September 2, 2014

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Eagles celebrates 110 years this month PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, November 17, 2013 9:00 PM


Herald Editor

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DELPHOS — Delphos Eagles Aerie 471 welcomed national and state officers Saturday as the lodge celebrated 110 years.

Conductor and event coordinator Tom Schimmoller took the role of emcee for the evening.

President Jack Bertling shared his pride in the local organization.

“We have a nice club with a lot to offer,” Bertling said. “We are focusing on all our positives to further the success of the club.”


Bertling’s great-great-uncle, Frank Bertling, was a charter member.


Visiting dignitaries included State First Vice President Harriet Luke, National Grand Madame Chaplain Helen Poehner, State Outside Guard Jim Jakubowski and Grand Aerie Grand Worthy President-Elect Bud Haigh.

Since its inception, the Eagles has strived to give back to the community and offer a landmark as well as a friendly, family atmosphere.

Recipients of donations from the Eagles include the police and fire departments, both local schools, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Little League Baseball, the Delphos Community Christmas Project, Relay for Life and the Delphos Public Library, to name a few.

Delphos Eagles President Jack Bertling addressed the crowd during the lodge’s anniversary party. (Delphos Herald/ Nancy Spencer) The Eagles saw its humble beginning at 209 1/2 N. Main St. before moving to where CR Golf is currently located. The club moved again to where the Delphos Postal Museum is now located before moving to its permanent home at 1600 E. Fifth St.

Charter members include J. M. Thatcher, John C. King, Chas. G. Steinel, C. C. Haller, Herman F. Jettinger, John Holtz, William Louth, Michael Stippich, Wm.Stegemann, Nick Gillen, Nick Schmidt, Chas. F. Jones, R. S. McClellan, J. E. Laemmermann, Wm. Townson, Arthur Fisher, Albert Burkmeyer, H. R. DeCamp, F. H. Staup, Wm. J. Irick, Jr., Chas. O’Neill, Fred Brendle, Luther Foster, Henry Metzger, Dr. C. W. Moots, Barney Odenweller, John W. Stokes, Wm. J. Steinel, Frank Bertling J. D. Decker, I. C. Rigby, C. L. Webster, C. O. Fry, Mat Brady, C. W. Bowman, H. Stevens, A. W. Thomas, Wm. Snook, Jos. L. Fortener, Geo. Bruns, M. Duffield, Veron T. Rinehart, Thom. Stevens, J. B. Roth, Frank Gremling, Wm. J. Kuhn, W. H. Reed, C. Moriarity, H. C. Elliott, C. A. Dufford, R. L. Strickler and Fred J. Weiter.

Delphos Eagles past presidents are Henry A Lang, Alex J Shenk, Frank S. Bowers, P. E. Wesco, C.O. Steinle, D.G. Gengler, W. Max Planer, Donald Ford, WM Louth, R.E. Henderleider, Syl J Hutz, John King, Raymond Stallkamp, John H Altenberger, J.F. Weideman, Caerance Holderle, John W Harbert, John Henry Clinger, Joseph Ostendorf, Joseph B. Minnig, A.C. Eiche, Leon Schimmoller, Kenneth Kortokrax, Eugene Krugh, Delmer Claypool, James Stegeman, Herschel Prine, Ralph T. Koenig, Uriah Stopher, Homer Roberts, Herbert Hageman, Virgil Vance, Otto J Davis, Kermit Minnig, Ortez Gallagher, Lawrence Etter, Norman Davis, Cliford Coffee, Wilfred Osting, Albert Clinger, David Miller, Raymond Baumgarte, Orville Wiechart, Raymond Gremling, Oskar Hemphling, John W. Harbert, John Bayman, Robert Tigner, Bill Line, Howard Kill, Edgar Vance, David Cross, Jim Weeden Jr., Jeffery Rostorfer, Ray Wireman, Herbert Wienken, John Rostorfer, Eugene Vorst, Howard Kill, Delmer Kohorst, Thomas Schimmoller, Delmer Kohorst, Thomas Schimmoller, Nick J. Ricker, John Rostorfor, Daniel J. Pothast, Randal Murry, Paul Sadler and Standing President Jack Bertling.

Auxiliary Charter members include Naomi Allemeier, Bessie M. Beckman, Edna Bendele, Sadie Baumgarte, Beatrice Benson, Rosemary Burgei, Alvera Benson, Maybelle Briggs, Mary C. Beck, Sarah M. Bigelow, Mayme Berry, Jeanne Clinger, Helen Clinger, Annabelle Claypool, Agnes Carmean, Lillian Crede, Mildred Clinger, Madge Coffee, Vada Claypool, Dorothy Dillon, Alice Dirham, Minnie Ditto, Opal Diltz, Mildred Davis, Gertrude Etter, Mary Jane Ellis, Helen Ebbeskotte, Della Emrick, Mary Jane Elwer, Grace Foust, Gwendolyn Fetzer, O’Rhea Fox, Vesta Huysman, Charlotte Hall, Levina Hoover, Rosemary Huysman, Hilda Hershey, Marie Jacomet, Nina Koenig, Edna Kortokrax, Margaret Krugh, Katie Keller, Florence Lindeman, Rosemary Lemkuhle, Margaret Minnig, Thelma Minnig, Lucy Merschman, Elenor Muller, Alma Minnig, Hazel Miller, Anna Mox, Helen M. Merschman, Helena Moreo, Inez Morgan, Lucille Merschman, Mary E. Metzger, Martha Meeker, Catherine Metzger, Alma McDonald, Lola McGue, Agnes Nomina, Laura Owens, Doris Parson, Hazel Prine, Alice Roberts, Margaret E. Roberts, Adeline Sendleback, Daisy Stepleton, Theresa Schneider, Amelia Sendlebach, Mary J. Schaffner, Tillie Stepleton, Edna L. Stopher, Vera Tigner, Millie Warren, Freda Utrup, Helen V. Vance, Isabella Schimmoller, Delores Vance, Estella Wieging, Dorothy Richardson, Flossie Klaus, Eleanor Ebbeskotte, Viola Hammons.

Auxiliary past presidents are Margaret Minnig, Nina Koenig, Isabella Schimmoller, Edna Kortokrax, Helen Vance, Jeanne Krugh, Hazel Burger, Alice Roberts, Rose Mary Fetzer, Mildred Davis, Dolores Hoffman, Margaret Roberts, Leatha Albright, Winifred Gallagher, Naomi Allemeier, Vala Pavel, Ruth Coffee, Ethel Wrocklage, Gwendolyn Fetzer, Rita Miller, Frances Heitt, Sadie Baumgarte, Mary K. Schmitt, Gertrude Hempfling, Doris Keller, Ruth Miller, Ellen Haney, Margie Harbert, Juanita Rex, Kay Tigner, Esther Lemke, Dorothea Ward, Bernadette Hasenkamp, Helen (Gasser) Clementz, Mary King, Irma Ricker, Vondah Carpenter, Lucy Carder, Thelma Minnig, Sue Radabaugh.

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