August 27, 2014

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Monday, October 28, 2013 12:00 AM

Several of the Dienstbergers were entrepreneurs and others had a passion for music. They ventured into such businesses as blacksmithing, buggy making, wagon and carriage maker, tent and awning, coal and auto sales. One business still survives as Delphos Tent and Awning. Some became teachers and one became a school bus driver. Some served their country in the military.

Let’s review the fourth generation of the Dienstberger family. This includes Carl Owen Smith, son of Cedelia; Carl, Jr. and Sally, children of Carl, Sr. and Mollie; Evelyn, Paul Arnold, Donald Boyer and Robert (the children of William and Zoe); Cletus, Merle, Leslie, LaDonna, Martha and Irma (the children of Jacob and Anna).

The fifth generation includes: Cynthia Gouch, Carl Owen, Jr., Donnie and Nancy Herron (descendents of Evelyn Wade); Paul Roger (1936), Diane Marie (1937), Carol Ann (1938), Danny Dean (1939 – 2000), Terry Lee (1940 – 2004) and Henry William (1945), who were children of Paul Arnold and Dolores (Wegesin) Dienstberger. The fifth generation also includes: Sue Hinton (daughter of Bob Dienstberger and Donna Workman) and Kim Perrin (daughter of Bob Dienstberger and Doris Keller Dienstberger). Bob and Doris also had a son, Earl, who died in infancy in 1954.

Paul Roger Dienstberger married Janice Marlene Neese (b 1936). Their children are: Kristina Lynn (1957) Eighinger and Kyle Von (1959). Paul and Janice celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2006. Paul taught school in Ashland and still coaches golf. He has also written books on history and sports.

Diane Marie Dienstberger married James LaVern Boser (b 1936). They had four children Timothy James (1958), Cindy Pikluski (1959), Jeffrey John (1962) and Amy Klimczyk (1967). Diane and Jim Boser live in Allegany, N.Y. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 2007.

Carol Ann Dienstberger married Joe Clarence Youngpeter (1937) and they live near Landeck. They were parents of five children: Vicki Jo Schnipke (1961), Peggy Ann (1965), Becky Lynn Miller (1968), Tammy Rakovan (1970) and Mark (1971 – 1997). Carol and Joe were also blessed with celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in 2009. Joe is a farmer. Carol is a busy homemaker, after retiring from her position as a school bus driver for the Delphos City Schools.

Danny Dean Dienstberger married Beverly Mericle Dancer and later divorced. In his second marriage, Dan married Linda Burton. Dan’s children are: Sandy Dancer Lause (1949), Diana Dancer Johnson (1953) and Paula Marie Winkler (1964). Danny Dean passed away in 2000.

Terry Lee Dienstberger married Constance Tippie and later divorced. He later married Bonnie Stripe. Terry’s children are: Daniel Ray (1967) Gregory Scott (1965), Brian Paul (1963 – 1963) and Richard “Ricky” (1970). Rick is a teacher at the Franklin School in Delphos.

Henry William Dienstberger married Kathy Douts (b948) and they live in Lancaster, Penn. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 2013.

The passenger list from the ship Jacob Dienstberger traveled to America on in 1850. (Submitted photo)Donald, the second son of William and Zoe Dienstberger, went by the name Donald Boyer. He was born in 1910 and passed away in 2006. He was married to Margaret Prince (1922 – 1997). Donald had a 30 year career in the United States Army.

Robert was the youngest son of William and Zoe Dienstberger. Bob was born in 1914 and died in 2006. Bob first married Donna Workman and they had one daughter, Sue (1940 – 2009). She was married to Jay Hinton, who passed away in 2013. Bob’s second marriage was to Doris Keller (1926 – 2013). They had two children: their first, Earl died in infancy (1954 – 1954). They were later blessed with a daughter, Kim (1958) who married Bruce Perrin. Bob and Doris were able to celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary; Bob was the owner, operator of the City Fuel Company on South Main Street in Delphos. Doris was a long time volunteer at St. Rita’s Hospital.

Now let’s move on to the sixth, seventh and eighth generations. We have William A. (1954) and Chris C. (1956), children of Cynthia Gouch; Kris Eighlinger and Kyle Von, children of Paul Roger and Janice Dienstberger; Timothy James Boser, Cindy Pikuski, Jeff Boser and Amy Klimczyk, children of Diane and James Boser; Vicki Jo Schnipke, Peggy Pohlman, Becky Miller, Tammy Rakoven and Mark (1971 – 1997), children of Carol and Joe Youngpeter; Sandy Dancer Lause, Diana Dancer Johnson and Paula Marie Winkler, children of Danny Dean Dienstberger; andn Gregory Scott, Daniel Ray and Rick, children of Terry Lee Dienstberger.

Now for the seventh and eighth generations: Nicki Sponsler (1977), Livia Sponsler (2003), Brendan Sponsler (2006), Carlly Little (1982), Aiden Baker (2002), Sophie and Maddie Little (2008), Collin Little (2010), Tyson Pique Dienstberger (1986), Lillian Marie Dienstberger (2013), R. Ryan Dienstberger (1988), Donna, Eric, Adam, Cord and Alex Thornton and Jackson Thornton (2013)……Jason Boser (1982), Sarah Gryabinski (1984), Paul Boser (1989) John Boser (1991) and Kaylee Gryabinski (2010), Jordan Boser (1990) Ashley Boser (1993), Jacob Boser (1994), Taylor Boser (1996), Jamie Klimczyk (1994) and Tyler Klimczyk (2000)….. Craig (1987), Beth (1988) and Kim (1993) Schnipke; Brent (1987), Lee (1989) and Scott (1992) Pohlman and Landon Joseph Pohlman (2012), Connor Miller (1998) and Alexis “Lexie” (1998) Rakovan…..Josh Winkler (1997) and Lauren Winkler (1992), Hayden Winkler (2010) and Haylee Winkler (2011)……Garrett (1984), Nicole (1988), Kirsten (1998) and Kailyn (2006) Dienstberger…..Chris (1994) and Kara (1997) Dienstberger….Emily (2002) and Kylee (2004) Dienstberger…….Mike (1958), Mark (1960) and Jodi (1962) Hinton; Renee (1982) Murphy, Matthew Murphy (2007) and Deanna Perrin (1984) all make up the younger generations of the Dienstberger Clan.

Now for a little history of some members of the Dienstberger families:

Dolores (Wegesin) Dienstberger was well known and well loved by many Delphos residents, as well as by her family. The family lived at 535 E. Fifth St. and they were members of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. Dolores was chosen Tri-County Woman of the Year in 1990 and in 1999, she was honored as Grand Marshal of the Delphos Canal Days Parade.

After retiring from the R. G. Dunn Cigar Factory, Dolores started volunteering her time in the late 1960s when Meals-on-Wheels began and needed drivers to deliver meals to shut-ins. She along with her husband, Paul, often handled the meal routes of both the Delphos Memorial Home and the Sarah Jane Geriatric Center.

Her work at the Inter-Faith Thrift Shop began in 1970, when she served as one of the hostesses at the shop. Through the years the Thrift Shop enlarged several times.

Dolores’s husband, Paul, passed away in 1982 and her six children had left the nest so this energetic woman accepted the position as director of the Inter-Faith Thrift Shop in 1983. Caring for the needs of others was not confined to the Delphos Community. She delivered clothing and other articles to the area migrant camps and to other communities, where there was a need. She often used her own truck. Harold Ladd and John Pointing would bring their semi-trucks to assist with the loads of clothing to different areas. By 1999 they delivered 140 loads to other places.

As a director of the Thrift Shop, she took on the task of delivering food to the needy. Food was donated by Meyer’s IGA, Dave’s Market, Gessner Produce and the Chief Supermarket. Later, this job was taken over by the St. Vincent DePaul Society but the Thrift Shop still manages a food pantry.

Dolores went to her great reward in Heaven at the age of 84 in 1999. She always had a smile and greeting for everyone. She was survived by their six children, 14 grand-children, five stepgrandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and 10 stepgreat-grandchildren.

The family of Dolores and Paul have scattered around the state and the country.

Music has been a passion for many of the Dienstberger Clan. Leslie “Les” Dienstberger started making music in 1944 and he’s still making music; proving that there is plenty of life left after a guy turns 80. While Les was a sophomore in high school, and playing tuba in the Delphos High School Band, he was approached by his friend, Eddie Mox, who asks him to play tuba for the Pop Giesken Booster Band, since their tuba player was sick. That’s when it all started. His first night with the band was at The Well in Glandorf on Halloween. Almost everyone within 100 miles has heard of Pop Giesken’s Band. The name has changed over the years, and some members have come and gone but Les is still with the band, which is now known as the Village Idiots. They have played in numerous night spots and participated in many parades. Les had to take time out to serve in the U. S. Army during the Korean War. Les also played in the Delphos Eagles Band. Les remembered that his grandparents played in the Dienstberger Band.

Carl Dienstberger Sr. was very well known as a member of Paul Whiteman’s Band, once known as the “King of Jazz.” He was a popular violinist, soloist and director for the band from 1921-33. Carl started studying the violin when he was age 5 and he took the trolley car from Delphos to Lima, where he studied under Gail Watson, who was a student of Leopold Auer in Moscow, Russia. He became a violin virtuoso and played with the Cleveland Symphony at age 17. Carl helped organize the Delphos High School Band when he was 16. Carl had at least five well known bands of his own. During the old Tri-County Fair (aka Delphos Street Fair) Carl’s band played in the dance hall tent.

Carl’s bands played in New York and Detroit. He broadcast daily on Detroit radio stations WJR, WWJ, WXYZ, WLW, KFOR, WIMJ and NBC In later years Carl returned to Delphos, where he became owner, operator of C. D. Motor Sales. He also served as a service director for the City of Delphos. Carl Sr. died in 1984 at the age of 84. His funeral was held at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. Carl Jr. (son of Carl Sr. and Mollie) lives in Delphos.

Carl Jr. spent 30 years as an aerospace engineer in researching at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton before returning to Delphos in the 80s to assist his father as the Oldsmobile dealer. His sister, Sally, lives in Florida, near her two children and grandchildren. Sally’s husband, Dr. John Hurt passed away during this past year.

Jacob Dienstberger, the father of Les, was the founder of Delphos Tent & Awning, which has been located on North Main Street for several years. The business began on West Third Street, across from the funeral home. Herman Dienstberger joined his brother in the business and they changed the name to Dienstberger Brothers Tent and Awning. In the beginning, they put awnings on houses or businesses, took them down and stored them for the winter, then put them back up in the spring. At one time, they occupied the VFW Building because it was large enough for them to lay out tents on the cement floor. Jacob retired from the business, when he was in his 60s. Hermie was the sole owner until he sold it to Don Allemeier. It is a very thriving business, with tents all over this area and outside the area.

For some added interest: The following was found by my friend, Evy on Ancestry: Nicholas Dienstberger, born 22 November 1922, died 9 December 1905 and buried in the West Plain Cemetery in Connecticut. His wife was Augusta, who died 18 October 1873.

I would especially like to thank Paul, Les, Doris and Carl Dienstberger Jr. and Carol Youngpeter for giving me all the information on the families. Thank you!


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