August 23, 2014

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Saturday, September 21, 2013 12:47 AM



Weekly Fish Ohio Fishing Report!


Griggs Reservoir (Franklin County) - Largemouth and smallmouth bass are being caught in this reservoir in Columbus. Largemouth bass can be caught on spinner baits, crankbaits or plastic tubes. Smallmouth bass are becoming active along rock outcrops, north of the island and below the dam. Use crankbaits in a crayfish pattern and spinners. Crappie will increase their feeding as water temperatures fall. Target submerged wood using minnows or jigs suspended by a float.

Hoover Reservoir (Delaware and Franklin counties) - Catfish are still being caught in the north end. Use shrimp, night crawlers or prepared baits for the best catches. Saugeye are starting to get active. Troll spinners and worm harnesses along points and across flats leading to deeper water. Keep the baits very close to the bottom, early morning and evening bites can be good. Crappies will move back to shallower water as temperatures decrease. Start fishing baits deep and work your way shallower where wood is present. Minnows are very effective this time of year.


Sandusky River (Seneca County) - Smallmouth bass are biting in the Seneca County section of the Sandusky River. Anglers should focus in the rocky areas of the river and fish the deep pools. The overall river depth is low, allowing for abundant wading opportunities; however, this limits canoe accessibility. Live and artificial baits have been working well. Light tackle is helpful in detecting strikes.

Fulton Pond (Fulton County) - This pond is located on Fulton County road 3, just 1 ½ miles north of Airport Hwy. The pond is around 15 acres in size. Pike, bass, crappie and sunfish can all be found here. Try using a slip bobber set to fish off the bottom. A small boat launch is available. The pond has a 10 horsepower limit and boats must be operated at no wake speeds.


Portage Lakes (Summit County) - There is something refreshing about that first deep breath of the crisp fall air. Exhaling, seeing your breath in the chill of the air rolling out over the lake. Many miss out on this opportunity because they hang up the rod too early. The fall bite can be outstanding with many of the species of fish going into a feeding frenzy before winter temperatures arrive. A great opportunity exists on the Portage Lakes to put some nice fillets in the fridge for a Saturday/Sunday game day fish fry. Really nice redear and bluegill sunfish are being caught from shore by anglers using a pin-min with wax worm under a bobber. Anglers fishing from boats are doing well using a small jig, dropped shot with small pieces of night crawlers. Fish being kept are ranging in the 7 to 9 inch range. Check out the Division of Wildlife’s Cookbook ( for some good game day recipes.

Leesville Lake (Carroll County) - Anglers are catching catfish on chicken livers and shad. Sizes being caught are all over the board. Most anglers are doing well fishing the few flats that can be found on Leesville Lake. Peak fishing times are from dusk to midnight..


Wills Creek (Coshocton County) - Boat access is challenging due to the upper end of the reservoir near the boat launch silting in. Shoreline fishing for catfish should still be productive. Fish chicken livers, cut shad or night crawlers. Better fishing can be found in the spillway area below the dam. Saugeyes, bass and catfish are active due to increased current and better oxygen levels. Try jig and twister combinations and other minnow imitating lures.

Tycoon Lake (Gallia County) - Fishing for crappie will start to pick up as the water starts to cool. Try casting pearl, white or speckled two to three inch twister or grub tails tipped with a minnow into 4 to 8 feet of water. Try fishing near submerged brush piles, tree stumps and old fence lines. Largemouth bass fishing will start to improve with cooling water temperatures. Try using crank baits and top water lures. .


Adams Lake (Adams County) - Bluegill have been biting recently around rip rap shorelines, and along the edges of lily pads. Try using small jigs tipped with wax worms fished just 1 to 2 feet under a small bobber.

Buck Creek State Park (Clark County) - Channel catfish are being caught by anglers using chicken livers, cut bait or earthworms as bait. Fish the bait slowly along the bottom and into deep pools. Fishing is good near the mouth of Buck Creek. Keep the bait greater than 10 feet deep.

Cowan Lake (Clinton County) - Channel catfish are being caught by anglers using chicken livers, cut bait, shrimp or earthworms as bait. Cast from the pier area. Keep the bait off the bottom and about 3 to 6 feet deep.


Racine Dam Tailwater - Fishing has been slow most of the year; however, experienced anglers have found success targeting hybrid striped bass using spoons and other minnow imitating lures. Catfish angling has been productive using skipjacks for bait. This popular baitfish will bite on just about anything, but anglers in this area generally have success with white grubs or three-hook sabiki rigs.

Brown County - Flathead catfish have been hitting cut baits, chicken liver, and night crawlers fished on the bottom. For smallmouth bass try tube baits or crankbaits. Hybrid striped bass have been caught using a jig and twister tipped with a minnow.


Regulations to Remember:

The daily bag limit for walleye on Ohio waters of Lake Erie is 6 fish per angler. The minimum size limit for walleye is 15 inches.

The daily bag limit for yellow perch is 30 fish per angler on all Ohio waters of Lake Erie.

The trout and salmon daily bag limit is 2 fish with a minimum size limit of 12 inches.

The black bass (largemouth and smallmouth bass) daily bag limit is 5 fish per angler with a 14-inch minimum size limit.

Western Basin

Walleye fishing effort has dropped recently as there have been very few reports from the western basin. The best reports from the past week have been near “L” can of the Camp Perry firing range, Northwest Reef and northwest of Green Island. Trollers have been catching fish on worm harnesses or with divers and spoons. Drifters are casting mayfly rigs or weight-forward spinners tipped with worms.

Yellow perch fishing was slow over the past week. The best areas have been the Toledo harbor light, northeast of West Sister Island, “A” and “B” cans of the Camp Perry firing range, northeast of Niagara Reef, 1 mile southwest of Kelleys Island, and on the dumping grounds east of Marblehead . Perch spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish.

Largemouth bass fishing continues to be good in harbors and nearshore areas around Catawba and Marblehead, and also in Sandusky Bay.

Central Basin

Walleye fishing continues to be excellent in 68 to-72 feet of water northeast of Ashtabula and in 70 to 72 feet of water north of Conneaut. Anglers are trolling wire line with white, pink, blue, yellow, orange, green and red stick baits.

Yellow perch fishing has been fair at the south end of the sandbar between Vermilion and Lorain, and on the Lorain dumping grounds. Excellent fishing was reported in 47 to 50 of water north of Edgewater Park, in 50 feet of water north of Gordon Park, in 45 to 52 feet of water northwest of Fairport Harbor (the hump) and in 45 to 52 feet of water northeast of Ashtabula. Spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish. Shore fishing off the Cleveland area piers has been slow.

Smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing has been good in 10 to 20 feet of water around harbor areas in Cleveland, Fairport Harbor, Geneva, Ashtabula and Conneaut. Anglers are using soft-craws and leeches.

White Bass fishing has been hit or miss off the East 55th Street and East 72nd Street piers in Cleveland and the short and long piers in Fairport Harbor. Evenings have been the best. On the lake, look for gulls feeding on shiners at the surface; the white bass will be below. Anglers are using agitators with jigs and small spoons.

Channel Catfish are being caught off the Edgewater and East 55 Street piers in Cleveland in the evenings. Anglers are using night crawlers.

Steelhead Trout are being caught off the short Pier in Fairport Harbor. Anglers are using small spoons and jigs tipped with maggots. Also a few fish have been caught in the Ashtabula River.

The water temperature is 64 degrees off Toledo and 71 degrees off Cleveland, according to the nearshore marine forecast.


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