September 1, 2014

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013 9:26 PM

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Jefferson sweeps football awards

DELPHOS — Jefferson swept the top three individual honors in all-Northwest Conference football selection voting by coaches at a meeting in Delphos on Monday.

Jefferson senior Ross Thompson was voted Lineman Of The Year in the NWC. Thompson was selected as a first-team all-conference player on both offense and defense after receiving second-team honors as a junior.

Zavier Buzard, a senior running back, was named the Back of the Year in the conference.

Selected as NWC Coach Of The Year was Bub Lindeman of Jefferson.

The final NWC standings for 2013 are as follows: 1. Jefferson 9-1, 6-1; 2. Crestview 8-2, 6-1; 3. Ada 7-2. 6-1; 4. Bluffton 6-4, 4-3; Spencerville 5-5, 3-4; 6. Allen East 4-6, 2-5; 7. Columbus Grove 2-8, 1-6; 8. Paulding 2-8, 0-7.


First Team: Tight End: Ross Thompson (Jefferson senior); Offensive Line: Isaac Illig (Jefferson senior), Scott Miller (Crestview senior), Lucas Perkins (Spencerville senior), Noah Beach (Ada junior), Levi Bass (Ada junior); Wide Receiver: Austin Dumbaugh (Ada senior), Robbie Stratton (Bluffton junior); Quarterback: Matt Wilcox (Ada senior); Running Backs: Zavier Buzard (Jefferson senior), Ross Stewart (Allen East senior), Malcom Oliver (Crestview junior);

Second Team: Tight End: Tyler Core (Spencerville senior); Offensive Line: Zen Burdette (Crestview senior), Garrett Heuerman (Allen East junior), Hunter Smith (Bluffton senior), Eli Hawk (Spencerville junior), Adam Crabtree (Jefferson senior); Wide Receiver: Isaiah Simerman (Crestview senior), Tyler Mox (Jefferson senior); Quarterback: Preston Zaleski (Crestview junior); Running Backs: Anthony Schuh (Spencerville senior), Noah Stratton (Bluffton senior), Colton Miller (Spencerville senior)

Honorable Mention: Tight End: Levi Kistler (Bluffton junior), Mason Smith (Columbus Grove senior), Nate Owens (Crestview junior); Offensive Line: Will Selhorst (Columbus Grove senior), Isaac Ludwig (Paulding junior), Justin Stewart (Jefferson senior), Seth Moser (Crestview junior), Noah Illig (Jefferson sophomore), Travis Wireman (Allen East junior), Justin Shoemaker (Ada sophomore); Wide Receiver: (Spencer Archer (Ada senior), Quentin Vance (Paulding senior); Quarterback: Austin Jettinghoff (Jefferson senior), Mitchell Ault (Bluffton sophomore); Running Backs: Joey Warnecke (Columbus Grove senior).


First Team: Defensive Line: Saed Al-Olimat (Ada senior), Scott Miller (Crestview senior), Ryan Kerby (Jefferson senior), Noah Beach (Ada junior), Logan Vandemark (Spencerville junior); Defensive End: Jordan McCann (Jefferson junior), Isaac Little (Bluffton senior); Linebacker: Ross Thompson (Jefferson senior), Jordan Roop (Crestview junior), Drake Luginbuhl (Bluffton senior); Defensive Back: Robbie Stratton (Bluffton junior), Tyler Mox (Jefferson senior), Noah Stratton (Bluffton senior), Isaiah Simerman (Crestview senior).

Second Team: Defensive Line: Christian Montgomery (Bluffton senior), Zen Burdette (Crestview senior), Lane Nitchie (Ada junior), Brendan Thomas (Paulding senior); Defensive End: Austin Dumbaugh (Ada senior), Tyler Core (Spencerville senior); Linebacker: Blake Ansley (Ada sophomore), Zach Goecke (Spencerville sophomore), Joey Warnecke (Columbus Grove junior); Defensive Back: Matt Wilcox (Ada senior), Malcom Oliver (Crestview junior), Cole Basham (Allen East senior).

Honorable Mention: Defensive Line: Jon Young (Crestview senior); Defensive End: Will Selhorst (Columbus Grove senior), Dylan Henry (Crestview senior), Isaac Illig (Jefferson senior); Linebacker: Dalton Hicks (Jefferson sophomore), Seth Moser (Crestview junior), Levi Bass (Ada junior), Alec Gladwell (Columbus Grove senior), Chazz Hahn (Paulding senior), Joe Gorman (Jefferson senior); Defensive Back: C.J. Shartzer (Columbus Grove senior), Taylor Deatrick (Paulding senior), Nate Owens (Crestview junior), Jordan Miller (Crestview sophomore), Corbin Edewards (Paulding sophomore).

Specialist: First Team Returner: Tyler Mox (Jefferson senior); Second-Team Returner: Austin Bricker (Bluffton junior); HM Returner: David Bogart (Columbus Grove junior). Kicker: HM - Kameron Grubaugh.



Hoyng, Kunkler MAC players of the year

Junior Brody Hoyng of Coldwater was named the Midwest Athletic Offensive Player of the Year and Marion Local junior Jacob Kunkler its Defensive Player od the Year.

Tim Goodwin of Marion Local is MAC Coach of the Year.


First Team: End: Ethan Wolf (Minster senior); Receivers/Split Ends: Eli Wolf (Minster junior), Troy Homan (Marion Local senior), Adam Klosterman (Coldwater senior), Damien Richard (Versailles senior); Punter: Dustin Rethman (Marion Local junior); Kicker: Peyton Kramer (Marion Local junior); Center: Ryan Shumaker (St. John’s senior); Guards: Sam Poeppelman (Marion Local senior), Noah Gehron (Parkway senior); Tackles: Jason Brunswick (Marion Local senior), Spencer Ginter (St. John’s senior); Quarterback: Brody Hoying (Coldwater junior); Running Backs: Tyler Jettinghoff (St. John’s senior), Jacy Goettemoeller (Marion Local junior), Christiaan Williams (Anna junior).

Second Team: End: Brant Barna (Parkway senior); Receivers/Split Ends: Jeff Paul (St. Henry senior), Nick Ihle (Anna senior); Punter: Ben Wrasman (St. John’s senior); Kicker: Matt Kramer (Coldwater senior); Center: Austin Klosterman (Coldwater senior); Guards: Caleb Madaj (Coldwater junior), Blake Spangler (Coldwater junior); Tackles: Wes Hegemann (Minster senior), Chandler Cotterman (Anna junior); Quarterback: Adam Bertke (Marion Local senior); Running Backs: Sam Dues (Minster junior), Hunter Wilker (Marion Local sophomore), Garrett Westerbeck (New Bremen senior).


First Team: Ends: Andrew Schwieterman (Coldwater senior), Peyton Kramer (Marion Local junior); Interior Linemen: Jason Brunswick (Marion Local senior), Mitch Fullenkamp (Coldwater junior); Inside Linebackers: Jacob Kunkler (Marion Local junior), Mitch Schoenherr (Coldwater senior); Outside Linebackers: Brandon Prenger (Marion Local senior), Cody Looser (St. John’s senior); Corners: Dustin Rethman (Marion Local junior), Adam Klosterman (Coldwater senior); Safeties: Brody Hoying (Coldwater junior), Evan Fleck (Marion Local junior).

Second Team: Ends: Brant Barna (Parkway senior), Ethan Wolf (Minster senior); Interior Linemen: Wes Hegemann (Minster senior), Chandler Cotterman (Anna junior); Inside Linebackers: Wes Showalter (Anna junior), Luke MacLennan (St. John’s senior); Outside Linebackers: Adam Reichert (St. Henry senior), Drew Otten Coldwater senior); Corners: Nate Nagel (Marion Local senior), Craig Langenkamp (Versailles senior); Safeties: Evan Hays (St. John’s junior), Damien Richard (Versailles senior).


Anna: Josh Robinson, Shawn Wenrick, Ryan Counts, Carter Bensman.

Coldwater: Jared Post, Derek Thobe.

Ft Recovery: Reece Grieshop, Seth Riegle, Kyle Schroer, Kyle Timmerman, Trent Dues, Alex Wenning.

Marion Local: Nathan Heckman, Aaron Nietfeld.

Minster: Josh Nixon, Prater Otting, Jacob Dues, Hayden Schindler.

New Bremen: Jacob Gilberg, Ben Strang.

Parkway: Dakota Hucke, Ryan Lautzenheiser, Adam Stutz, Nick Hoehammer.

St Henry: Adam Guggenbiller , Jesse Niekamp, Jordan Osterholt, Tyler Schwieterman.

St John’s: Wes Buettner, Jason Wittler, Austin Heiing.

Versailles: Jace Barga, Nick Campbell, Kyle Dieringer, Evan Phlipot, Mitch Gigandet.


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