August 30, 2014

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Friday, December 20, 2013 9:00 PM

By now most of you have mailed and received numerous holiday cards. “Tis the season.” If you are fortunate, some of your friends mailed pictures of their family or enclosed a newsletter to let you know what has been happening since last Christmas. Many years ago, I started writing the family newsletter and now my adult children are keeping that tradition alive. If you are like most people, the number of cards you send has been dwindling and it’s not because you have less people to write to, cards can be expensive and postage costs.


But remember the days when you were young? Grandparents, who may have lived several states away, would be sure you had a card from them, maybe attached to a present, or maybe even a few brand new dollar bills were tucked neatly inside the card. The family would tape the cards to the big mirror in the living room, or they would cram as many as they could on the mantel or they might even line the doorways with them taped to the door jam. I can still remember the excitement of watching for the mailman to come down the street. He was second only to the “big guy” who could tell if you were naughty or nice.


Were you fortunate enough to go to college away from home? Were you ever in the military; stationed in a strange land? True today we have Skype or face time, but there is something to be said about the “power of the written word.” They can carry you across oceans or continents, can make you laugh, or maybe make you cry. Words can bring hope in that moment when you were about to despair. They can make it seem like you are sitting on your front porch watching the willow tree float in the wind with that smell of fresh cut grass lingering in the air when in actuality you are thousands of miles away.

Remember that AT&T commercial – “reach out and touch someone” – but the descriptions so eloquently stated in a personal letter can never be duplicated. I remember love letters, scented with perfume and four little letters written on the flap of the envelope S.W.A.K. (sealed with a kiss). The shreds of the envelope would fly everywhere as I would tear open those letters – reading and re-reading every single word until the paper would start to rip.

Let me tell you where this is all heading. I have begun planning our newest exhibit. It blends in perfectly with the theme of 2014’s Gala Dinner Event. That theme is the “Celebration of Love.” But I need your help. I am hoping you will go dig through that old suitcase in the attic or garage. I want you to ask your grandparents or your great-aunt for letters. They will know which ones you mean… they are the letters that spring to life when you read them, even though you have no clue who they may be talking about.

Please bring them to me or ask me to come pick them up.

Then plan on attending the Third Annual Gala Dinner at the Museum of Postal History on Feb. 9 as we unveil our newest exhibit called simply “Letters.”

In the meantime, from the Levitt family to yours, “May you have a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. May your heart and your home always be too small to hold all your friends.”

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