August 20, 2014

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Village explores storm sewer line washout PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 12:21 AM


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FORT JENNINGS — Mayor Jim Smith discussed a washout area between State Route 634 and the river and an additional three areas close to State Route 190 which could cause potential problems in the future during Tuesday’s village council meeting.

“We could get a camera from Columbus Grove — they have a tractor driven camera — to see inside the line,” Smith said. “The cost is $100 per hour to film it.”

Smith would like to get a firm price on video taping the line. He also said because of the safety issues, he would like to keep the farmers from farming those areas, which run perpendicular to the highways. Early conjecture is the pipe may have overflowed and caused blown seams during the flood in 2008.

Council member Greg Brown gave the Police Committee report and said things have been quiet.

At last month’s meeting, Brown reported a resident, who lives on Main Street, has been refusing to pay a water bill and although he reports he is moving, the property is still in his name and he is responsible for the bill. Police Chief Ethyl Vaughn said that she has hand-delivered the water bill to the resident explaining that they have to pay the water bill until they sell the property. The resident has also been cited for junk cars.

“The Main Street house is collecting more cars and more junk,” Brown said.

Smith advised Vaughn to meet with the resident and point out and explain all the violations, take pictures, write it all down and have him sign the paper.

“I’ll have him sign and date it,” Vaughn stated. “He’ll have 10 days .”

“We’ll just follow up with the court,” Smith said.

Smith also gave Vaughn a directive about upcoming school sporting events.

“Start working the schedule for boys and girls basketball games,” Smith said. “Get with Todd Hoehn. Most games are out around 9 p.m. and start at 6 p.m.”

Park Board Vice President Kari Amstutz said the 2014 Park Giveaway will start Nov. 1.

“Tickets and a mailer to be sent out are in process,” Amstutz said. “Proceeds from the 2013 Giveaway and Fort Fest will be used for the concession stand at the park.”

Smith reported that a contractor has been hired to complete the electrical work connecting the water pumps to the existing wiring at the pole at the concession stand.

“Once the electrical is connected, the Lions will complete the remaining work — pouring concrete — as long as the weather permits,” Smith said.

The village received its new water pump, which is up and running as the primary pump. Smith said he wants to see if it’s more efficient; it pumps harder and saves money.

“We now have two pumps in service but no spare,” Smith stated. “At some point, we’ll pick up a reconditioned pump to use as a spare.”

Smith said reconstruction work on Second Street has begun and with good weather the next few days, should be complete along with the grass-seeding at the sidewalks.

In the Maintenance Report, Smith said that the newly-purchased tractor will be delivered at any time. He said the Maintenance Department is set to start picking up leaves.

Council President Randy Wieging has researched new holiday banners for the village.

“We picked four designs and want to purchase six of each,” Wieging stated. “The banners are $76 each, made of vinyl and are double-sided.”

Twenty-four banners would cost $1824.

“I’m seeing $1,800 and I don’t want to spend that much,” Smith said.

After some discussion with council, a motion was made and approved to purchase 20 banners which are in stock and ready for delivery in two weeks.

Next village council meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 12 at the Library.


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