September 1, 2014

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Saturday, January 25, 2014 9:00 PM

I met her for the first time on Friday. Her eyes were warm chocolate brown. Her ears were her best feature, long and soft as velvet. Her warm body makes you melt when you give her a snuggle. Her feet looked impossibly big for her small body.

Lady Bird. A beautiful specimen. A full-blooded Basset Hound.

She was the lady of the day. Everyone was talking to her, about her or taking objects away from her curious, sharp-toothed mouth. She ruled and she knew it.


My friend Stacy has plunged headlong into the wonderful world of dog ownership. Oh, the joys and fun of owning a dog. Oh, the trials of owning a puppy who hasn’t yet mastered the proper manners for company.

There were puddles and runaway slippers and a nip or two. Nothing out of the ordinary. At just 12 weeks, Lady Bird has only perfected looking adorable and keeping everyone on their toes. She wasn’t shy about letting her voice be heard, either. It’s funny how, like their human counterparts, puppies command the attention in the room.

Now Stacy can immerse herself in the puppy months. How soon they are forgotten once everyone settles into a routine.

Friday’s rendezvous with the lovely LB took me back to Ringo’s puppy years. The first several months were a little rough but once we got past the daily cage cleaning, everything settled into place.

I think I forgot more than I even knew about having a puppy. Our home was certainly not puppy-proof to say the least. Both my Christmas trees were still up and Ringo delighted in trying to snag a string of beads off the one in the entryway. He succeeded about two days in and scared himself silly when the little tree nearly followed him into the living room. Hah! Take that, little dude!

My questions is, how in the world can something so small go to the bathroom so much? It had only been days since there was a fuzzy face on my leg to signal a trip outdoors was in my best interest. Coming from a pet store, our little guy had been trained to go in his cage; therefore, he felt right at home going on my floor — a lot! Argh!

So I passed along the puppy potty routine secret to Stacy. Every hour, on the hour, take them out. Even if they don’t go, they learn that’s where it’s supposed to happen because if you’re taking them out that often, it’s surely going to occur outside, right?

That phase passes and they become a part of our everyday life and there’s a routine and we soon wonder what we ever did without them.

Stacy and Lady Bird have another added challenge with the cold temperatures. I don’t blame LB for not wanting to go outside. I wouldn’t want to either but it is a necessity. And her poor ears drag the ground and I’m sure they get super cold.

Ringo is sporting his boots and jacket with the crazy weather. They allow him to stay out long enough for business to get done. Some people probably think it’s silly but it makes perfect sense to me. He is a leash-trained dog who needs to be walked. He can’t just be let out the back and then let back in later.

So my friend will find her way into the dog world and Lady Bird will find her place in her humans’ world. They will bond while her husband is away serving overseas and I’m sure she will soon come to love and rely on her newest furry friend for comfort and companionship until he comes home. I’m sure it’s a relief for her husband as well to know she is not alone.

Lady Bird, you have big shoes to fill. Good thing you have those ginormous paws.

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