August 21, 2014

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Saturday, October 26, 2013 12:00 AM



I imagine most everyone saw it snow this week and you have your winter coats out and the heat on in the house. I broke down and turned it on yesterday. My general rule of thumb is not to turn it on until Thanksgiving time but I had to toss that rule out this year. Hopefully we’ll still have Indian Summer since we’ve now had a pretty hard frost. Then I can turn the heat off again for a little while. It’s been windy enough that my leaves are all blowing away but I may still have to rake up a bag or two yet, who knows.

At the end of September, many of our volunteers enjoyed an afternoon of visiting followed by the Appreciation Dinner. Table decorations were items that came into the Thrift Shop and each table looked spectacular. Many thanks were extended to those who give so freely of their time to help out at the Thrift Shop, whether it’s sorting, hanging items, calling and lining up the volunteers, cashing out and bagging purchases, cleaning and repairing or in any capacity at all. The Thrift Shop couldn’t run as efficiently as it does without all of these dedicated people. If you’d like to be a part of our volunteer “family,” please contact the shop at 419-692-2942. Any and all help will be most appreciated.

Everything is on track to get that new door in that will go between the newly purchased building and the current shop. We were hoping to get it in before the weather turned cold or the snow was deep. Well, at least the snow isn’t deep. Currently, patrons still need to enter the Christmas Shop through the outside door on Main Street. There are so many nice Christmas trees in that section, along with all kinds of knick-knacks, stockings, Christmas kitchen towels, lights, and well, you name it. Stop in and browse all the neat things! Be careful when entering and exiting — there’s a step there and it sometimes tends to catch one off-guard here and there.

I was talking to a friend who was so pleased with several pair of shoes she found in the Boutique. They were hardly ever used and she knew they would have cost her a fortune at a department store. She’s a weekly shopper and looks forward to coming every Thursday. She said she’s helped set up housekeeping for her nieces from the nice things she’s found at the Delphos Thrift Shop.

As tough economic times continue, we are still helping a record number of the Delphos community people, whether it’s help with electric, rent, groceries, car repair or other needs. If you are in need or if you know someone who could use some help, please call us at 419-692-2942 and ask for Becky in the Social Services Department to set up an appointment to get you or them some assistance. Our mission remains the same as always: to assist those in need.

We are so thankful for the donations that continue to come in. We’ve been blessed with so many nice items that come in through the donation drop off window as well as non-perishable food items for the Food Pantry and monetary donations. As a reminder, please have fragile items wrapped to prevent breakage as well as injury to our volunteers. If the window happens to be full, we ask that you don’t leave the items on the sidewalk where they are not protected from the weather. You can always call to make arrangements for a drop off if the window happens to be full. I actually saw someone bringing in a trailer load of many nice things a couple weeks ago and she had called ahead to let them know she would be coming. That was a very nice thing to do, and so appreciated, as we could have the help there to assist in unloading.

Fall cleaning is well underway. Remember us with your gently used items.

Until the next time, that’s this month’s report.


Remember to walk as Jesus walked. He was a servant. He was a helper. He so loved those in need.

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