August 21, 2014

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Friday, December 27, 2013 9:12 PM

Now you know why I — or anyone else on this miserable panel!!! — does this stuff for a living!

Well, maybe regular Bob Weber, who had the best mark this week at 8-4 (3-2 college, 5-2 pros) to zoom his mark to 120-71-1 — 60-30 and 60-41-1.

Regular Dave Boninsegna and Guest Picker Jake Bowers/Rick Miller both went 6-6 (both 2-3 and 4-3). Dave now stands at 110-80-1 (56-33, 54-47-1).

I and second GP Erin Cox both went 4-8: I was 1-4 and 3-4 to sink my despicable, miserable, even mediocre mark to 107-84-1 (52-38, 55-46-1); Erin went 2-3 and 2-5.

The GPs are now 188-168-2 (88-79, 100-89-2).

Due to a mix-up, Mr. Boninsegna will be absent this week — I think I will deduct him with an 0-12, eh?

College: Pinstripe Bowl - Notre Dame vs. Rutgers; Belk Bowl - Cincinnati vs. North Carolina; Russell Athletic Bowl - Miami vs. Louisville; Buffalo Wild Wings - Kansas State vs. Michigan.

NFL: Cleveland at Pittsburgh; Baltimore at Cincinnati; Kansas City at San Diego; Green Bay at Chicago; San Francisco at Arizona; N.Y. Jets at Miami; Detroit at Minnesota; Philadelphia at Dallas.



NOTRE DAME: Fighting Irish are just more talented and better, especially on defense. Defenses tend to do better the later you get into the bowl season; something about being harder to maintain sharpness and timing offensively, though it isn’t always true. Irish defense will be tough to deal with.

CINCINNATI: The Bearcats have played pretty good ball all year under coach Tommy Tuberville; they may not be as prolific as they were under Brian Kelly but they are getting there. ACC just isn’t that good of a conference, so Bearcats get big win.

LOUISVILLE: Many are thinking Teddy Bridgewater may be most pro-ready QB in this year’s Draft. This is where he shows it against a Hurricanes’ defense that lost its edge as the season wore on. U of L defense also doesn’t have to deal with the earlier Miami offense with stud back Duke Johnson.

KANSAS STATE: Michigan offense started to show signs of life with Devin Gardner under center. Without him, no chance. Simply put, second-teamers that barely see the field will take too long to adjust to the speed of the defense and the Wolverines really don’t have the running game to allow Shane Morris to settle in.


PITTSBURGH: Steelers — improbably — have something to play for; Browns don’t. I’m sure they’d like to put a fork in the “turkey”, I don’t think Big Ben and Dick LeBeau will let them. This once-great rivalry is still fierce but Browns can’t run the ball and Josh Gordon can’t do it all himself.

CINCINNATI: Baltimore got embarrassed — how about regurgitated their lunch? — last week at home by the Patriots: the beat-up, injury-ravaged Patriots. Bengals have yet to lose at “The Jungle” - I like the Bengals.

SAN DIEGO: Chiefs really have nothing to play for; they are locked into the fifth seed in the AFC. Chargers hold all the cards. Now, if only they would give the fans a rebate for what could be a blowout after Andy Reid decides to rest his starters as the game goes on.

CHICAGO: Aaron Rodgers will be back; that’s good for Packers, though to expect that “The Man” will pick up right where he left off is a little, well, fairy-talish. However, I don’t expect them to be called for as many holding penalties as last week! They won’t have Clay Matthews from a horrid defense; that’s worse. Bears are too good on offense.

ARIZONA: Cardinals need to win to have a chance at the playoffs. Victory at Seattle gives them all the momentum in the world because these guys are for real, especially on defense. Carson Palmer may not be ready for a rocking chair yet, either, and if the 49ers’ defense has a weakness, it is in the secondary.

MIAMI: Dolphins had one of those games in Buffalo last week. My trick knee says they won’t have one this week. The Jets’ Gino Smith will guarantee it with one of “those” games in this, his inconsistent rookie season. The Jets can defend with anyone; they just can’t always score.

DETROIT: If Lions lose this game, Jim Schwartz should be fired. There is too much talent on this team for them to inexplicably lose last week — at home — to the G-Men in OT. My arthritic right elbow tells me it’s time to man up, Su, Farley, et al.

PHILADELPHIA: Two words: Kyle Orton. Need I write more? And his backup — Jon Kitna — hasn’t been anywhere but running a scout team offense in high school? Will Roger Staubach, Craig Morton, Danny White or Dandy Don ... oops ... be brought in in an emergency?



NOTE TO EDITOR - It looks like Santa rewarded only good boys and girls a successful last week of picks - LOL! (Editor’s Note: You ain’t a-kiddin’!)


NOTRE DAME - The Scarlet Knights have given up 3,600 yards through the air this year. I look for Brian Kelly and the Irish QB Tommy Rees to have a big day at Yankee Stadium.

CINCINNATI - The Bearcats have a nice team led by Head Coach Tommy Tuberville. The Bearcats played in the Belk Bowl last year defeating Duke. The Bearcats finished the regular season outscoring their opponents by 166 points.

LOUISVILLE - Teddy Bridgewater is going back home to play in the back yard of where he was a high school star in Florida. Next year he will be playing on Sunday afternoons. Poor defense derailed the Hurricanes’ season and they lost their top rusher Duke Johnson with a broken ankle.

KANSAS STATE - OK - this is one of my favorite bowl games. I love Buffalo Wild Wings!!!! Now for the game - Michigan lost 5 games this year; should have lost to Akron and Connecticut. Wolverines can’t run the ball and may not have QB Devin Gardner with a turf toe problem. Late Christmas present - another Wolverine loss!


PITTSBURGH - Well - I made it through Christmas and Mrs. Claus actually had some presents with my name on them under the tree. My hat is off to the Mrs. - after an 0 for September out of the Steelers, she hung with her beloved Steelers and may end up 8-8 and have an outside shot at the playoffs. NOTE TO BROWNS FANS - Roethlisberger is 16-1 versus the Browns and during that same time the Browns have started six different quarterbacks - NO MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID.

CINCINNATI - Bengals are undefeated at home this year. The Ravens have lost the last four games they’ve played against the Bengals in Cincinnati.

SAN DIEGO - I’ve done quite well picking the Chargers this year. I think Andy Reid will take the opportunity to rest a lot of his key players for the playoffs.

GREEN BAY - Ok, I’m buying all the hype - Superman (Aaron Rodgers) is back and he will help the Packers get to the playoffs. Big factor in this game is Eddie Lacy’s health. Going with the green and gold.

SAN FRANCISCO - Not sure about this pick; however, I believe the 49ers are really solid on both sides of the ball.

MIAMI - Everything is on the line for the Dolphins and who would have believed that earlier in the year with the whole Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito bullying scandal.

MINNESOTA - Last game at the Metrodome. The Lions have lost five of their last six games. I see the Lions mailing this one in and the Vikings wanting to send their fans out with one last win at the Metrodome.

PHILADELPHIA - It won’t surprise me if the Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones plays Romo (EN: Only if he is a moron!); however, either way I like the Eagles to send the Cowboys packing once again with everything at stake in the season.



I did my college picks in poem because I thought it’d be cool. Then I realized it was hard and stopped.


Notre Dame: Notre Dame is pretty lame, but I picked them to win, which could be a considered a sin. (EN: Ouch!)

Cincinnati: Kentucky is blue, UNC is not. I’ll go with the other team, Cincinnati will beam.

Miami: Again I must say, Kentucky is my way. Louisville will lose today, in two different ways.

Kansas State: Without their starting quarterback, the Wolverines will not fare well. The Wildcats won’t take a sack, they will bid an early farewell.


Pittsburgh: The Steelers have so much more riding on this than Cleveland and I think they’ll fight it out.

Cincinnati: The Ravens let me down last week; I will return the favor.

San Diego: The Chiefs are planning to sit some starters so I think the Chargers will be able to take the win.

Green Bay: I don’t like this one bit but I want to try to pick at least one game right.

Arizona: I’m jealous that my boyfriend’s team is going to the playoffs again, not going to lie. I would rather just have the pain over with now. (See last pick)

Miami: The Jets just are not a reliable team. Miami has had so much going on this season, they will fight for this win.

Detroit: If both teams don’t forfeit to end their misery earlier, Detroit will manage to win.

Dallas: Oh, Dallas, you always love to go out in style. I still have hope! But I am no newbie to the Dallas game and I know exactly what to expect. Thankfully I will be at work and won’t have to watch.


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