August 29, 2014

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Shanahan vs. Snyder — the next WWE pay-per-view? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, December 14, 2013 9:00 PM


Sports Editor

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So, Robert Griffith III is being shut down for the rest of the season.

This just leads more credence — it was pretty apparent watching RG III’s press conference after Sunday’s game and other reports — that there is a “war” going on between head coach Mike Shanahan and owner Daniel Snyder on the direction of the team.

I guess that makes sense if you are afraid your franchise QB is playing hurt and could get hurt more in the last three games, especially if the Redskins “tank” the.

However, Griffith apparently is not pleased with this decision but is playing the good team guy.

Guess who will win that war, especially since, apparently, Snyder is very fond of Griffith?

Particularly more so if RG III strongly expresses a desire to be traded?

Snyder is less hands-on than he used to be but he still puts his two cents in.

I wish a certain owner — who I won’t name (Jones) but I will give you (Jones) three guesses (Jones) — to the south and east of our nation’s capital would follow those steps!


This was an interesting tidbit I ran across the other day.

It seems that three former University of Southern Mississippi soccer coaches sued alleging sexual harassment and discrimination, as well as for retaliation from school employees.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right? It seemingly happens all the time these days and there are legitimate reasons for doing so; no one wants people to be mistreated in their jobs.

What caught my eye is that all three were males and they coached the women’s soccer team.

In this context, the US Supreme Court declined to hear arguments disputing a Mississippi Supreme Court ruling reversing a lower court’s $1.2 million judgement against the university.

They came to this conclusion on technical grounds, so whether there was merit to the case is in dispute.

I guess for me, the question is: if this had been vice versa, what would have been the response from the usual suspects?

As far as I know, these men weren’t interviewed on the usual shows, the usual reporters, etc. In fact, they may have ended their careers; they made noise and perhaps won’t have a snowball’s chance in “the other place” to get another job in their chosen profession.

My complaint is that men are “supposed to” suck it up, to “take it like a man” and move on.

Wrong! What’s wrong is wrong, no matter who. Men are people, too!

This is something I fear we will — by necessity, should? — see more of as we go into our politically correct future.

I don’t like it but that’s how it is.


Just like this item that I came across a while back.

It is in regard to a disputed mascot.

It seems Coachella Valley (Southern California) High School is nicknamed the Arabs, featuring a snarling, black-bearded mascot wearing a head scarf.

According to information I have perused, the mascot was chosen as a recognition of the area’s date-farming reliance, which apparently is traditionally a Middle Eastern crop. There is also a nearby community named Mecca which also pays homage to the Middle East.

They have had this “personage” for almost a century but has NOW become a controversial figure as a “stereotype” and “offensive” in the views of an “anti-discrimination” group.

Apparently, the nearby school district will keep the nickname Arab but adopt a new mascot, which is yet to be determined.

There are those who, good for them, are not happy with this because the original intent was to honor their area’s legacy, a good thing — or so you might think.

They also feature belly dancers at halftime, which also is in danger of going the way of the do-do.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Wonder if they will be forced to change the name of the nearby town from Mecca because that is “discriminatory”? Or is that OK?

People have too much time on their hands.

I am waiting for all these nattering nabobs of negativism to go after Notre Dame for its Fighting Irish — after all, since I know of at least one writer in the Washington Redskins’ baloney who claimed that if ONE person is offended, it needs to go — because I am Irish and I don’t fight, so I am offended.

Or the San Diego Padres or New Orleans Saints because, as a Catholic, I am offended at these demeaning and debasing stereotypes, so they must go! Forget the lack of a mascot; the NAME is offensive!

I don’t want them called Golden Eagles (Marquette when they changed from the Warriors) because that is demeaning — they are now “animals”, not human beings, and everybody should be offended by that, including their players! — or Red Storm (as St. John’s University changing from the Redmen) because that is a destructive, violent storm on Jupiter and is that want we want to be? Violent? Murderous?

One person is offended by anything and everything.

What is the old “maxim: 10 percent of the people (or so) in the world hate you simply because you exist!

See how far this can go once you allow bullies to get their way?

Is this where we REALLY want to go?


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