August 21, 2014

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UNOH hosts the 2013 Amsoil Engine Master Challenge PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, September 26, 2013 12:00 AM

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LIMA — The 2013 Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge will be held at the University of Northwestern Ohio’s High Performance Motorsports Complex located at 1744 Hartzler Road in Lima from Oct. 7-11. The university has proved to be an ideal setting for the challenge and UNOH is proud to host the event for a seventh straight year.

Assisting with the competition will be the faculty from UNOH’s High Performance Department, including division heads Randy Lucius and Paul Higgins, and 40 students from the university’s College of Applied Technologies program.

The 2013 Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge is presented by Source Interlink Media, publishers of Popular Hot Rodding, and many other related magazines. This is the largest, most renowned, dyno racing event in the world and the 2013 competition is bound to be better than ever! This competition has been likened to the “Super Bowl of Engine Building.”

This year, the competition drops the two class format used in the past two years and returns to its roots with rules that make the competitors build engines that would be at home in any muscle car cruising the streets around the country.

Despite the restrictions placed on the builders by the rules committee, a ton of horsepower will still be on display as one of the rules states the engines must have at least 400 cubic inches of displacement! The size of the engines is not the only thing that has been increased this year, the “King of the Dyno” will grab a record $50,000 in prize money for his or her efforts.

UNOH is the only High Performance/ Motorsports University to ever host the Challenge. The Challenge puts more than 40 talented engine builders in one place to see who can build the most powerful engine. After a series of dyno tests that measure torque and horsepower, the top engine builder is ultimately crowned 2013 AMSOIL Engine Master.

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