September 1, 2014

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Injuries a part of the game — any time, anywhere PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, October 27, 2013 12:00 AM


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Everyone knows that injuries are a part of the game, no matter which one you are talking or at whatever level, especially the physical sports such as football, hockey, soccer, etc.

Baseball has its share as well.

However, doesn’t it seem as if injuries are piling up at record rates in the National Football League these days?

Or perhaps is it more perception, that it seems as if this is so but in reality, it isn’t.

Some of the stars of today are going down, like a Reggie Wayne, a re-emerging Sam Bradford, Dallas defensive ends DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer, etc., etc, etc.

How severe they are as compared to a decade ago — or two — remains to be seen or if this trend continues.


I remember Don James during the University of Washington’s “Purple Reign” defensive era, led by such luminaries as defensive tackle Steve Emtman.

His death Sunday brought that to mind.

I wasn’t necessarily a fan of his then but as I have reached old age — OK, middle age — OK, later youth! — I have come to appreciate good coaching anywhere and for anyone.

Rest in Peace.


Why doesn’t this surprise me?

Retired NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia has contacted the Cleveland Browns for a try-out.

In a sense, it makes some sense. I don’t think he really wanted to retire when he did and this might be his last chance to prove he can still play the game at a high level.

The Browns apparently declined the offer but I think it shows the disarray of this team right now under center. With Brian Hoyer out, Brandon Weeden has proven ineffective and I don’t believe anyone thinks Jason Campbell can do the job. That’s why they bypassed Campbell in the first place when Weeden got hurt; he was a veteran who theoretically would give them the best chance to win this year and Hoyer an unproven player and yet they go with the unknown player.

Perhaps this is a stunt as well to get the rest of the team to step up and accept responsibility, just like they all seemingly did after they traded Trent Richardson.

Too bad Roger Staubach or Danny White didn’t do this in Big “D” to finally get Tony Romo to take professional football seriously BEFORE Jerry Jones gave him far too much money — and THEN telling us he expects Tony to take his job seriously!

You see, Browns’ fans, I KNOW what you are going through!


Did you read about this?

It seems as if a Texas High School, Aleda (Fort Worth) High School, destroyed a team — Western Hills — 91-0.

Aleda coach Tim Buchanan took what ANYONE would consider to be legitimate steps to not have this game get out of hands: he benched his starters after only 21 plays — that isn’t even the first quarter! — ran the ball and even asked for (and received) a running clock after halftime.

And yet a parent on the losing team formally accused the coach of bullying, claiming he could have done more to prevent this, such as having his players in the game not play hard!

Good way to get yourself hurt, sir!

Even the losing coach disagreed with the complaint but it has to be investigated.

Listen, I get the fact that there is running up the score — we have ALL seen it! — and it stinks.

At the same time, unless you want to claim that the starters never should have played, this coach did everything to not run it up.

Plus, your non-starters don’t always get a chance to play under the lights; they work just as hard as the starters — who do you think the starters go against in practice? — and deserve a chance when you can give it to them.

Whatever happened to telling people to grow up?

Thankfully, apparently the district officials doing the investigation found the accusation to be without foundation.

Good for them.

Want to bet it doesn’t end there?


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