August 20, 2014

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Sunday, September 22, 2013 12:00 AM


Sports Editor

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You know, the way the Wisconsin at Arizona State game ended Saturday night/Sunday morning made me sick.

The officials totally blew the last play; the PAC-12 made that clear in their politically-correct way, claiming “it wasn’t up to the high standard we have set for our officials.”

You know that I have tried to give the officials every break in my column: these are high-pressure games and mistakes will happen, especially as the game’s tempo quickens.

Heck, I think the referees should go into training to become more athletic!

You can argue about holding calls — or lack of them — pass interference, roughing the quarterback, etc. However, this is something that should NOT happen, especially at the end. How many games come down to the end in today’s game.

I will write this: perhaps that is a new rule — the UW quarterback gave himself up, attempting (but not quite) taking a knee, which apparently is all that matters now — and the officials simply “forgot.”

An aside here: I lost that pick in the Pigskin Picks but should I get the win because of that fiasco? Where is my apology?

Another aside here: You just KNOW that had I picked ASU, the referees would have gotten it right: they’d have spotted it quickly and called ASU for delay of game — as they should have anyway — because of the defender that sat there covering the ball while time lapsed.

I’m not paranoid, either (why are you looking at me that way?), just because everyone is out to get me!

However, all this being written, I have to add: what in the world was the Badger coaching staff thinking? Kick the field goal!

Are you kidding me?

I assume you have a kicker that is capable of doing so at the major-college level: if he can’t put it through from that distance with that angle, you’d better get a different one.

In other words, you allowed the official to botch it with a botched decision.


I drunk the Kool-Aid.

Mea culpa.

I am referring to one Colin Kaepernick and his woeful, hideous, rotten performance against Seattle Sunday night.

I get that the 12th Man of the Century Link Field — they claim to have set the Guinness Book of World Records for loudest stadium that night — can turn even the best offense into jello these days.

However, when you play afraid, like it seems he did that night, that is not understandable.

Watch what happens after I write these words: he will read them, get angry and tear up the league like never before!

I also wrote last week that I thought 49ers might be the most complete team in the NFL this year.

I should have taken my own advice about not jumping to conclusions after only one game but I based that on the last couple of years.

Boy, was I wrong.

No more prognostications about who is the most complete team again — at least until next week!

I didn’t realize how good that Seahawk defense is, either — especially cornerback Richard Sherman — and they have two of their better players out yet.

Not good for the rest of the NFL.




I thought the Cowboys removed the play-calling from “resident offensive genius” Jason Garrett — in favor of Bill Callahan — in order to balance out this offense.


It’s the same old, same old.

Hey, Garrett, some advice here: update your resume.

Whenever someone gets a “vote of confidence” — “this season isn’t Armageddon for Jason,” Dallas owner Jerry Jones observed earlier this summer — that usually means it’s a matter of time before they are fired.

After all, you were given oodles of cash as an offensive coordinator before you became head coach and now, that duty was removed from you.

Hey, when you needed six turnovers in the opener and still almost got beat because you only scored 36 points — need I write more?

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