August 30, 2014

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Saturday, December 28, 2013 9:00 PM


Delphos Residents,

We want to thank all the wonderful participants who made the 2nd Annual Betty Honigford Christmas Decorating Contest such a fun and happy event. We were truly impressed by the genuine spirit of the homeowners who entered the contest, the voters who emailed us their votes for People’s Choice, the residents who called us personally to vote and all the others who wrote to thank us for holding a contest which made their holiday a little brighter. Many people told us how looking at the decorated houses was a shared and anticipated family activity. We were touched by the abundance of gratitude and joy extended to us.

How do you thank someone who carried you from childhood into adulthood? How do you honor someone who always stood beside you, believed in you, and protected you? How do you respect the memory of someone who taught you right from wrong, and the importance of doing for others? How do you go forward into the future when such a huge piece of who you are is missing? We know of the personal losses of several friends this year and are reminded just how challenging the holidays can be. Mom wasn’t one to waste time or miss the joy of a single moment. She believed your life amounts to the moments you weave together over the years. Thanks to everyone involved in this contest, for allowing us to honor our Mom, and for creating some special moments for our area residents. Making someone smile, even for a moment, is a good thing.

We’d like to thank Nancy Spencer for her coverage of the event in the paper and her photos taken in the snowy cold on her time off; Bob Ulm for providing coverage and information on the radio; Sherryl George at the city building for managing forms and votes without complaint; Councilman Jim Fortener for his support and willingness to help us with whatever we needed; elf Andrea Will for her enthusiastic assistance and great sense of humor; Santa Tim for congratulating the winners in his boisterous, warm way; Alexia Arnett from Time Warner for her excellent and timely PSA’s; and our judges, participants and voters. Without all of your support, this would not be possible.

And, finally a nod to Meghan and Molly Ryba, who were with us in spirit this year.

Blessings to all until next year.

We are the lucky ones,

The family of Betty Honigford


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