August 27, 2014

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Safe Communities reminds teens to drive safely PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 12:31 AM

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OTTAWA — Homecoming should be a fun time in at teen’s life, not fatal. Over and over again, teens are killed in traffic crashes at this time of year after drinking and driving or choosing to ride with people who have been drinking.

It is still illegal for anyone under 21 to consume alcohol. Please make homecoming a fun time, not fatal.

Parents, please remember to provide teens with a safety message before they leave the house.

Mike Klear, director for Putnam County Safe Communities Coalition, encourages all to: “Have a safe homecoming, buckle up, don’t drive distracted and please don’t drink and drive or ride with someone who has been drinking!”

The Safe Communities program was developed through the Ohio Department of Public Safety to establish and/or expand community partnerships to create safer, healthier communities throughout Ohio.

Teens, parents and community residents all need to remember the importance of using good sense when driving on the highways. Wear a seat belt, don’t drink and drive and remember distracted driving can kill, so don’t text or talk on a cell phone while driving!


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