September 2, 2014

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Optimists give safety service awards PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, October 02, 2013 12:13 AM


Herald Editor

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DELPHOS — Local safety service personnel were honored during the recent Delphos Optimist Club 25th Anniversary Dinner.

Volunteer Lee Ulm was named “Firefighter of the Year.” Ulm has served for 38 years and has been captain of C Squad for 30. He is a two-term Delphos Fire Association president and a five-term vice president and captain of the dive team.

His nominator, Jamey Wisher, fellow firefighter and current president of the local association, wrote:

“Lee is an excellent leader and member of the department and association. He is a stranger to no fireman or department in the Tri-county area.”

Ulm’s special certifications include dive rescue, extrication, HAZMAT and scuba and was a past fire awareness speaker. He is also a storm spotter.

His volunteerism in the community includes being a past Jaycees vice president and past vice president of St. John’s Athletic Boosters.

Wisher also nominated “EMT of the Year” Paramedic John Wade. Wade is also HAZMAT Awareness-trained, a paramedic proctor and a storm spotter.

“John is a very dedicated member of the EMS Association and department. He’s has always run the midnight to 6 a.m. shift. He has done so for years and even when not on shift, John will still respond in the middle of the night when help is needed. He is an excellent medic that is always up on training and the EMS service as a whole,” Wisher penned.

Paramedic John Wade was tapped “EMT of the Year” at the Optimists’ 25th anniversary Dinner. Wade has served Delphos on the rescue squad for 26 years and was treasurer of the association for four. He has also been recognized by local hospitals several times throughout his service for excellent are provided by himself and his crew and is a two-time winner of the Frank Foss Award, a memorial award for excellence by Lifeflight. He is also active in local church music programs.

“John has been a great mentor for the new members even before the mentor program was started by the EMS. He also volunteers for Beaverdam EMS during the work day while in the village for his full-time job. All in all, John is an EMT that goes the extra mile for the patient on every call. The department would not be the same without John’s dedication to it and the citizens he serves,” Wisher finished in his nomination.

Fellow Paramedic Diane Pack nominated Cory Meyer, who received Honorable Mention.

Pack wrote: “Paramedic/Firefighter Cory Myer has dedicated countless hours of his time, has shared his experience and knowledge and displayed a great deal of patience in helping with the growth and education of many EMTs who are less experienced than himself. EMTs of all levels turn to Cory for guidance on their path to obtaining higher certification and knowledge.”

Paramedic Cory Meyer took Honorable Mention “EMT of the Year.”Pack’s letter went on to say Meyer was greatly instrumental in her obtaining her paramedic certification, “spending an endless amount of time studying with me and drilling medication flash cars, answering phone calls and texts and running through practice scenarios during my paramedic class.”

Meyer holds many certifications and licensures above paramedic and firefighter. He is also trained as a HAZMAT technician and for fast water rescue, confined space and trench rescue, rope rescue and farm accident rescue and is on the Ohio Inter-agency Fire Crew, Red Card Certified Type 1 and 2 wild land firefighter.

He was named the City of Sidney Firefighter of the Year in 2009 and has an EMS and Fire Associate Degree.

“Cory does not demand respect, he earns it. Many of the lessons learned under supervision are learned the hard way — ‘sink-or-swim’ style — but these are lessons that later serve the most valuable and most well-remembers. Cory is an extraordinary role model — both in his personal and professional life; the most qualified mentor anyone could wish for … ,” Pack concluded.

Ben Becker is the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. Becker was recently promoted to sergeant after serving four years on the West Central Ohio Crime Task Force as a narcotics investigator. He is responsible for the arrests of 57 people on more than 160 felony drug-related charges from 2010-13.

His nomination from Delphos Police Chief Kyle Fittro highlighted Becker’s involvement in reducing drug trafficking and use in Delphos through his assignment to the West Central Ohio Crime Task Force.

Sgt. Ben Becker is the 2013 “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.”“These types of drug cases are incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive.Becker made many personal sacrifices in order to accomplish these tasks. He continuously strives to keep the pressure on individuals who elect to sell drugs in the City of Delphos,” Fittro wrote.

Becker has also been the Delphos Police Officer of the Year twice. Chief Fittro wrote that Becker’s contribution of the arrests has greatly benefited Delphos.

“If it were not Becker’s unrelenting efforts over the past few year, Delphos would be a different city — for the worse. Becker personifies what it means to engage in proactive policing for the betterment of the community he serves,” Fittro concluded.


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