August 29, 2014

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Elida honors ‘Students of Month,’ discusses upcoming legislation PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 12:08 AM


Herald Correspondent

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ELIDA — Honors and achievements for students of the month topped the Elida School Board meeting Tuesday.

Board member Sally Ulrich introduced the students that were to be honored. Each were given an achievement pin and congratulated by Superintendent Don Diglia and School Board President Dennis Fricke. The following students were designated as students of the month for October: Elida Elementary School — Emalee Cunningham, Weston Eversole, Brionna Jackson, Eben Jackson, Dalton Swickrath and Kaleb Wolfe; Elida Middle School — Ethan Foster, Jon Frueh, Bailey Gibson and Chloe Press; and Elida High School — Mercedese Barnett, Garrett Brinkman, Sabrina Kline and Josh Palmer.

Diglia presented the fall legislative review on state board requirements and several house bills and one senate bill.

House Bill 237 is about curriculum and instruction. Senate Bill 96 would require one unit of world history or world culture study for graduation and would take effect the school year following passage. House Bill 193 is a placeholder bill for new graduation requirements. The state board’s proposed graduation requirement transition for the current ninth-grade, class of 2017 (3) tests and seven graduation points, eighth-grade, class of 2018 (5) tests and 12 points; seventh-grade, class of 2019, (8) tests and 20 points; and the sixth-grade class of 2020, (10) tests and 25 points.

“Keep in mind this is nothing final, just a proposal,” Diglia said. “I do have some concerns about these bills.”

Ulrich reported that there will be family fun day held on Oct. 26.

“It is an event that went over so well in the spring. I encourage you all to come and we are selling spaghetti dinner tickets for $8. Please see any school board member for purchase,” she said.

School Treasurer Joel Parker gave a Top 10 list of what voters may not know about the Elida schools:

No. 1 — Elida has lost $1.2 million in inventory tax (change in tax policy);

No. 2 — Elida has lost $665,000 in state aid;

No. 3 — Elida lost $686,313 to community schools during fiscal year 2012-13;

No. 4 — Elida local schools still employ 250 people (after the cutting of 43 positions over the last decade);

No. 5 — Elida spends less than 9 out of 10 schools on fiscal caution/watch;

No. 6 — Elida spends less than 42 schools in southern Ohio, which is a high poverty area;

No. 7 — The state funding model is still broke, still over-reliant on property taxes;

No. 8 — Staff members have taken three years with no base pay increase;

No. 9 — The Elida local schools have been rated excellent three of the last five years; and

No. 10 – State aid in 2014 will match what the district had in 2004.

As Oct. 21-25 is National School Bus Safety Week, the board approved the following resolution, that:

“The Elida local school district joins the school districts throughout Ohio and the nation in celebrating the importance of National School Bus Safety Week. This year’s theme ‘Stand back from the yellow and black!’ reminds students to be cautions any time they cross the street. The greatest risk to our children is when they are outside the school bus. Student injuries and fatalities occur as a result of motorists who attempt to pass a stopped school bus with flashing red warning lights while students load or unload.

“Nearly one million Ohio students ride on school buses each day and over 15,000 bus drivers are dedicated to providing safe transportation for children in the state. National studies show school buses are the safest method for transporting young people-up to 22 times safer than passenger cars.

“Ensuring the safety of students as they enter and exit the bus is crucial. Bus drivers are trained to be cautious but need assistance from parents to make sure they watch for school buses stopped to load and unload children.

“The Ohio Revised Code requires motorists to stop for a school bus anytime it has stopped to load or unload. In Ohio, those buses will display red flashing lights as well as a stop sign on the side of the bus. Motorists may not resume motion until the school bus has resumed motion. Bus drivers in Ohio are required to file reports with law enforcement when motorists pass them. In some communities cameras are being used to facilitate this reporting.”

“The Elida local school district supports the goals and ideals of School Bus Safety Week.”

School board members entered into an executive session at the end of the meeting for the purpose of discussing the appointment or employment of a public employee and adjourned with no further business.

The next Elida school board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Nov. 19.


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