August 30, 2014

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2013 Man of the Year — Nomina answers the needs of the community PDF Print E-mail
Monday, December 30, 2013 9:00 PM


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DELPHOS — For more than two decades, John Nomina has risen to the challenge of making a multitude of community-based projects come to fruition and infused his professional expertise while serving as a trustee or committee member on service-oriented appointments.

Nomina said his inspiration for volunteering lies within the Delphos community — from those who donate time for Little League to the people who work tirelessly for weeks on the Canal Days celebration — everybody volunteers.

“All you have to do is look around Delphos,” Nomina stated. “Rural America gets involved.”

Nomina said that helping in times of need was an ingrained moral fiber he learned early in life.

“Of course, ‘That a boy’ helps a lot,” he said.

One of Nomina’s biggest challenges has been having enough time to balance and organize all the projects and commitments on his agenda. He said he feels bad if they are working on a project with all the volunteers involved and plans are not totally set.

Nomina has been a trustee with The Stadium Club since the early 1990s when John Dickman worked diligently to revitalize the club and throughout the football field revitalization project, which spanned four years, Nomina was right there in the trenches alongside all the volunteers — from inception to completion.

Nomina said the club began raising funds for the $1.5 million project in 2008 and explained that putting together the plan was a huge project.

“We had a large group two nights a week and Saturdays from early spring through the fall,” Nomina detailed. “It was awesome. I had to have it all coordinated to make it happen.”

Nomina said the initial plan was to put up new things but the recession hit and the decision was made to re-utilize many of the existing components. In the first year, the club worked on the field’s underground irrigation system and goal posts. Year two saw the revitalization of the “home side” of the stadium, including re-opening the tunnel and removing the existing bleachers, sealing and painting the concrete structure and then replacing the bleachers. During 2012, the “away side” of the field was garnished with new bleachers and work was completed on the fencing and gates.

Of all his successes, Nomina said his greatest accomplishment is making it all work.

“Finding the time to make it all come together — balancing and maintaining family, work, and volunteering — is great!” Nomina said.

Nomina’s most recent appointment came with the Arnold C. Dienstberger Foundation where he has served for three or four years as a trustee managing funds and determining monetary distributions in the Delphos School District.

“I’m more involved in the investment end of things,” Nomina explained. “It’s not a tremendous amount of work and I get to help local projects in many ways.”

As a trustee for The Stadium Club, Nomina is responsible for getting projects like the Stadium Park football field up and running.

“After John (Dickman) passed, Clare (Hanf) and I got involved,” he detailed. “It’s been 15 years.”

During his 10 years as a member of an investment sub-committee for the St. John’s Parish Foundation, Nomina served as president for a few years. He also served two 9-year terms as a member of St. John’s Finance Committee and was a member of the City School District Advisory Board. In addition, during the construction of the new Interfaith Thrift Store building, Nomina helped the store’s management personnel with some financial advisement.

In 2004, Nomina was recognized for all his achievements with The Stadium Club by being inducted into the St. John’s Hall of Fame with a Service to Community award.

Nomina’s professional expertise has proven very beneficial to both The Stadium Club and Arnold C. Dienstberger Foundation.

“Each are dependent on accounting and committees want to be a well-rounded group of trustees,” Nomina summed it up. “Financial people help a great deal.”

Nomina said the last 12-15 years have been very busy and he has received a lot of support from his office staff and his family.

“My wife, Arlene, helps me a lot,” Nomina detailed. “She’s hands-on and isn’t shy about making sure things look like they should look.”

Nomina explained that Arlene is the firm’s office manager and keeps the day-to-day business functions running while he is not in the office, which allows him the latitude to do a lot of different things.

“I want to continue to volunteer,” Nomina said. “It’s a combination of Arlene and myself that makes it possible.”


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