excellent school allowing students to succeed in every way.

Lee said the first challenge he faced was introducing himself to the staff.

“I wanted to get a feel for their vision for St. John’s,” Lee said.

Lee’s next goal was to introduce himself to the students.

“We took some time over the first couple of weeks to go over the handbook, which was re-written and streamlined,” Lee said. “We explained expectations, Code of Conduct and attendance policies.”

Lee also implemented department meetings where different departments — religion, math, science — meet once a month to bounce ideas off of each other, which ultimately benefits students in the classroom.

The school has just kicked off its Zulama class, which is a semester-long online program engaging middle- and high-school students in areas of video game design, programming, 3-D art and digital storytelling. Lee said there are currently eight students enrolled.

“I hope it turns into a class that expands the student’s learning base as they move on through grade levels, higher education and employment,” Lee said enthusiastically.

Lee said another challenge was time management and balancing the role as assistant football coach and principal with home life. He said the support from Coach Todd Schulte, Principal Nathan Stant and Father Dave Reinhart helped him tremendously and he wanted to extend a special thank you to them.

“The entire staff at St. John’s is amazing and each member is dedicated to making sure students succeed, “ he said excitedly. “My top priority is providing the staff with what they need to be successful.”

Lee says the students are respectful, outgoing and polite and when asked to do something, there are no questions asked whether the task is for another student or teacher.

“People ask ‘How’s it going?’ and I get a big smile on my face,” Lee chimed. “It’s an absolute pleasure working with the teachers and students.”

Lee said the administration has been working on school projects, for example, the ‘Blizzard Bag’, which is a project Lee spearheaded and managed.

“I worked closely with Father Dave and Principal Stant to institute the new curriculum,” Lee said.

Looking ahead to the next school year, Lee said the school would like to integrate more AP courses to push students. He said the staff is stepping up to embrace adding AP courses — which are as rigorous as college courses — to their teaching schedules.

“It is a daunting task and it will give kids the opportunity to take challenging courses at their next level,” Lee said.

We will also integrate technology more into the classroom with students and staff through in-service training, the Technology Committee and curriculum development. He said it will put students at an advantage with what they are doing now and in the future.

“We want to improve academic content and standards while integrating technology all in connection with the Catholic identity, goals and beliefs,” Lee stated.

Lee graduated from Bowling Green State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in education. He was a substitute teacher for several years before securing the position at Vantage as the attendance/discipline officer. While at Vantage, he earned his master’s in school administration from the University of Dayton.

Lee and his wife Jessica, were married in June and reside in Delphos.


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