August 28, 2014

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Friday, November 08, 2013 9:28 PM

Over the next year and  a half, The Delphos Herald will follow four high school students, now juniors, on their journey to college. This is the second installment of the series.



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As high school students gaze into their futures contemplating what direction to go with a college career, admissions officers are pouring over submitted applications and weighing the attributes each potential undergraduate will bring to the campus community.

The Ohio State University’s Lima Campus Associate Director of Enrollment Services Bryan M. Albright said a student’s academic rating is very important. The academic rating looks at issues like what the student’s GPA is, what classes they took for that GPA, how competitive their high school is and their test scores.


“We hold our academic standards high,” Albright detailed. “The courses taught on our campus are the same courses taught on the Columbus campus and our faculty are part of their respective departments in Columbus. Each are held to the same high standards as Columbus faculty.”


He said students choose to attend Ohio State-Lima for three main reasons; affordability, a strong academic reputation and the campus location — close to home for many students.

“The US News and World Report has us ranked first in Ohio and 16th nationwide academically among public universities and colleges,” Albright said proudly.

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Interim Director Cecilia Castellano says that the college’s general admission requirements are a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and ACT score of 20.

“We look at the entire academic record,” she detailed. “The fall 2013 class has an average GPA of 3.31 and 22.6 ACT score.”

Schools look for students who have challenged themselves and expressed a passion for learning.

“We review both the GPA and test scores, as well as academic curriculum and class rank,” Castellano emphasized. “A student’s high school grades are very important factors, also.”

Albright explained that The Ohio State University at Lima holds to the tradition of Open Enrollment and any Ohio resident who has graduated from high school — or earned a GED — and not attended any other post-secondary school will be admitted.

Castellano said review of high school transcripts of students taking rigorous coursework and challenging Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) shows many of these courses provide weighted grades in the cumulative GPA. In addition, students that complete an IB diploma are eligible for a scholarship at BGSU.

“Good grades in high school tend to equal scholarship dollars,” Albright affirmed. “For new incoming freshmen, we offer a guaranteed merit scholarship called the Lima Buckeye Distinction Award if they meet specific GPA and ACT/SAT requirements and the dollar amount ranges from $400 - $3,000.”

Schools are looking for commitment and impact in the activities a student chooses to spend time in. Some admissions officers are interested in seeing students highly involved in one to three activities or sports over a number of years, rather than involved in many activities. Once a student finds the activities they want to focus on, the next step is to work on becoming a leader or demonstrate initiative.

“The college encourages students both in high school and in college to find extracurricular activities that are of interest to them and help them succeed,“ Castellano stated.

“Students who are active participants inside and outside the classroom tend to be the most successful,” Albright asserted. “Being an active participant within a campus organization gives a student something to put on their resume showing they’ve gained experience both inside and outside the classroom.”

Student’s college essays provide helpful additional information and insight to college admissions personnel with regard to a student’s academic performance in high school and future goals in college and beyond. Personal recommendations also prove to be important.

“While these are not required, we do accept them and review them as received,” Castellano explained. “Some scholarships required recommendations and those are very important in the selection process.”

Students who do something extraordinarily well may gain an edge in the college admissions process. A special talent or ability can be anything including performing or visual arts, athletics, science, math or writing. Colleges will look at the student’s accomplishments through recognition from others in the form of awards or scholarships. They may also look for significant contributions that show the student’s depth of commitment and follow-through.

“At BGSU, all students are required to meet the admission requirements and once a student has been admitted, some academic programs, such as music or art, require additional application or audition,” Castellano detailed.

“We like to see students who are motivated to expand their knowledge, who are driven by their successes and failures and that have a hunger to take advantage of opportunities inside and outside the classroom,” Albright added. “Opportunities such as internships, field experiences or undergraduate research projects.”

For more information on OSU-Lima financial aid and The Lima Buckeye Distinction Award visit

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