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Wrestlers brave elements for Allen County Wrestling tourney PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, December 15, 2013 9:00 PM


DHI Correspondent

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LIMA — The U.S. Postal Service Creed basically says neither snow, nor rain — or anything else — shall stop couriers from completion of their appointment rounds.

Local wrestlers should adopt that motto as they braved deep snow and freezing rain to travel to Lima. Lima Senior was the host of the 10th annual Allen County Wrestling Tournament.

Ten teams from Allen County that competed Saturday included: Allen East, Bath, Bluffton, Elida, Jefferson, Lima Senior, LCC, Shawnee, Spencerville and St.John’s.

Bath was crowned the Allen County team champion, winning six individual titles. St. John’s finished second in the team standings with Alex Haunhorst winning the title at 182 pounds. Junior Wes Buettner finished second at 170 and sophomore Avery Martin also finished second.

Spencerville finished fourth with Logan Vandemark taking the title in the 285-pound class and Cody Dickson was runner-up at 126.

Tanner Vermule followed up his Lincolnview championship with a strong showing of second to help Jefferson finish in sixth place.

Elida was right behind in seventh as Blaine Hunter won at 113 and teammate Tyler Smith was second in the 195-pound bracket.

Hunter was the champion in the lightest class of the tournament, pinning Blue Jay Martin at the 1:16 mark. Spencerville’s Brandon Patterson was pinned by Schuyler Caprella of Allen East to place fourth. Jacob

Boop of Jefferson placed eighth to round out the bracket.

Cody Dickson of Spencerville lost a tough match with Ryan Kalb of Bath 3-2 in the 126-pound championship match. St. John’s Evyn Pohlman placed fifth with a pin of Bluffton’s Anthony Badial.

Cole Bellows earned Spencerville back-to-back bracket runner-ups after being pinned by Tre Wheeler of Bath in the third round of the 138-pound championship match. Justin Siefker of St. John’s pinned Bluffton’s Colt Freeman in 1:41 to earn third place. Jefferson’s Jacob Harvey place seventh with a bye.

Another Bath wrestler, Jared Davis, won the crown in the 145-pound weight class with a pin of Jefferson senior Tanner Vermule deep into the third period. Blue Jay freshman Brett Vonderwell won fifth place with a default victory over Derrick Smith of Spencerville.

In the 152-pound bracket, Austin Martin of St. John’s recorded a major decision over Jefferson freshman Hunter Binkley in place third. Spencerville’s Trevor Bockey also recorded a major decision with a 10-0 victory over Cole Wilson of Bluffton to finish seventh.

Dakota Sutherland from Spencerville was the top local finisher in the 160-pound bracket with a fourth-place showing. Dylan Hicks of Jefferson pinned St. John’s Page Perrine to place seventh.

Wes Buettner showed that he is rounding into wrestling shape after a long tournament run by the Blue Jays’ football team; he hung with Dylan Hefner of Shawnee but fell 9-3 to place second at 170. Micah Harman of Elida placed seventh with a default victory over Jefferson’s Aaron Parkins.

The lone individual champion for St. John’s was another football player, Alex Haunhorst, in the 182-pound class. Alex out moved Bath’s Easton Rudasill with a 7-2 victory. Jefferson’s Lane Bennett fell in overtime

9-7 to Kobe Flynn of Shawnee. Caleb Sutherland of Spencerville fell in a high-scoring match with Jacob Fike of Lima Senior 22-15.

Tyler Smith from Elida suffered a heart-breaking loss to Jack Huffman of LC. 5-4. Reid Corzine placed sixth for Jefferson and Andrew Shawhan of the Blue Jays finished seventh in the 195-pound class.

Spencerville’s Wyatt Krooskop brought home third for the Bearcats with a quick pin of Elida’s Noah Meeker in 56 seconds at 220 pounds. Austin Schulte provided the Blue Jays with much-needed team points with a pin of Jacob McKinnley of Elida in an even faster 32 seconds. Jeffcat Spencer Wannemacher finished seventh in the 220 class.

Logan Vandemark got the 285-pound crown for Spencerville with a pin of Bath’s Caleb Neal in 3:56. Blue Jays’ lineman Nathan Schroeder recorded a pin of Alec Kimbell of LCC to finish third. Jefferson’s Adam Crabtree suffered an ankle injury during his match with Schroeder and couldn’t wrestle after that but still finished seventh.

Jefferson visits Parkway 7 p.m. Tuesday for its next match, while Elida hosts a WBL quad Thursday (6 p.m.), St. John’s is off until Dec. 27-287 for the MArion Harding Classic and Spencerville is in the LCC Holiday Invitational Dec. 28.

2013 Allen County Invitational Wrestling Tournament

Team Scores: Bath 406, St. John’s 281, Shawnee 276, Spencerville 194, Allen East 150, Jefferson 135, Elida and Lima Senior 131, Bluffton 121, Lima C.C. 103.

Placers - Listed by Pool Format then Weight Class

113 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Blaine Hunter, Elida, 1:16; 2. Avery Martin, St. John’s; 3. Schuyler Caprella, Allen East, INJ; 4. Brandon Patterson, Spencerville; 5. Wyatt Stahl, Bath, tf 15-0; 6. Eli Brown, Shawnee; 7. Damon Moore, Lima Senior, 9-7; 8. Jacob Boop, Jefferson.

126 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Ryan Kalb, Bath, 3-2; 2. Cody Dickson, Spencerville; 3. Kaleb Russell, Lima Senior, 0:53; 4. Nate Kramp, Shawnee; 5. Evyn Pohlman, St. John’s, INJ; 6. Anthony BadialÄluna, Bluffton; 7. Brad Keating, Lima C.C., bye.

138 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Tre’ Wheeler, Bath, 4:29; 2. Cole Bellows, Spencerville; 3. Justin Siefker, St. John’s, 1:41; 4. Colt Freeman, Bluffton; 5. Austin Tafe, Allen East, md 10-2; 6. Jon Wahlie, Shawnee; 7. Jacob Harvey, Jefferson, bye.

145 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Jared Davis, Bath, 5:11; 2. Tanner Vermule, Jefferson; 3. Brandon Soules, Allen East, 5-0; 4. Dylin Askins, Shawnee; 5. Brett Vonderwell, St. John’s, default; 6. Derrick Smith, Spencerville; 7. Vinny Pignataro, Lima C.C., bye.

152 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Derek Kuhlman, Shawnee, md 10-0; 2. Nate Stonehill, Bath; 3. Austin Martin, St. John’s, md 10-0; 4. Hunter Binkley, Jefferson; 5. Chris Proby, Lima Senior, md 18-4; 6. Joseph Eisele, Lima C.C.; 7. Trevor Bockey, Spencerville, md 10-1; 8. Cole Wilson, Bluffton.

160 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Zach Garrett, Bath, 3:08; 2. Chandler Kohlhorst, Shawnee; 3. Josh Bracy, Bluffton, 2:34; 4. Dakota Sutherland, Spencerville; 5. Logan Emerick, Allen East, 4:50; 6. Travis Tuttle, Lima Senior; 7. Dylan Hicks, Jefferson, 1:39; 8. Page Perrine, St. John’s.

170 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Dylan Hefner, Shawnee, 9-3; 2. Wes Buettner, St. John’s; 3. Jimmie Sellers, Bath, 0:59; 4. Dylan Alt, Bluffton; 5. Race King, Allen East, 2:02; 6. Brown Jarred, Lima C.C.; 7. Micah Hartman, Elida, default; 8. Aaron Parkins, Jefferson.

182 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Alex Haunhorst, St. John’s, 7-2; 2. Easton Rudasill, Bath; 3. Kabe Flynn, Shawnee, 9-7 OT; 4. Lane Bennett, Jefferson; 5. Jacob Fike, Lima Senior, 22-15; 6. Caleb Sutherland, Spencerville; 7. Travis Goodin, Allen East, 8-7; 8. Dylan Pletcher, Bluffton.

195 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Jack Huffman, Lima C.C., 5-4; 2. Tyler Smith, Elida; 3. Bo Gross, Bath, tf 16-0; 4. Michael Johenkins, Lima Senior; 5. Jesse Erevia, Allen East, 2-0; 6. Reid Curzine, Jefferson; 7. Andrew Shawhan, St. John’s, bye.

220 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Kyle Lhamon, Bath, 3:36; 2. Austin Allison, Shawnee; 3. Wyatt Krouskop, Spencerville, 0:56; 4. Noah Meeker, Elida; 5. Austin Schulte, St. John’s, 0:32; 6. Jacob McKinnley, Lima C.C.; 7. Spencer Wannemacher, Jefferson, 0:44; 8. Ben Burnett, Lima Senior.

285 Pound Placers - Two Pools: 1. Logan Vandemark, Spencerville, 3:56; 2. Caleb Neal, Bath; 3. Nate Schroeder, St. John’s, 4:32; 4. Alec Kimbell, Lima C.C.; 5. Donald Hughes, Shawnee, default; 6. Adam Crabtree, Jefferson; 7. Sean Reed, Lima Senior, bye.

106 Pound Placers - Round Robin: 1. Hunter Lucas, Shawnee; 2. Austin Selvaggio, Elida; 3. David Grant, Jefferson; 4. Steven Sodders, Lima Senior.

120 Pound Placers - Round Robin: 1. Colin Ingram, Bath; 2. Lee Dues, Allen East; 3. Gunnar Lucius, St. John’s; 4. Chris Holbrook, Lima Senior; 5. Malik Morris, Elida; 6. Peyton Ford, Spencerville.

132 Pound Placers - Round Robin: 1. Dustin Falk, Bluffton; 2. Evan Mohler, St. John’s; 3. Collin Hennon, Shawnee; 4. Nate Vore, Bath; 5. Caleb McDonald, Lima C.C.

Pool 10: Two 5-Man Pools - Complete Results by Round

First Place - Two Pools

113: Blaine Hunter(Elida) pin Avery Martin(St. John’s) 1:16; 126: Ryan Kalb(Bath) dec. Cody Dickson(Spencerville) 3-2; 138: Tre’ Wheeler(Bath) pin Cole Bellows(Spencerville) 4:29; 145: Jared Davis(Bath) pin Tanner Vermule(Jefferson) 5:11; 152: Derek Kuhlman(Shawnee) maj. dec. Nate Stonehill(Bath) 10-0; 160: Zach Garrett(Bath) pin Chandler Kohlhorst(Shawnee) 3:08; 170: Dylan Hefner(Shawnee) dec. Wes Buettner(St. John’s) 9-3; 182: Alex Haunhorst(St. John’s) dec. Easton Rudasill(Bath) 7-2; 195: Jack Huffman(Lima C.C.) dec. Tyler Smith(Elida) 5-4; 220: Kyle Lhamon(Bath) pin Austin Allison(Shawnee) 3:36; 285: Logan Vandemark(Spencerville) pin Caleb Neal(Bath) 3:56.

Third Place - Two Pools

113: Schuyler Caprella(Allen East) pin Brandon Patterson(Spencerville) INJ; 126: Kaleb Russell(Lima Senior) pin Nate Kramp(Shawnee) 0:53; 138: Justin Siefker(St. John’s) pin Colt Freeman(Bluffton) 1:41; 145: Brandon Soules(Allen East) dec. Dylin Askins(Shawnee) 5-0; 152: Austin Martin(St. John’s) maj. dec. Hunter Binkley(Jefferson) 10-0; 160: Josh Bracy(Bluffton) pin Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) 2:34; 170: Jimmie Sellers(Bath) pin Dylan Alt(Bluffton) 0:59; 182: Kabe Flynn(Shawnee) dec. Lane Bennett(Jefferson) 9-7SV; 195: Bo Gross(Bath) tech. fall Michael Johenkins(Lima Senior) 16-0; 220: Wyatt Krouskop(Spencerville) pin Noah Meeker(Elida) 0:56; 285: Nate Schroeder(St. John’s) pin Alec Kimbell(Lima C.C.) 4:32.

Fifth Place - Two Pools: 113: Wyatt Stahl(Bath) tech. fall Eli Brown(Shawnee) 15-0; 126: Evyn Pohlman(St. John’s) pin Anthony Badial-luna(Bluffton) INJ; 138: Austin Tafe(Allen East) maj. dec. Jon Wahlie(Shawnee) 10-2; 145: Brett Vonderwell(St. John’s) over Derrick Smith(Spencerville) default; 152: Chris Proby(Lima Senior) maj. dec. Joseph Eisele(Lima C.C.) 18-4; 160: Logan Emerick(Allen East) pin Travis Tuttle(Lima Senior) 4:50; 170: Race King(Allen East) pin Brown Jarred(Lima C.C.) 2:02; 182: Jacob Fike(Lima Senior) dec. Caleb Sutherland(Spencerville) 22-15; 195: Jesse Erevia(Allen East) dec. Reid Curzine(Jefferson) 2-0; 220: Austin Schulte(St. John’s) pin Jacob McKinnley(Lima C.C.) 0:32; 285: Donald Hughes(Shawnee) over Adam Crabtree(Jefferson) default.

Seventh Place - Two Pools: 113: Damon Moore(Lima Senior) dec. Jacob Boop(Jefferson) 9-7; 126: Brad Keating(Lima C.C.) advanced with bye; 138: Jacob Harvey(Jefferson) advanced with bye; 145: Vinny Pignataro(Lima C.C.) advanced with bye; 152: Trevor Bockey(Spencerville) maj. dec. Cole Wilson(Bluffton) 10-1; 160: Dylan Hicks(Jefferson) pin Page Perrine(St. John’s) 1:39; 170: Micah Hartman(Elida) over Aaron Parkins(Jefferson) default; 182: Travis Goodin(Allen East) dec. Dylan Pletcher(Bluffton) 8-7; 195: Andrew Shawhan(St. John’s) advanced with bye; 220: Spencer Wannemacher(Jefferson) pin Ben Burnett(Lima Senior) 0:44; 285: Sean Reed(Lima Senior) advanced with bye.

Round 5 - Two Pools (Local Wrestlers)

113: Blaine Hunter(Elida) pin Eli Brown(Shawnee) 2:07; Avery Martin(St. John’s) pin Josh Haugh(Bluffton) 0:26

126: Cody Dickson(Spencerville) pin Kaleb Russell(Lima Senior) 3:14; Ryan Kalb(Bath) pin Evyn Pohlman(St. John’s) 4:04

138: Cole Bellows(Spencerville) maj. dec. Justin Siefker(St. John’s) 18-4

145: Jared Davis(Bath) over Derrick Smith(Spencerville) default; Tanner Vermule(Jefferson) dec. Brett Vonderwell(St. John’s) 4-3

152: Derek Kuhlman(Shawnee) dec. Austin Martin(St. John’s) 3-0; Nate Stonehill(Bath) pin Trevor Bockey(Spencerville) 3:11

160: Page Perrine(St. John’s) advanced with bye; Chandler Kohlhorst(Shawnee) dec. Dylan Hicks(Jefferson) 4-1; Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) advanced with bye

170: Micah Hartman(Elida) advanced with bye; Wes Buettner(St. John’s) pin Jimmie Sellers(Bath) 1:06; Race King(Allen East) pin Aaron Parkins(Jefferson) 1:42

182: Alex Haunhorst(St. John’s) pin Dylan Pletcher(Bluffton) 1:13; Easton Rudasill(Bath) pin Caleb Sutherland(Spencerville) 0:46

195: Jack Huffman(Lima C.C.) pin Andrew Shawhan(St. John’s) 1:46; Tyler Smith(Elida) pin Bo Gross(Bath) 0:30

220: Kyle Lhamon(Bath) pin Wyatt Krouskop(Spencerville) 0:26; Austin Allison(Shawnee) dec. Noah Meeker(Elida) 4-3

285: Logan Vandemark(Spencerville) pin Nate Schroeder(St. John’s) 1:27; Adam Crabtree(Jefferson) advanced with bye.

Round 4 - Two Pools

113: Blaine Hunter(Elida) advanced with bye; Eli Brown(Shawnee) dec. Jacob Boop(Jefferson) 11-7; Damon Moore(Lima Senior) dec. Brandon Patterson(Spencerville) 16-14

126: Cody Dickson(Spencerville) advanced with bye; Evyn Pohlman(St. John’s) advanced with bye

138: Justin Siefker(St. John’s) advanced with bye; Cole Bellows(Spencerville) pin Jacob Harvey(Jefferson) 1:57

145: Brandon Soules(Allen East) pin Derrick Smith(Spencerville) 1:19; Dylin Askins(Shawnee) dec. Brett Vonderwell(St. John’s) 5-2; Tanner Vermule(Jefferson) advanced with bye

152: Austin Martin(St. John’s) advanced with bye; Trevor Bockey(Spencerville) advanced with bye; Nate Stonehill(Bath) pin Hunter Binkley(Jefferson) 3:56

160: Logan Emerick(Allen East) maj. dec. Dylan Hicks(Jefferson) 12-2

170: Jimmie Sellers(Bath) pin Aaron Parkins(Jefferson) 5:03; Wes Buettner(St. John’s) pin Chase VanSchoyck(Spencerville) 0:27

182: Alex Haunhorst(St. John’s) advanced with bye; Lane Bennett(Jefferson) dec. Dylan Pletcher(Bluffton) 11-6; Caleb Sutherland(Spencerville) advanced with bye

195: Reid Curzine(Jefferson) pin Andrew Shawhan(St. John’s) 0:55; Tyler Smith(Elida) advanced with bye

220: Wyatt Krouskop(Spencerville) pin Spencer Wannemacher(Jefferson) 0:12; Noah Meeker(Elida) advanced with bye; Austin Allison(Shawnee) pin Austin Schulte(St. John’s) 2:23

285: Nate Schroeder(St. John’s) advanced with bye; Logan Vandemark(Spencerville) pin Sean Reed(Lima Senior) 0:23.

Round 3 - Two Pools

113: Blaine Hunter(Elida) maj. dec. Schuyler Caprella(Allen East) 20-7; Jacob Boop(Jefferson) advanced with bye; Avery Martin(St. John’s) dec. Wyatt Stahl(Bath) 12-6; Brandon Patterson(Spencerville) pin Josh Haugh(Bluffton) 0:20

126: Evyn Pohlman(St. John’s) dec. Brad Keating(Lima C.C.) 4-2SV

138: Justin Siefker(St. John’s) pin Austin Tafe(Allen East) 2:43; Jacob Harvey(Jefferson) advanced with bye

145: Brett Vonderwell(St. John’s) advanced with bye

152: Austin Martin(St. John’s) tech. fall Joseph Eisele(Lima C.C.) 16-1; Chris Proby(Lima Senior) dec. Trevor Bockey(Spencerville) 4-2; Hunter Binkley(Jefferson) advanced with bye

160: Zach Garrett(Bath) pin Page Perrine(St. John’s) 0:14; Chandler Kohlhorst(Shawnee) maj. dec. Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) 13-3

170: Dylan Hefner(Shawnee) pin Micah Hartman(Elida) 2:19; Aaron Parkins(Jefferson) pin Chase VanSchoyck(Spencerville) 0:46

182: Alex Haunhorst(St. John’s) tech. fall Jacob Fike(Lima Senior) 15-0; Lane Bennett(Jefferson) advanced with bye; Kabe Flynn(Shawnee) dec. Caleb Sutherland(Spencerville) 10-7

195: Reid Curzine(Jefferson) advanced with bye

220: Spencer Wannemacher(Jefferson) advanced with bye; Noah Meeker(Elida) pin Ben Burnett(Lima Senior) 0:17; Austin Schulte(St. John’s) advanced with bye

285: Nate Schroeder(St. John’s) pin Adam Crabtree(Jefferson) INJ.

Round 2 - Two Pools

113: Schuyler Caprella(Allen East) pin Jacob Boop(Jefferson) 1:35; Avery Martin(St. John’s) tech. fall Brandon Patterson(Spencerville) 24-7

126: Cody Dickson(Spencerville) pin Anthony Badial-luna(Bluffton) INJ

138: Austin Tafe(Allen East) pin Jacob Harvey(Jefferson) 2:19; Cole Bellows(Spencerville) advanced with bye

145: Derrick Smith(Spencerville) advanced with bye; Tanner Vermule(Jefferson) maj. dec. Dylin Askins(Shawnee) 12-0

152: Hunter Binkley(Jefferson) dec. Chris Proby(Lima Senior) 7-3

160: Travis Tuttle(Lima Senior) pin Page Perrine(St. John’s) 0:15; Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) pin Logan Emerick(Allen East) 1:58; Dylan Hicks(Jefferson) advanced with bye

170: Brown Jarred(Lima C.C.) pin Micah Hartman(Elida) 2:47; Race King(Allen East) pin Chase VanSchoyck(Spencerville) 0:46; Wes Buettner(St. John’s) tech. fall Aaron Parkins(Jefferson) 19-4

182: Lane Bennett(Jefferson) maj. dec. Jacob Fike(Lima Senior) 12-3

195: Michael Johenkins(Lima Senior) pin Reid Curzine(Jefferson) 3:41; Andrew Shawhan(St. John’s) advanced with bye; Tyler Smith(Elida) pin Jesse Erevia(Allen East) 0:56

220: Jacob McKinnley(Lima C.C.) dec. Spencer Wannemacher(Jefferson) 10-5; Wyatt Krouskop(Spencerville) advanced with bye; Austin Schulte(St. John’s) pin Ben Burnett(Lima Senior) 0:07

285: Adam Crabtree(Jefferson) pin Sean Reed(Lima Senior) 0:43; Logan Vandemark(Spencerville) advanced with bye.

Round 1 - Two Pools

113: Blaine Hunter(Elida) pin Jacob Boop(Jefferson) 1:49; Brandon Patterson(Spencerville) pin Wyatt Stahl(Bath) 3:17; Avery Martin(St. John’s) dec. Damon Moore(Lima Senior) 11-5

126: Cody Dickson(Spencerville) advanced with bye; Nate Kramp(Shawnee) pin Evyn Pohlman(St. John’s) 3:00

138: Justin Siefker(St. John’s) pin Jacob Harvey(Jefferson) 1:42; Cole Bellows(Spencerville) pin Austin Tafe(Allen East) 3:24

145: Derrick Smith(Spencerville) pin Vinny Pignataro(Lima C.C.) 1:41; Brett Vonderwell(St. John’s) advanced with bye; Tanner Vermule(Jefferson) advanced with bye

152: Austin Martin(St. John’s) pin Cole Wilson(Bluffton) 0:31; Hunter Binkley(Jefferson) pin Trevor Bockey(Spencerville) 3:34

160: Josh Bracy(Bluffton) pin Page Perrine(St. John’s) 1:35; Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) dec. Dylan Hicks(Jefferson) 5-3SV

170: Dylan Alt(Bluffton) pin Micah Hartman(Elida) 4:36; Jimmie Sellers(Bath) pin Chase VanSchoyck(Spencerville) 0:28; Wes Buettner(St. John’s) pin Race King(Allen East) 1:51

182: Alex Haunhorst(St. John’s) pin Lane Bennett(Jefferson) 3:58; Caleb Sutherland(Spencerville) pin Travis Goodin(Allen East) 5:28

195: Jack Huffman(Lima C.C.) pin Reid Curzine(Jefferson) 1:43; Michael Johenkins(Lima Senior) pin Andrew Shawhan(St. John’s) 0:57; Tyler Smith(Elida) advanced with bye

220: Kyle Lhamon(Bath) pin Spencer Wannemacher(Jefferson) 0:14; Wyatt Krouskop(Spencerville) pin Jacob McKinnley(Lima C.C.) 1:50; Noah Meeker(Elida) pin Austin Schulte(St. John’s) 3:13

285: Nate Schroeder(St. John’s) pin Sean Reed(Lima Senior) 1:17; Logan Vandemark(Spencerville) dec. Adam Crabtree(Jefferson) 8-3.

Pool 6: Round Robin - Complete Results by Round

Round 5 - Round Robin

106: Hunter Lucas(Shawnee) pin Austin Selvaggio(Elida) 3:27; David Grant(Jefferson) pin Steven Sodders(Lima Senior) 2:15

120: Gunnar Lucius(St. John’s) dec. Chris Holbrook(Lima Senior) 5-3; Malik Morris(Elida) dec. Peyton Ford(Spencerville) 5-4

132: Evan Mohler(St. John’s) over Collin Hennon(Shawnee) default

Round 4 - Round Robin

106: Austin Selvaggio(Elida) dec. David Grant(Jefferson) 7-1

120: Colin Ingram(Bath) pin Malik Morris(Elida) 1:37; Gunnar Lucius(St. John’s) pin Peyton Ford(Spencerville) 1:05

132: Dustin Falk(Bluffton) pin Evan Mohler(St. John’s) 3:22

Round 3 - Round Robin

106: Hunter Lucas(Shawnee) pin David Grant(Jefferson) 2:47; Austin Selvaggio(Elida) advanced with bye

120: Lee Dues(Allen East) pin Peyton Ford(Spencerville) 4:20; Gunnar Lucius(St. John’s) pin Malik Morris(Elida) 1:27

132: Evan Mohler(St. John’s) dec. Nate Vore(Bath) 12-7

Round 2 - Round Robin

106: Austin Selvaggio(Elida) advanced with bye; David Grant(Jefferson) advanced with bye

120: Colin Ingram(Bath) pin Gunnar Lucius(St. John’s) 4:58; Lee Dues(Allen East) pin Malik Morris(Elida) 3:18; Chris Holbrook(Lima Senior) maj. dec. Peyton Ford(Spencerville) 14-4

132: Evan Mohler(St. John’s) advanced with bye

Round 1 - Round Robin

106: Austin Selvaggio(Elida) pin Steven Sodders(Lima Senior) 0:18; David Grant(Jefferson) advanced with bye

120: Colin Ingram(Bath) pin Peyton Ford(Spencerville) 1:01; Lee Dues(Allen East) pin Gunnar Lucius(St. John’s) 3:52; Chris Holbrook(Lima Senior) maj. dec. Malik Morris(Elida) 10-0

132: Evan Mohler(St. John’s) pin Caleb McDonald(Lima C.C.) 1:34.


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