August 22, 2014

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Fay sentenced to two life terms for Ottawa murders PDF Print E-mail
Monday, November 18, 2013 9:00 PM

By Nancy Kline

DHI Correspondent

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OTTAWA — Michael Aaron Fay has been sentenced to two life sentences for the aggravated murder of Ottawa teenagers Blaine and Blake Romes. Fay will not be eligible for parole for 60 years.

Calling Fay’s acts chilling and ruthless, Common Pleas Judge Randall Basinger said Fay presented an extreme danger to others and was not fit to live in society.

Prior to sentencing, Assistant Prosecutor Todd Schroeder said the autopsy report indicated it was a shot to the head that had killed Blaine while he was sleeping, but the shot fired at Blake had not killed him. The report said his death was caused when Fay proceeded to strangle him, damaging every layer of tissue in his neck and breaking every bone.”

It was an emotional session Monday morning when relatives of Blaine and Blake Romes presented statements on how the murder of the boys had affected their lives. Most of the families statements were read by representatives from Crime Victims Services. Only Joe Schreiber, a paternal uncle to the Romes boys, read his own statement.

“I hope you sit in prison for a long, long time,” paternal grandmother Patty Romes had written in her statement.

The boys father, Brian Romes, in his statement said there was not enough lies to convince him that they (Blake and Blaine) deserved to die.

Cindy Grothause, the material grandmother, in her statement said “My daughter Shelly never knew what you were capable of, what you could do.” She said when the boys died it “killed me, too.” She referred to Fay as a “selfish, cowardly little man.”

Tim Grothouse, the paternal grandfather, told Fay “I can never forgive you for what you have done to my life.”

Only Shelly Grothause, mother of the boys, expressed forgiveness in her statement. Referring to Michael Aaron Fay as Aaron, Shelly said “Aaron was a good kid that had his pain.”

“There is not a day that goes by that don’t I miss all my boys,” Shelly said. “I love you,” she said looking at Aaron. “I don’t know what is fair and just. I just hope Aaron can get the help that has been passed over for him.”

“He took his best friends,” Shelly said. “God forgives him and so do I.”

Speaking on Fay’s behalf, his attorney Bill Kluge said Fay was a product of his environment and sought sympathy for Fay by talking about his past that included a father who was violent and drug abuse, being sexually abused by his oldest brother and feeling abandoned by one of his mother’s boyfriend’s.

“Michael is a very damaged young man,” Kluge said.

Speaking on his own behalf, Fay expressed his remorse to Ottawa for taking away two great boys from the community. He also said he was “sorry to put you through this,” to Shelly’s parents.

“Those boys loved you with all their heart,” he told Tim and Cindy Grothause.

In addition to telling Shelly he was sorry, Fay thanked her for inviting him into her home and heart.

“Your boys showed me what real brothers are like,” Fay said.

“Shelly, I love you and I loved your boys even more,” he concluded while also telling his mother Vicki and brother Kyle that he loved them.

Following his statement, Judge Basinger said Fay’s “cold-blooded violence was nearly incomprehensible.” The judge indicated his crimes were not single isolated acts, but that he planned his action, committed two murders and repeatedly lied to officials.

“There is no connection of what is stated of your being a victim and what transpired.” Basinger said before making his sentence.

Following the trial, Schroeder said the question of “why” still remains in the cause of the murder. The three had been arguing about whether Fay’s older brother should return to the trailer the three had shared with their mothers for less than a month at 1570 N. Perry St. Lot 61. The older brother, who is an adult, had moved out days earlier but was considering returning, Schroeder said he was pleased with the sentence.

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