August 28, 2014

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Holiday forecast brings flooding not snow PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, December 22, 2013 9:04 PM

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COLUMBUS — As it continues to rain across much of the state and currently with road closures and restrictions due to flooding, motorists are reminded when faced with flooded roadways: Turn Around Don’t Drown.

State officials urge motorists to be aware when approaching roadways with high water signage, stop and do not cross. NEVER drive through flooded roadways. And NEVER drive around the barriers that warn you the road is flooded or has high water.

“Current ground saturation from the previous snowfall has made conditions suitable for flooding in many parts of the state,” said Nancy Dragani, Ohio Emergency Management Agency. “We are particularly concerned about motorists traveling at night. This time of year, it gets darker sooner, making it difficult for travelers to determine roadway conditions, particularly flooded roadways.”

Flash floods are one of the most dangerous kinds of flooding because they combine the destructive power of high water with incredible speed and unpredictability. Rapidly rising water creating a flash flood may occur with little warning.

Know Before You Go: Up-to-the-minute road conditions are always available by logging onto During weather events, road conditions are updated as often as necessary with information such as lane restrictions and closures due to construction, crashes or flooding.


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