August 29, 2014

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On the Other Hand — Definite breach of chocolate protocol PDF Print
Saturday, January 18, 2014 9:15 PM

I called my friend Anne Friday to tell her a funny story and she didn’t answer, so you guys get to hear it.

I keep my candy stash in the kitchen in full view of all. With the clear lack of security, one could say I get what I deserve if some comes up missing. To my thinking, it’s still my stash and I know it and everyone else knows, so what’s the problem? I know what’s there, so keep your hands off.


Our weekend trips to the grocery store usually yield several sweets to share and then a few that go into our personal stashes — his in the bedroom, mine in the kitchen. The areas are clearly defined.


Toward the end of the week, his supply dwindles and I go through spurts. Sometimes I eat mine right away and sometimes it hangs around for a while.

I have had mercy upon my husband and thrown him a candy bar or two in the latter part of the week because I know he’s either out or getting low.

On Thursday, I noticed my Hershey candy bar was missing. Of course, this takes me to my favorite fictional heroine, Eve Dallas, who also contends with a candy thief at least once each time we have the pleasure of meeting through the pages of the J.D. Robb novels.

Hmmm. I know it was there on Wednesday. It had been there for a little while but I hadn’t been in the mood. I like most chocolate but sometimes nothing hits the spot like pure, unadulterated Hershey’s chocolate. Mmmm.

Since there are only two of us in the house tall enough to reach where the candy bar was, I’m pretty sure I know where it went.

I didn’t mention it until Friday evening when I claimed my husband was a Hershey bar thief.

He tried to give that blank stare but I could see the laughter lurking behind his eyes from the get-go.

Aha! Guilty!

“Let me tell you something about your chocolate bar,” he began. “It looked like it had melted and then formed back together and the edges were a funny color.”

“Did you eat it?” I asked.

“Well, yeah,” he said.

While I tried to hold back my giggles, I asked the next question.

“Why? Did you want to put it out of its misery?”

“Yeah. It was in bad shape,” he said.

Well, OK. It’s hard to argue with that kind of logic when you’re talking about chocolate. I’m still not going to forget he definitely breached chocolate protocol and carefully-planned retaliation is in order.

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