April 17, 2014

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Village's new sewer pump back in shop PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 9:21 PM


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FORT JENNINGS — Fort Jennings continues to have problems with a new sewer pump. Mayor Jim Smith reported Tuesday evening the village’s new sewer pump was taken out and sent back for repairs for a second time. Since the installation of the pump in mid-October, which served as the village’s primary pump, there have been ongoing issues with its operation and the village is once again running on its “No. 2 pump.”

As reported by Smith at the November meeting, the new sewer pump was down and the village was running on its secondary pump. He said conversations with Industrial Fluid Management (IFM) led them to think the problem was a relay or something in the mechanism. Another thought is it could be a junction box.

During the October meeting, Smith said the village received its new water pump, which was up and running as the primary pump. Smith also added, “We now have two pumps in service but no spare and at some point, we’ll pick up a reconditioned pump to use as a spare.”

Currently, there is no known cause for the malfunction. Smith explained that the pump may have an electrical issue. Maintenance Supervisor Ted Wrasman said the one pump in use is keeping good time.

“One pump is more than capable,” Smith stated. “I’m concerned we may have to have a third pump.”

In the Police Report, Chief Ethyl Vaughn said donations for the three Christmas families were wonderful. Along with private donations, Campbell’s Soup and Chief Supermarket stepped up to ensure the families had a brighter Christmas holiday.

“It will be a really good Christmas for those kids this year,” Vaughn stated.

Park Board Vice President Kari Amstutz said the Gun Raffle tickets are available and the 2014 Park Giveaway tickets are continuing to sell.

“We’ve sold 200 Park Giveaway tickets so far,” she said.

Also, Park Board members met with Ted Verhoff who has volunteered his time to help with the Recreation Club improvements which includes a new door, wall and sink in the men’s restroom. Recently, the furnace was replaced and Verhoff would like to build an enclosure around it. The estimated cost for the project is $3,000 and work is slated to begin in February.

“The boosters are funding this project,” Smith said. “If there’s anything you need from us, let us know.”

Smith asked Wrasman how the new tractor, which was purchased in late fall, was handling winter plowing and snow removal.

“It’s working well,” Wrasman said. “I put chains on the tires and a new blade on the plow. It’s ready to go.”

Wrasman said he had to charge the battery a few times and finally it gave out and a replacement battery was installed.

Council members by-passed the three-reading rule and passed Ordinance 2013-002 — which adjusts the method of pay for village officials — on its first reading.

“It changes the nature of pay from annual to salary,” Smith said. “Each council member earns $900 per year.”

In addition, Smith said the Second Street reconstruction project, which began in October, is now complete.


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