September 1, 2014

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Curator's Corner — Art auction PDF Print E-mail
Friday, November 01, 2013 8:00 PM

By now, you probably have heard we are having a whale of a party at the museum Sunday. When I look at everything we have to offer, I feel like a kid in the candy store. Enjoy complementary wine (that means ‘it is on the house’) and wonderful hors d’oeuvres as you preview all the art. That preview/cocktail hour begins at 3 p.m.

The excitement of the auction is one thing but we will be having all kinds of ways for you to walk out of here with a real gem. You can bet that we will have the ever-popular 50/50 drawing but there is more. We will have a silent auction for some interesting libations but the big item is right behind door number two. It is a raffle for a one-week stay in a resort area of the United States in a fully-stocked condominium (worth between $1,000-$1,200). You even get a list of places to choose from and when you would like to go. Wow! Anyone can purchase tickets. The more you buy, the better….Think about your odds of winning! How do you like that? Call today and reserve your seat. (Ruth Ann at 419-296-8443 or Gary Levitt at 419-303-5482) If you get voicemail, please just leave a message. Entrance fee is just $10 per person.

The best fundraising events are when people know what the need is. Those of you who have attended functions at the museum’s second floor gallery know that we have no running water. There used to be a couple of bathrooms and a wet bar as well. Now people have to use the facilities that are on the first floor. In addition, lighting is a real problem. At the moment, there are just a couple of household-style light fixtures to illuminate the 4,700 square feet of display area.

Bottom line: until we have a useful lighting system, we will continue to have to borrow portable lighting. Both of these items are required for us to use the space effectively and as an opportunity to provide programming that will benefit both the museum and local groups as well.

The postal museum has joined a group that is very concerned about preserving our history- the Ohio Local History Alliance (OHLA). As a member of their board, I will be serving as the representative for Northwest Ohio. This organization works in conjunction with the Ohio Historical Society. Their current campaign deals with the impact you and I can have on the welfare of the local non-profit by donating your tax refund to an organization like the Museum of Postal History. Yes, you most likely will get a tax deduction for your taxes of the following year but the thought that you can make a difference – that’s the real joy of giving.

We have survived and even thrived because of local interest, local fundraising and local giving. When you step into the entranceway, you will see how important our major donors have been to us.

To learn more about the OHLA, check out their website at or see their promotion video on youtube. Just think what we can all accomplish together.

There are tickets available at the door. Call me for more information.


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