August 21, 2014

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Saturday, October 12, 2013 12:34 AM


Putnam County residents:

On Nov. 5, voters in Putnam County will have the opportunity to approve a levy to provide funds to Putnam County EMS. PCEMS provides a wide range of education and transportation services to local citizens, in addition to life-saving care for the seriously ill and injured. This service has touched many lives and has helped to form a solid base for the continued growth of our communities and is truly a great asset to our county.

Putnam County EMS has significant impact on our community’s quality of life, so we encourage you to vote YES on Nov. 5 in support of the EMS levy.

Robert Benroth, Auditor

Teresa Lammers, Clerk of Courts

Terrence Recker, Engineer

Gary Lammers, Prosecuting Attorney

Cathy Recker, Recorder

Michael Chandler, Sheriff

Tracy Warnecke, Treasurer

Travis Jerwers, Commissioner

John Love, Commissioner

Vincent Schroeder, Commissioner



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