August 21, 2014

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Joseph, Pohlman, other locals prepping for Tiffin Regionals PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, October 24, 2013 8:08 PM


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St. John’s cross country runners Megan Joseph and Curtis Pohlman will be in somewhat familiar territory at Saturday’s Diviaion III Regional meet at Tiffin’s Hedges-Boyer Park.

Joseph, a senior, will be running in her third regionals; the only time she did not make it this far was as a sophomore, when she was injured.


However, she knows she hasn’t exactly set the world on fire when she has run in the regionals before.


“I haven’t set any personal records at regionals; I haven’t run my best times there,” Joseph explained. “I usually don’t mind running when it’s colder — which it generally is at regionals — but when you throw in the strong competition, of how the atmosphere and course are more fan-friendly but how difficult the course actually is, of how talented the runners are and how well you have to run to stay within reach of the leaders, I think I let all that get to me.

“Last year, it was so muddy at Tiffin; you had to worry so much about slipping and that distracts you. I got a little disoriented. For example, when I got to the 2-mile break, I thought it was the first mile, that’s how out of it I was.”

Joseph, who qualified to regionals with a 21:23.9 on the muddy Ottawa Memorial Park turf (good for 11th), knows that this is her final scholastic cross country race and how she has to be mentally tough.

“I just have to be really focused on running, no matter the weather, the competition or the crowd. I think that is an area I have improved a lot this year,” she added. “I had my PR this year, so I know I can run well. I just have to run my race and not think about anything else. I think I was overwhelmed last year; I hope it won’t happen again. I have to run and not think about the pain or the cold or anything.”

For Pohlman, a sophomore, he ran in the regionals as a freshman but that was all the way across the state at Youngstown.

“That course was really slippery because of all the rain they had there. I also didn’t know any of my competition and as a freshman, with the environment and everything, that all got to me,” he explained. “I will be at Tiffin this year; we had a practice run Wednesday to get acclimated and I hope it helps me come Saturday.”

Pohlman, who clinched 13th place at the Ottawa District with a clocking of 18:07.1, figures that familiarity will help his efforts come Saturday.

“I know who my competition is because I’ve been running against them a lot. I have something to compare myself against and how I have done over the last two years,” he added. “Last year, I didn’t have a clue who I was really up against — outside of seeing their times from districts. I fell behind and couldn’t catch up. The goal this year is to not let that happen. I ran a 17:46 this year and my goal is a 17:31. I think that would put me in the top half of the meet.”Joseph

Other locals getting ready to rumble at Tiffin in the Division III race include the Lincolnview boys team — second in the District 1 race at Ottawa — led by Bayley Tow (3rd; 17:08.9), Alex Rodriguez (9th; 17:27.9), Ben Bilimek (17th; 18:12.6), Travis Lippi (18th; 18:24.5), Trevor Neate (19th; 18:31.5), Colton Snyder (22nd; 18:39) and Tracey West (28th; 19:07).

The Crestview boys finished third in the District 1 race at districts: Mycah Grandstaff (7th; 17:24.8), Charles Thornburg (10th; 17:44.5), Branden Clayton (14th; 18:08.5), Bryce Richardson (16th; 18:10.6), Cody Mefferd (30th; 19:12.1), Adam Saylor (35th; 19:30) and Copsey Bogle (43rd; 19:55.8).

In the District 2 boys race, Columbus Grove grabbed top honors: Colton Grothaus (3rd; 17:06.5), Jerry Kesselmayer (7th; 17:39.6), Logan Douglas (8th; 17:40.8), Lee Altenburger (9th; 17:50.7), Bryce Sharrits (18th; 18:10.12), Alex Tabler (29th; 19:04.7 and Zach Shafer (35th; 19:14.8).

On the girls side, Spencerville’s crew tied for fourth in the District 1 race and advanced: Cierra Adams (8th; 20:53.9), Karri Purdy (13th; 21:26), Tori Hardesty (19th; 22:32.6), Kacie Mulholland (29th; 23:10.6), Megan Miller (39th; 23:51.2) and Tesa Horton (57th; 26:26.8)

Kalida’s Katelyn is the lone LadyCat to advance as she finished fourth at districts (20:33.8).

In Division II, both Van Wert’s boys and girls teams clinched runner-up status.

On the boys side: Connor Holliday (3rd; 16:36), Connor Shaffer (9th; 17:07.7), Jordan Butler (11th; 17:22.9), Cade Fleming (12th; 17:23.2), Daniel Perry (14th; 17:24.7), Eric Easley (28th; 18:27) and Ryan Rice (34th; 18:43).

For the Lady Cougars: Andi Foster (5th; 20:34.2), Schealissa Williams (9th; 20:47.5), Chloee Gamble (10th; 20:50.2), Amanda Clay (13th; 21:06.5), Natalie Riethman (19th; 21:34.1), Megan Barnhart (24th; 21:46.2) and Whitney Meyers (45th; 23:08.8).

The lone Elida runner to make it to the Tiffin Regionals was Alyssa Turrentine, who finished sixth in the girls race (20:41.1).

Running begins 11 a.m. Saturday.

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