August 22, 2014

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Jennings council elects Wieging president pro tem PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 9:04 PM


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FORT JENNINGS — Village council members unanimously elected Randy Wieging as president pro tem and councilman Duane Hoersten to fill the vacated council seat during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Members also by-passed the three-reading rule and passed by emergency an ordinance to hire a solicitor and a resolution to set time and place of regular council meetings. Both were passed unanimously.

Bill Wildenhaus was retained as the village solicitor and regular monthly village council meetings were set to take place at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month in the library.

Council member Greg Brown gave the Police Committee Report and said the project with the three Christmas families went well and the police cruisers are all running fine. Chief Ethyl Vaughn said everything is going great and had no particular incidents to report.

Mayor Jim Smith thanked Chief Vaughn and Brown for all they did for the Christmas families.

Smith said he received notification the grant the village had applied for through the OPWC (Ohio Public Works Commission) did not get funded.

“The grant was to re-do Railroad Street from Second Street to High Street,” Smith said. “We can have Poggemeyer re-evaluate the project this summer.”

Smith also said the work on the sewer line running from State Route 634 to Auglaize River is on hold.

“There is nothing we can do until spring,” Smith said.

During the October meeting, Smith discussed a washout area between State Route 634 and the river and an additional three areas close to State Route 190 which could cause potential problems in the future.

Smith thought using a tractor-driven camera from Columbus Grove would enable them to see inside the line. He said the cost to use the camera is $100 per hour, which would include filming the interior of the sewer line. Smith also said because of the safety issues, he would like to keep the farmers from farming those areas which run perpendicular to the highways. Early conjecture is the pipe may have overflowed and caused blown seams during the flood in 2008.

Smith addressed snow removal and commended Maintenance Supervisor Ted Wrasman on doing a great job this year.

“The tractor seems to be working great,” Smith said. “I’ve had no complaints about snow removal.”

Smith also reported the Water Treatment Plant pump came back on Tuesday and has been re-installed.

“It was an impeller, which was covered under warranty,” Smith said. “It’s running at the same rate as it was after it was first installed and working fine.”

Since the installation of the pump in mid-October, which served as the village’s primary pump, there have been ongoing issues with its operation. In December, the pump was taken out and sent back for repairs and in November, the pump was down and the village was running on its secondary pump.

Smith also said the village needs a third pump, which would serve as a spare, and he’d like to wait until spring to see how the new pump performs.

“We’ll get a Barnes as a spare,” he said. “We’ll run the Gorman Rupp pump until we can no longer run it.”

Both Smith and Wrasman agreed the Gorman Rupp Infinity model the village is using as their secondary pump is difficult to get replacement parts for and almost obsolete at close to 4 years old.

Discussion turned to taking down the holiday banners and replacing them with the usual banners. In addition, members entertained the idea of using solar lighting with the holiday banners next year.

The next council meeting will be held in the library at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 18.


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