August 29, 2014

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Van Wert County Municipal Court monthly report PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, October 10, 2013 12:17 AM

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VAN WERT — The Van Wert Municipal Court has released the activity report for the month of September 2013.

There were a total of 784 cases for the month as follows: 668 traffic cases, 64 criminal cases and 52 civil cases. The Court performed one wedding. Fines and costs in the amount of $95,832.15 were distributed to government agencies by the Municipal Court as follows: $31,090.68 to the State of Ohio, $54,155.10 to the City of Van Wert, $7,509.09 to the County of Van Wert, $225 to the Van Wert Sheriff’s Dept., $30 to Crime Stoppers, $25 to the Village of Convoy and $413.28 to Capital Recovery.

The above disbursements include $1,270 to Legal Aid, $4,403.00 to Victims of Crime and $2,766.00 to Computerization. The total amount collected in back fines from Capital Recovery for the year is $28,757.96. The Court’s Supervision Fund brought in $3,456.50 for the month for a total of $25,652.20 for the year.

Monies collected for judgment creditors by garnishment for the month totaled $37,035.72. The nature of the offense and the arresting authority are factors which affect the distribution of the fines.

The charging authorities were traffic cases: driving under the influence, 12; state patrol, four; SHF, three; and SVW, five. General traffic, 656: OSP, 555; Van Wert Police, 70; Delphos, three; Sheriff, 27; and Village, one.

Criminal charges, 64: city police, 40; Ohio State Patrol, seven; Sheriff, 14; and Delphos, three.

Civil Cases, 52: regular money-only complaints, 40; evictions, nine; other-BMV driving privileges, one; and small claims complaints, two.

Judge Jill Leatherman signed three search warrants during the month.

Traffic/Criminal Activity: The Court had 495 scheduled arraignments: 197 pre-trials, eight trials to the Court, two suppression hearings, three preliminary hearings, 24 probation violation/show cause hearings, one bond hearing, zero sentencings, one change of pleas, six no contest hearings, one extradition hearing, zero 12-point suspension hearings, zero scheduled jury trial, one ALS hearing and 11 status conferences.

The following information has been submitted to the Judge from the probation department for the month.

Number of Persons off Probation: 33

Total Intakes for probation: 38

Total Office Visits: 29

Total Home Visits: three

Total Number of Persons on Probation: 356

Total Number on Intensive Probation: 60

Total persons arrested by Probation: four

Total community service hours completed: 262

In Home Alcohol Units: four

Number placed on Electronic House Arrest: six

Cases Reviewed by Court: 100

Total Successfully Completing EMHA: zero

Probation Violations filed: seven

Ignition Interlock Units Issued: 11

UDS’s completed: six

Diversions: five

Rehabilitation Placement: zero

Fingerprints: zero


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