August 27, 2014

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Friday, December 13, 2013 9:34 PM

It was so-so overall for the five of us last week.

Guest Picker No. 1 Erin Cox had the best week, going 8-4 overall, splitting it 4-2 college and 4-2 pros.

Three of us went 7-5: I (3-3/4-2), regular Dave Boninsegna (4-2/3-3) and GP No. 2 John Parent (3-3/4-2.

That moves our respective total marks to 97-70-1 (50-34, 47-36-1) for me/myself/and I; 96-70-1 (53-30, 43-40-1) for Dave and the GPs overall to 162-146-2 (82-73, 80-73-2).

The third regular, Bob Weber, was 6-6 (2-4/4-2) to now stand at 104-63-1 — 56-28 and 48-35-1.

Erin and WDOH personality Mike — yes, that is his given name — “Jake” Bowers are the GPs.

Here are the Games:

College: Army vs. Navy at Philadelphia

NFL: San Francisco at Tampa Bay; Cincinnati at Pittsburgh; New England at Miami; Green Bay at Dallas; Washington at Atlanta; Houston at Indianapolis; Buffalo at Jacksonville; Kansas City at Oakland; Chicago at Cleveland; Arizona at Tennessee; New Orleans at St. Louis.



NAVY: The Midshipmen have done quite well against some top-flight competition this year. The expected weather should be beneficial to a team that doesn’t turn the ball over, like Navy. Both will try to run the ball but I think Navy’s schedule will give them a big edge.


SAN FRANCISCO: I don’t see the 49ers having a letdown after last week’s emotional win over the Seahawks. This defense is too good and the offense seems to be getting healthier as we speak. The Buccaneers may have saved Greg Schiano’s job — they keep playing hard — but they aren’t quite good enough to beat this team.

CINCINNATI: This is the type of game the Bengals HAVE to win to be serious title contenders; on the road against a team with nothing to lose. I say Dalton has another stellar outing against a less-than-usual Steelers’ defense. The expected horrid weather will mean that it will be hard to hang onto the football, a big chance for the Cincy defense to force turnovers against Big Ben — who tends to hold the ball too long.

NEW ENGLAND: Gronk is gone for Pats. Methinks that the other parts — like Dobson — are now on the same page with Brady and get a big road win over Miami. The Pats seem to just get it done, no matter how many injuries or crazy comebacks they have.

DALLAS: If Dallas cannot stop the Matt Flynn-led and otherwise depleted Packers offense, then Monte Kiffin should be shot! If Tony Romo and Company can’t rip this defense apart — at the JerryDome — uh ... They also won’t get the ridiculous, quite frankly non-existent, penalties they got Monday night.

ATLANTA: I wonder if the Redskins will rally around new QB Kirk Cousins, who is a pretty good backup. No matter; the defense and special teams are horrible. The Falcons haven’t lived up to expectations but methinks that Tony Gonzales — I have a feeling this is it for the future first-ballot Hall-of-Famer — will want to go out with a bang.

INDIANAPOLIS: The Texas were once considered Super Bowl contenders. They have since fired Gary Kubiak and Matt Schaub is in limbo; need I write more? This is not a bad defense but a Case Keenam offense — at least for now — without Arian Foster strikes no fear in the hearts of opponents. It’s not all Schaub, is it?

JACKSONVILLE: Jaguars were never as bad as their woeful start, especially since Maurice Jones-Drew returned; that “little” back is a beast. Buffalo is sinking fast with injury issues at QB — sound familiar?

KANSAS CITY: One of the premier archrivalries in the NFL. Chiefs better not overlook hated, despised, loathed — some might even say disliked — Raaaiiiders; they won’t. Chiefs still have a chance to have home-field advantage in playoffs — the new Arrowhead Stadium rivals Seattle for crowd nuttiness.

CLEVELAND: Bears ARE better with McCown under center, period! Cutler will be rusty and will make costly mistakes — the gunslinger to the end who will never learn — against a Browns defense that deserves better. The QB issue is a mess but so is Bears’ defense.

ARIZONA: Tennessee another team that seemed headed for better things; Jake Locker was starting to come into his own before his injuries and The Fitz is, well, a backup. Cardinals are full speed ahead and have a shot at the playoffs with a strong finish.

NEW ORLEANS: Rams are tough at home but really don’t match up with Saints and QB Drew Brees. NO’s defense is slowly moving up the ranks — hey Mr. Jones, how’s that firing of Rob Ryan going?




Navy: Navy leads the series 57-49-1, Army is on a 4-game losing streak this season, Navy is coming off a 3-OT win over San Jose State. This is the ultimate “throw the records out of the window” game. I am looking for Navy to add to their series lead.


San Francisco: Tampa Bay lost their first eight in a row and although they won their next four, they are still a bad football team. The Niners are coming off a win over the Seahawks, giving Seattle just their second loss on the year. I like SF here BIG.

Cincinnati: Round two; the Bengals won the first and looked very good last week; Pittsburgh nearly stole one last week (I am surprised that the official called it right with the out of bounds call at the end - Editor’s Note: Now, now, Dave!) The Steelers are grasping for straws; a Bengals win here and the Steelers playoff hopes are officially done. Bengals win.

New England: WOW; Tom Brady again. The Patriots will win again.

Dallas: The Cowboys are 5-1 at home; the Packers aren’t actually playing their best. I have to go with the Cowboys here (that will make Jim happy (Editor’s Note: Sure will; unless I am wrong, then I willst be ANGRY!!!)

Atlanta: The Redskins are coming off one of the worst losses in franchise history; the Falcons aren’t playing much better, but I am giving this one to Atlanta for no particular reason.

Indianapolis: 11; the number of losses in a row for a very bad Texans team. The Colts make it 12 on Sunday.

Buffalo: The Jags are trying to save their season but just a little too late; the Toronto Bills come away with the win (EN: Dave hopes they DO move there!).

Kansas City: The Chiefs pounded the Redskins last week to get back on track after their 3-game losing streak. They continue another winning streak this week with a win over Oakland.

Chicago: The Browns got stunned last week against the Pats. The Bears won big on Mike Ditka night over the Cowboys; Chicago gets another W on Sunday.

Arizona: The Titans gave up 51 to the Broncos last week; although the Cardinals offense isn’t as explosive, I still think they put it to Tennessee and keep their playoff hopes alive.

New Orleans: The Saints played a great game against a good Panthers team and should have no problems with the Rams on Sunday.



NOTE TO EDITOR – Tough week for a lot of comments – out of town on business and sickness galore in our house. YUCK! (Editor’s Note: Making excuses already, eh??? LOL)

NAVY – Thanks to all our service men and women – you’re the best!

SAN FRANCISCO – This team impressed me a lot last week with win over Seattle.

CINCINNATI – Reality has sunk in – Steelers just aren’t good!!! Hope they win but going with the Bengals.

MIAMI – My cold medicine must be affecting me but going against pretty boy Brady!

DALLAS - Man, what’s wrong with me? I don’t like this team; however, without Rodgers, the Packers will lose.

ATLANTA – Two teams having a horrible year. Going with home team.

INDIANAPOLIS – Colts and Andrew Luck hard to beat at home.

JACKONSVILLE – Just going with Jacksonville because it makes me warmer thinking of Florida and hotter weather and no snow!! (EN: Amen, brother!!!)

KANSAS CITY – Raiders will play them tough but Chiefs too good.

CHICAGO – The Bears will beat the Cleveland Clowns!

ARIZONA – This game could go either way. Cardinals have been playing well lately.

NEW ORLEANS – Brees hard to beat in a domed stadium!




Navy: I picked them earlier this year because I liked their uniforms better, I believe. I’ll just go with that again.


San Francisco: This is my boyfriend’s team, so I’ll pick them.

Cincinnati: I think the Bengals have a good team this season (I never thought I’d say that) and will use their winning momentum to their advantage this week.

Miami: I love watching Bill Belicheat whine and cry about losing games, maybe it’ll be an early Christmas present for me.

Dallas: My ‘Boys are embarrassing on defense and it’s painful to watch but I have to support them to the end. They’re due for a win anyway; they like to give hope and then lose big the next week.

Atlanta: I don’t even know what’s going on with the Redskins, RGIII and Shanahan, so I’ll just pick the other team.

Indianapolis: A coaching change in Houston won’t be enough for this week.

Jacksonville: I got nothing. My ESPN overview is telling me to pick them.

Kansas City: If Dallas can beat them, anyone can! That’s my new motto.

Chicago: How did Cleveland let the Patriots win last week? I think they will still be in shock from that amazing feat.

Arizona: The cardinal is the state bird of Ohio, so that’s a good reason for the Cardinals to win.

New Orleans: Oh, the Saints I suppose.




Navy: Both Army and Navy have very strong running attacks and actually rank 2-3 in the country running the football. They had one common opponent and that was Air Force; Army lost that game 42-28 and Bavy won 28-10. Navy beat Indiana and Pittsburgh and lost a close game to Notre Dame. Navy is my pick 31-21.

San Francisco: 49ers on a roll winning three in a row and must continue to win to assure themselves a playoff position. San Fran a good road team at 5-2 and Tampa Bay at home is 3-4. My pick is the 49ers 37-24.

Cincinnati: Bengals have won three is a row and the Steelers have lost two in a row and are going nowhere. Cincinnati beat Pittsburgh in week number two 20-10 and just a gut feeling, they win by 10 again 31-21.

New England: New England beat Miami at home in week number 8 27-17 and needs a win here to be in position for a first-round bye in the playoffs. New England is my pick 37-21.

Dallas: The Cowboys are 5-1 at home while Green Bay is 2-4 on the road. Cowboys’ defensive unit is a big concern but Dallas wins a close one 28-24.

Atlanta: Both teams are a major disappointment this season; both teams are 3-10. Washington is 1-5 as a road team and the Falcons are 2-4 at home. Flip-a-coin special; could end in a tie. Atlanta because it is a home game 24-21.

Indy: In week 9, Indy defeated Houston in Houston 27-24. Indy already has won the AFC South and Houston just fired their coach. Throw a dart at the board on this game to pick a winner; my dart hit indy, 17-14.

Jacksonville: If you want to punish someone, make them watch this game. Lawrence Welk will get a better rating than this game (EN: OUCH!!!). After losing their first eight games, Jacksonville has won 4 out of five. Buffalo has lost 5 out of their last six. Jacksonville is a better road team but should win 28-27.

Kansas City: Kansas City is only one game behind Denver in the AFC West and are trying to win out to get a good position in the playoffs. The Chiefs beat Oakland in week 5 24-7 and are 5-1 on the road while the Raiders are 3-3 at home. Take the Chiefs 35-24.

Chicago: Chicago is in a battle with Detroit and Green Bay for the NFC North title. The Browns are much better than their record suggests. Bears only 2-4 as a road team but this is a must win.

Take the bears in a close one 27-24.

Arizona: The Titans have lost 4 out of 5 and 7 out of 9. They regret getting rid of Jeff Fisher as their coach. Titans only 2-4 at home and Arizona can still make the playoffs. Arizona wins this one 34-14.

New Orleans: Rams have lost two in a row and the Saints only .500 as a visitor at 3-3. New Orleans needs to win to stay ahead of Carolina in the NFC South. Saints win this game 38-28.


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