September 1, 2014

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Friday, January 24, 2014 9:41 PM



Ahhhh, the Polar Vortex, the Arctic Blast, the Deep Freeze, the Penguins Playground (I made that one up!). Whatever one wants to call it, I’ve had enough of winter, haven’t you? Believe it or not, the Farmer’s Almanac, I was told, indicates we’re not done yet! We’re to have the most significant winter snowfall coming at us in March. Really? Holy smokes, I’m ready for Spring!

Speaking of that, the Thrift Shop will be gearing up for Spring and has set some sale dates you’ll want to keep in mind. Currently, there’s a big sale on accessories — hats, gloves, ties — come see the selection of sale items. They’re two items for a quarter! Then, the Buy-One-Get-One sale will take place Feb. 13-15, followed by the annual 25-Cent Sale Feb. 20-22. The change-over to everything Spring will take place beginning on Feb. 24 and will be ready for your shopping pleasure on the 27, where you’ll be greeted by bright, springy colors and shorts, tank tops and sandals! Just the thought alone puts a smile on our faces, doesn’t it?

There’s quite a nice selection of Valentine’s Day decorations and knick-knacks. Drop in and gather some up for your party or to set the mood for a simple quiet night in. The St. Patrick’s Day decor is also being displayed and ready for sale.

Right after the Valentine’s Day weekend, all of the Easter items will be put out, so plan to get that cute little, cuddly, soft, plush bunny rabbit, lamb or chick, or maybe an Easter mug to fill with jelly beans to give as a gift. Don’t forget to pick up some story books to fill the Easter baskets, too!

Work continues to be done, as weather permits, on getting the new door in that will serve as a go-between from the current shop into what was once the Lehmann Annex, now the Thrift Shop’s Annex.

The beams and braces for the door are ready and most of the roof is done over the area where the door will be. The site hole is etched in but has not been opened up yet — too cold for that at the present time!

Originally, the directors of the Thrift Shop were planning on having a Prom and Bridal Style Show with all the models, frills and fanfare but due to the construction, dust and inconvenience that goes with all that, it was decided to do a Prom and Bridal Showcase instead of a full-out style show.

The initial date featuring the showcase will be Jan. 30 during regular business hours. All dresses and accessories will be for sale that day, as well as during our regular business hours from 5-7 p.m. Thursdays, 1-4 p.m. Fridays and from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. The Thrift Shop would appreciate any prom-style dresses, wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, mother’s dresses, sparkly jewelry and fancy shoes and purses you might be gracious enough to donate. Flyers are being printed and hung within the shop to advertise the showcase. Be sure to check it all out.

From time to time, items get dropped off at the Thrift Shop that we simply cannot take and in turn it costs us money to dispose of it. The following is a list of items that we just absolutely cannot take: televisions, microwave ovens, gas grills, computers, large appliances, large furniture pieces (we will take small end tables, all kinds of shelves and clean/unsnagged area rugs, small appliances and sweepers all in good working condition). At no time should anything be left out on the sidewalk.

Shoppers and volunteers are reminded that there is to be no parking in front of the drop-off window, so as to keep that area open to those driving up to make donations through the window. Sometimes that area has been blocked making it difficult for someone to access the drop-off window, and we apologize if you’ve been inconvenienced.

Also as a reminder, in case of bad weather, the local radio and television stations will carry the announcement if the shop is to be closed; and as always, use your own best judgement as to whether or not to venture out if the weather is dangerous.

The directors, department heads and shop co-ordinators have been working together on what will become a permanent display along the interior south wall of the shop. In the past, countless hours have been spent putting up, taking down, arranging and re-arranging items for display on that wall and the shelving there according to what season it was. It was felt that by having a permanent display there, we could devote the extra time we’re saving to other areas of the Shop that might need extra attention. Items in the permanent display will not be for sale.

As always, we strive to use the items you so generously donate to the best of our ability so that we can continue our mission of helping those in need. If your mission or New Year’s resolution is to help by volunteering, please call the Thrift Shop at 419-692-2942. We will be blessed to have you join us!

Stay warm; stay safe, think Spring, and until the next time, that’s this month’s report.


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