August 27, 2014

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Spencerville back on track for water project PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, November 05, 2013 12:00 AM


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SPENCERVILLE — Mayor P. J. Johnson reported during Monday’s village council meeting Village Administrator Sean Chapman, Richard Kirk of Kirk Bros., Poggemeyer Design Group and IFM (Industrial Fluid Management) met with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) in Columbus on Friday to discuss the revised plans for the water treatment plant. The meeting led to the agency granting the village partial approval of the revised plans which will allow commencement of the project.

Johnson said IFM has sent a letter of thank you to the OEPA.


On Oct. 25, prior to the meeting in Columbus, Chapman, Kirk, Poggemeyer and IFM met at the water treatment plant to review the existing construction and determine how the new construction would connect to the existing infrastructure. The information from the meeting was used by Poggemeyer and IFM to create the revised plans to complete the project.


Also in Chapman’s report was an update on the funding for the canal trail project, which, if granted, will be funded by Clean Ohio Trails Fund Grant through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The application was submitted last year and has now been conditionally approved. Chapman will contact the ODNR for the details on the grant period and time frame to appropriate funds for the project, which Chapman says he believes is a reimbursement type grant.

Village council passed five resolutions including establishing a cafeteria plan for flexible benefits for employees, which will go into effect Dec. 1; and authorizing Reliable Plumbing Contract for utility bill collection, which is a renewal with the current contract set to expire.

“This contract can be terminated by either party 60 days after notification,” Johnson said. “We have had previous discussions about in-house collection.”

Two more resolutions were approved including authorizing the EMS and fire contracts. Both were up for renewal with no changes to the contract.

Council suspended and passed on emergency the final resolution approving transferring appropriations within the Income Tax Fund.

Council unanimously voted to approve paying the bills in the sum of $10,158.

Johnson said that after receiving Village Attorney Alan Smith’s resignation letter in September and has been in contact with other municipalities inquiring about legal representation.

“The trend is that municipalities do not have one main solicitor,” he said. “They use firms with multiple attorneys since many attorneys do not have the time to dedicate themselves to one municipality.”

Johnson said the village will use a Lima firm Cory, Meredith, Witter, Anderson & Smith Professional Legal Association, as its legal representation with Steven Kessler sitting in at council meetings.

In the Police Report, Chief Darin Cook said the department is one canine officer down. Eleven-year-old Barry, who was in service eight years, had been suffering from lower back arthritis which had been causing severe pain in his legs. His condition worsened and the canine had to be put down. Arrangements for the cremation and burial are in process.

Cook also reported that he has been working 6-7 days a week due to the shortage of manpower. He has been trying to recruit part-time help and making a huge effort to cover all shifts.

He also gave an update on the coyote’s that have been plaguing the village.

“One was brave enough to follow behind me while driving in the cruiser,” he added.

As discussed in October’s meeting, the plan is to set traps in ditches. Cook said he thought the coyotes would retreat from the village after the corn was taken off.

“If anyone comes up on a coyote, do not turn and run,” Cook warned. “It will think you are prey. Stand your ground and yell at it.”

In addition, Cook says there have been complaints from residents about citizens walking their dogs and not cleaning up after them.

“There is a village ordinance,” he explained. “I’ve never had to enforce it in the 24 years that I have been here.”

Village Clerk/Treasurer Dawn Bailey said that she and Chapman have worked on the budget and that it may be complete by Dec. 1.

“When the levy passes, we will not see revenue until April,” Bailey detailed. “We will only see a portion and it will be a good year before we see larger revenues.”

Councilman Michael Bice asked Bailey how much revenue is expected.

“About $80,000 is a ballpark figure,” she said.

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